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  1. He can’t get much of a look in atm while a half fit Haring, just in the door Halliday, brought in from the cold Lee and jumped ahead him in the pecking order Irving all getting a fair share of minutes so it doesn’t bode well for him at us. I like Cochrane though and while I understand he’s getting loaned I’d have liked to see him more involved this season.
  2. Made his debut at 16 and was very promising, composed on the ball and forward thinking if a little lightweight. Seems to have struggled with injuries (see; every other fucking Hearts player) which has held him back a bit. Was on loan at Dunfermline last season but didn’t seem to feature too much.
  3. Fairly irrelevant to myself then so I’ll write Kanye West on my ballot paper and set fire to it. One day though, one day.
  4. Exciting 8 to end the campaign. Would the handicap only apply to the top flight winner? Seems harsh you win promotion and start the league above on -3 points. Likely lead to the same teams just bobbing up and down every season?
  5. No, I’ve heard some of them have actually made calls...f**k that
  6. I was delighted when I seen it was 2 hours! I’m working from home though so can chuck it on while moving my mouse to stay “online”. The new format seems about the best solution possible. To try and get more folk all discussing the same thing on a video call would be a nightmare. Very much +1 for the return of the “culture” pods. Or just get Telfer to do a solo pod when he goes on his mad “I’ve listened to every Abba song and here I’ll rate the top 10, join me” escapades. A one off special with Telfer speaking to old man Spence about his Twitter bios seems an obvious admission so far as well. Shaughan’s dating stories were always fun too...still laugh thinking about that drunk lassy and the random old man situation. The wee pods with Craig Cairns and Iwelumo are decent, Iwelumo’s enthusiasm is infectious
  7. Just watched episode 2. Vegas’ portrait was class but he did look like he was going to die in that boat and refusing to put down the paddles was funny. Mawan’s “and he’s back” after moving the hoops was class.
  8. The home dressing room is the best in Scotland...it’s better than Kilmarnock’s. That’s that settled then...
  9. Didn’t watch the first episode ‘live’ but watched on Sunday, really enjoyed it being back. Two Duncan’s being a strong point. Hopefully be good tonight.
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