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  1. Aye, it's a chance you take with young players, think he scored the winner in the development Cup final for Airdrie,
  2. Aye, by Christmas, great player what a partnership with Jarvie, wish our young fans could have seen them play, a lot of happy memories watching Busby RiP, condolences to family,
  3. All about playing as a unit, some times you get special players but maybe overplay it when could have brought another player into play, we can say this and that in friendlies and it would be good to hammer in a few goals,but going to give new management a fair shout.
  4. Waiting on the pen with some journeyman players. Maybe manager doesn't want to sign players older than himself.
  5. Have I missed something. Read some comments about taking a gamble, which surely it is, is there any team ever won anything with a player manager.
  6. Aye, all in the game, we missed a few when seemed easier to score, would take something similar this season though,
  7. Missed pen and pen given away could have been Easton to blame
  8. Aye, Walter Kidd was a good example good player and very street wise,
  9. Kouder has only scored 1 goal in league 1, hard to judge if he is one of the better strikers,
  10. It won't be for his ability to play football that he will be in the limelight,
  11. Personally if Gabby is still here still only 21 given game time he will be a handful for defences this season,
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