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  1. I’m all for this plane building chat but this made me chuckle tbf
  2. It’s a brave step to admit you need help and well done you both on taking it, also really glad it helped. It’s not going to be wonderful the whole time, unfortunately that’s not how 99% relationships work. Enjoy when it’s good and I hope there’s more good than bad.
  3. Very much the right thread, or I think so anyway. More of a mental health appreciation thread, and there’s a f**k load more your mental health than depression. Completely understandable it’s hit you hard, it will. Don’t be afraid to grieve, don’t be afraid to let people support you for a change. Support others as best you can but make sure someone has you as well - us here if you need / want. Probably something nearly everyone here has experienced as well, losing someone. It’ll be tough, but you’ll get through it and do your old man proud.
  4. Present for my nephew is due between 13-27th Dec. Can almost guarantee it’ll be 27th but ah well. Not at all, that’s what the thread is here for!
  5. The best of luck with that. This year I’m coping okay so far, managed to get a list together of Christmas presents required and ordered them all. Just to hope they turn up in time and I’ve not fucked it. It might seem trivial compared to other folks issues but with the best will in the world, their problems don’t affect you like yours do. We all overreact sometimes, at least you’re apologising when / if you do - can’t say fairer than that. Try not to be too hard on yourself as well, something else I really struggle with - if I treated people the way I treat myself with my inner monologue I’d be surprised if anyone spoke to me ever again.
  6. Just a quick note, anyone planning on ordering the fight it’s £25 until midnight tonight, £30 after midnight tonight. Bumping b*****ds!
  7. It’s bad, but for years I’ve hated this time of year. Expense, hassle, stress. Try not to be too hard on the kids but at the same time, don’t let them away with murder. Use this thread to vent as and when you need. I’ve had the issue for a long time of feeling that while nothing is wrong really, then compounding that with feeling guilty because “I’ve no problems really”. It’s bullshit, while there’s obviously much worse scenarios in the world it doesn’t mean that your problems, stresses, worries aren’t valid. I’m sure the kids and Mrs B still love you, even if you’re crabbit sometimes. Make sure you tell them you love them as well, and apologise now and again if you think you probably should [emoji4]
  8. Three absolute home bankers picked this week. Cannot get beat.
  9. You might actually be good, but you aren’t fuckin’ murder. Shree points to the home side. If Motherwell -1 is a decent price I wouldn’t put any off it.
  10. I’ve no idea if the boy is Spanish or not, it really doesn’t bother me either tbh. Usually makes fine enough points anyway. Is everything okay with you though? This isn’t a wind up post or anything of the sort but it seems to have really bothered you. Think about it, if someone is pretending to be Spanish to post on an anonymous forum, so what? Stick him on ignore would be my advice.
  11. I need to buy mince pies in the next fortnight, so far it’s looking like Aldi classics as Waitrose is for tories.
  12. Joe is a complete wid not and it gives me a riddy working with him tbqhwy, imho. TL;DR? employing Joe is a total minter m9. Are you minter? Do you know a Joe? Is he a minter? Over to you, ICTChris.
  13. Why is it you’re convinced he isn’t Spanish, out of interest?
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