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  1. With the exception of Alloa and Arbroath who have done well on smaller budgets ,old story steam of good part timers will beat a team of bad full time or hybrid ,Airdrie have proved that in the past ,
  2. Read on Airdrie fc Facebook Roberts been judged to be like a Neil Lennon type player ,and big Nat a Graham Souness type ,must be of the same mindset as Mr Murray ,another guy wrote if we make it to play offs he doesn’t fear any championship side ,what have they been watching ,Think they have been going to the wrong game ,
  3. Agree, good three points ,team does not seem to have improved since start of season ,said team but it’s a long way from that ,
  4. manager at it again , 3players in starting line up would not be on the bench never mind starting line up ,Ryan must be injured or maybe not ???
  5. Did ask about him a couple of weeks ago , no response ,your right he was rated ,if he was that bad injured why sign him !!
  6. What’s the point of being on the bench if you are not fit enough to come on , would have thought as you say young lads or not so young would have been eager to get a chance to step up , would have thought the boys in the sub bench were for the game on the day no in two weeks time,my honest opinion with the overall squad we have with a good manager we would win this poor league ,
  7. Must have been a lot of failed fitness tests ,Roberts . Hawshaw and Crighton seemed ok when winning reserve cup , you could argue you would be better with young lads that were on a high than as manager says crocked players on the bench ,
  8. Hutton McDonald Fordyce Kerr McCann,Smith Roberts Murray Carrick Ryan Gallagher !
  9. A manager that puts Roy and wedderburn on before Roberts , Gallagher .Carrick should not be managing at this level ,although wedderburn was no worse than rest on sat ,we will regret it if he plays this sat
  10. Not sure position of smith for next week ,but we must start with two up top Gal and Ryan ,we played well against east -fife at home last time ,we bossed them and were winning every second ball ,sick about yesterday ,still feel play our best players in their right positions and we will get a result , not much point on working on our sharpness if manager expects defenders to be as sharp as strikers the clue is in the name’s ,
  11. It’s like the manager has been told ,not play best team ,to leave Roberts on the bench every week is mind blowing ,Gallagher and Carrick and hawshaw out aswell , what does the manger see,championship football is not great standard but well above our team , we would need to start again same as every year now trying to build a team to suit ,however we will not have that worry ,
  12. Decent of you to mention that ,yes It looked like a good few put something in buckets ,thanks for mention
  13. Gallagher ,Roberts and Carrick our best workers in the team are overlooked and must be insulted to see the team manager puts out ?and then the subs !!!,swop managers and we would have won that game ,
  14. Still reserves done well ,that's where a few of our player's need to play ,need a few players with a bit of class before we move up ,big 3points today but when we needed to up our game it's not there ,
  15. No,we had boys for the future in our team ,crighton Roberts,Roy ,Hawkshaw,
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