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  1. Bottom line is Accies had finished bottom, no one would have given a feck, about reconstruction, Accies fans aside, For Budge its all about self preservation of her investment. Accies winding up the SPFL for 7 seasons now
  2. Accies get another man sent off, a bit harsh IMO as Woods was covering round. How the f*ck is Griffiths still on the park for a deliberate stamp on Accies player
  3. Accies may be the perennial SPL survivors but this year is a year too far. Very few predicted us to go down this year and that has been the kiss of death A defence with more holes that Rab C Nesbitt vest, a lightweight midfield and the ability to throw away a lead on a regular basis, oooh and a shed load of injuries, not looking good, except for automatic relegation. Rice record is probably worse than Cannings, so be careful what you wish for. can anyone trump that lot
  4. Wonder if Brian Rice has any connection with Killie, anything to get shot of him Strange one this, might have been caught podgering one of the board members
  5. Sorry Saturday, still makes no difference, were getting humped, bottom of league by end of year
  6. Away support 6 men and a dug I know football fans are committed, or should that be "should be committed", but to travel around 300 miles to watch a piss poor team on a cold Wednesday night. No
  7. You cannot be serious, paying to watch that piss every week.. 2 wins in 17 league games, pretty much sums it up. Any team on a poor run of form must look at fixtures and hope they are playing Accies soon, Rice win ratio is almost as bad as Canning, football is worse than attrocious most weeks, crowds are down. Canning mark 2. We will be bottom of league come 31 December and thats where we stay
  8. Thought our young 17 year old centre back Jamie Hamilton done well, up against, vastly experienced Defoe. Never gave a Defoe a sniff of goal all game That sitter by Miller ooh dear
  9. Whenever a team are are on a poor run, they must be thankful that they play Accies next. Hibs, St Johnstone ( first win of season at weekend) and now Aberdeen. We dont have a midfield to talk of, defence is shipping goals. Easy 3-0 Aberdeen and take the pressure off McInnes for a few weeks at least
  10. Great summary Accies 1874 cant disagree with any of that. Even Stevie Wonder can see that we need to sort defence out. We had the worst defensive record last year and after losing Ziggy, Kilgannon and Woods, unless something is done soon we are going to lose even more resulting in relegation. Simples. What does worry me is the kiss of death from radio Scotland pundits yesterday. All of them predicted St Mirren and Livingston to finish in bottom 2. Not one thought Accies would finish in bottom 2; now that is a first
  11. Can someone post a link as to where all transfers are add. Thanks
  12. My big concern is looking back at start of last season the majority of Accies fans thought we had made some great signings, we had plenty of them. Turned out the majority were pish and got bumped back. OFW in goals eeehhh No, just NO We need an experienced centre back someone similar to Kilgannon to help the younger lads through
  13. Think the boy should sign for Cellick, what are his other options, fricking Barnsley, that well known powerhouse of a team. Bloody agents have too much power turning the lads head. Turnbull should look at how well Ryan Christie has turned out for Cellick
  14. I had been saying for some time that Canning had taken us as far as he could. Football was crap fans turning against the club and a pretty toxic atmosphere. he had to go and should have went at end of December at the winter break. This would have given the new manager time to work with players for a few weeks and avoided the squeaky bum time at end of season. Rice did well and apart from getting shafted by the blue half of bigot brothers our home form has been decent. Rice now has a huge rebuild job to do, Imrie, Ziggy and Kilgannon away and a good few others will follow, mainly the dross that Canning signed. I like the idea of bringing in the youth BUT they need to have some experienced guys around to talk them through
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