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  1. I both expect and hope so. Should rebrand them beach bhalls just to make sure.
  2. Apparently trained today (Sibbick), as did all the squad except from Beni. I think I may have a blind spot for Sibbick’s good work, doesn’t look reliable at the back and doesn’t offer much in midfield. Fine enough squad player, doesn’t get near our strongest starting XI (for me, Clive).
  3. It would be quite funny to buy fucking thousands just to throw at rangers fans tomorrow. Then they can be discontinued and replaced with maroon and white ones please. 0-0 but kick f**k out of the assembled teenagers and jobbers they field.
  4. Solid 6’s for Monday and Tuesday, surprising 7 for Wednesday. Apologies for missing the playoff, app never told me I had any notifications and it was a busy weekend so never thought to check.
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