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  1. That’s absolutely fine. That’s a healthy relationship with alcohol. Not telling anyone they should abstain, just saying well done to the folk who are and are sticking to it.
  2. It is for me, as I’ve been using it as a coping mechanism for some time now. I can’t answer for other people but anyone abstaining deserves credit imo
  3. It’s murder just now, don’t worry you aren’t alone with that, but you know drink isn’t going to make any of that better. A clear head will help you be the best help you can - even if you don’t think that’s much, just being there, supportive and available will mean more than you realise.
  4. Cheers man, using browser the now and it’s no bad tbh. Will check out tapatalk app though and see what it’s like
  5. Dear Div, I deleted the app today (Apple) as it was, and I believe this the technical jargon, fucking aboot. Went to download it again but I don’t see it available when I search on the iPhone?
  6. That’s a great effort mate, keep going! Might not the highs of getting wrecked, but it’s worth it to not have the lows after it.
  7. It’s a pretty shite time so don’t beat yourself for feeling shite. We’ll get through though, mate.
  8. It’ll be a while (I think/hope) since you’ve had the feeling. It’s still no use and worth it, better keeping on the wagon! [emoji106]
  9. Thanks lads, really appreciate the positivity! There’s enough to be down about in general just now, add in personal stuff and the last thing that’d help is a hangover, guilt and fear.
  10. Welcome aboard, brother! Absolutely not taking the piss, but I do draw the line at cold toast. There’s a fine line between psycho and genius and I know who’s on which side.
  11. Exactly, Gav! These people are strange.
  12. Then just say that, don’t kid on you like it (the cold toast, I mean)
  13. Folk in our team furloughed yesterday, rest of us put on reduced hours today - my achievement is that, despite everything (the previous mentioned and a lot more) I’ve maintained sober through it. Initial reaction has been “f**k it, as well getting wrecked” more than a few times this past 2 weeks, but I haven’t.
  14. As if it couldn’t get worse for Rugster, you’ve endorsed his oddball ways. He’ll probably have a rethink now.
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