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  1. Aye it was on Dumbarton thread, they were predicting sat scores, it was postponed but pools panel gave us away win, 👍
  2. That was maybe no the game that they are talking about, but that game happened as well, could have been at Ayr, been at a few that could have been called off,
  3. Was Jimmy bone our manager, and was said when a roar from our dugout was heard but we didn't know if we had scored or one of Jimmy bone's horses had won, just a story I seem remember,
  4. Just did not think we looked to clever, Mcdonald was being passed as if he was not there, Sabatini is a talented player but will hardly venture into attacking position once again we were crying out for a attacking players, that will be the difference when games are close,
  5. Yes streaming was good,although I Thomson was having better game than usual, I thought we would have seen O'Reilly come on, he made a difference last week then left on bench, manager knows best??
  6. Best streaming up to now, pity about result, high balls from the start at not clue in front of goals, they were there for the beating but we were not good enough,
  7. All eyes on Cooper, they forgot to watch Billy Wilson, great run home that night .
  8. Decent of you to ask ond care, not a lot of that going about,
  9. Good workman like performance, and a good 3 point's, Gallagher being my pick, closely followed by MCann, O, Reilly showed he will cause opposition problems when he came on, Some touches from Sabatini showed his class,
  10. Maybe be a good idea to try and get some strikers in the box, even stenny 's Arthur Montford picked that up, saying O' Reilly keeps crossing but never any one in the box,
  11. Aye fair comment, not much point in dressing it up, some of our posts said we dominated when in fact, these stats again I know they don't mean a thing, possession they had more, shots on target they had more, corners we beat them there, most important though the goals, good test on sat, get a better idea where we are at against team in our own league,
  12. Negative or truthful, aye we won 2-0, I for one did not see any improvement from last year, same tactics, second half apart from the goals, stenny looked like the team a league above,
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