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  1. Good to see McGowan getting his priorities right https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/hamilton-accies-stadium-partly-becoming-24307485 Surerly that is going to put off any further interest in renting out the stadium
  2. Back where we belong ??? Disappointed with the title of the thread, not very imaginative is it?😁
  3. Mellon leaves a Premiership club to manage at bottom level of English football. What does that say about the state of Scottish football
  4. McKay and Nesbitt signed for Falkirk today. As always we will leave it till the last minute and sign some dross from English lower leagues. Nothing changes
  5. There has been paper talk that Falkirk were sniffing around maybe Rice to Falkirk. If only Bad news on that front, Big Yogi has walked away from Ross County, so could he be the new Falkirk manager, leaving us lumbered with The Pudding
  6. OK tell me who was worse,anyone that was there for say a season
  7. Canning was one of the worst managers in Premier League history, though not as bad as Stubbs at St Mirren. Gues who Stubbs assistant was, yup Rice. Rice makes Canning look like Pep Guardiola. Strange team set ups, subs at wrong times, tactically very niaive, won 6 league games from 38. Lost to Annan and Stranraer this season. So what do we do, we give him a contract extension. You could not make it up. Please Falkirk take him. I will drive him personally to Falkirk to make sure he gets there
  8. And its goodnight from us. Its been a blast winding up all the "big teams", but off to Arbroath, Raith next season Rice win record is actually worse than Canning's. So what do we do, give him a new contract. You could not make this shit up
  9. You could not make this shit up. The worst manger in top league and probably in Scotland. His win record is actually worse than Canning, so what do we do, we give him a new contract. And they wonder why our fan base is so low
  10. Another feckin draw. Well after 7 years in top division its good night from us and hello seaside leagues
  11. 6-0 to Rangers and that will only be because they take their foot off the gas
  12. Rice talk shite every week after we get humped, lads gave it everything, our defending was poor, etc etc and despite all this shite talk, stays in the job if we were not a laughing stock before we sure are now
  13. No surprises tonight. 10 minutes to go, a goal up. How many knew exactly what was going to happen next. Feckin groundhog day, Waiting now for The Pudding to come out with the same old same old shite and cliches. Get him to feck. Has there ever been a triple relegation?
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