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  1. Bit like Jamieson, left out or on bench, a few starts I think we would of had a player, certainly better than 2 or 3 strikers we have,
  2. On the bench it is then, we seem to have a lot of players that are only good for the bench, strange signing's or like Riley they are for the future?
  3. Unbelievable, the best bit of footage I have seen for a long time, thanks a lot, made my weekend, what about the condition's, never mind the result,
  4. Its players to get us out this league we need to sign, up the way preferably, Stanway did look good, will give you that,
  5. What about the 18, year old lads, one got a chance, awe he is away now, Ballantyne no able to stay pitch one way or another Rae played a handful of games if luckyJamieson doesn't know what team he is to play for, ATS here couldn't get a game at Falkirk, Telfer here no interest after a while from anyone else,
  6. Was a late night or early morning. If I remember right, snow banked high on both sides, never gave it a thought not to go, listening to radio on way for the game to be cancelled,
  7. The player Kelty signed has scored that himself, personally I don't rate Smith as main striker, good worker and will get you goals from his work rate, Gabby lucky he gets a game all over the place most games, Gal will get us goals in this league anyway,
  8. Aye Kenny Black did he not score the free kick that was given for a pass back in semi final,
  9. You tell me, means any player can play out of position, sounds familiar though, noticed Kelty signed striker who is big scorer in juniors, apparently we don't need a striker, we may be 3rd top goal scorers in league, and have a few player's that play as forwards, but a good striker is always needed,
  10. Was in front of Dixon in pecking order as I was told, what are we signing, I'm concerned that McCabe and Fordyce keep playing same formation that cannot defend, manager keeps talking to the lads still they keep leaking goals,
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