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  1. £2.60 for a golden nectar? A weak man would decline that and turn up the overlord shift. All I’m saying is £2.60 pints...get mwi (mad with it)
  2. Heads Gone (The 8MileBU Awards)

    Cardigan can barely run a quiz, I wouldn’t expect his moderation to be any better... He’s actually very good with his quiz duties
  3. Aye, would be very pleased if we signed him. Couldn’t blame him if he signed for them as he’d get more money but hopefully he doesn’t want to go back there having been released last time
  4. Solid 6 for Thursday! I absolutely cannot wait to blow any promotion chances on Friday with a terrific crash of the bottle...
  5. An emphatic 8 for Monday. And a satisfying 6 for Tuesday. Only one way it goes from here...
  6. Seems likely, wouldn’t be too dissatisfied. Seems less likely, would be delighted. Not sure what formation we’ll go with or who will start. No point trying to second guess Levein anymore! If it’s a back 4 I hope it’s Godinho, Souttar, Berra, Garrucio - I wouldn’t be against Dikamona at 3 back to keep our 3 lump policy in place. If it’s a back 3 I hope it’s Dikamona, Souttar, Berra.
  7. Quick Question Thread

    Donald Trump wear a wig (let’s face it, that can’t be real hair or at least not his anyway) and he’s got an important job in America! Try a wig.
  8. Unpopular opinions.

    Aye, concentration probably weren’t that bad...
  9. Tinder

    Probably should have said that in your initial post rather than ask how to appeal the warning in this case tbf If you pm dindeleux he should be able to help
  10. Quick Question Thread

    I know the way some government funded projects run is that if they get x budget this year and don’t spend it all, they will only get what they spent as their budget next year. I don’t know if this includes the road c***s but it stacks up.
  11. Tinder

    Roses are red Violets are blue Poems are shite I want to shag you You can have that F.O.C Adam
  12. There’s a few posters on here all wondering how you knew they were due in court