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  1. Agree some players will be moving on. Most will sideways rather than upwards
  2. After our display last night makes last sat all the harder to believe we scored 6 goals,
  3. Thanks for that, don't think Airdrie fans will ever forget this game today, all the best,
  4. High's and low's the day alright, got to be up there as one of our best come backs, we'll done to players, manager and staff, players showed great fitness, making of a good Sat night,
  5. Once again the dreaded play off form strikes, certainly better as game went on, Watson, Kerr, and Allan for me to start on Sat,
  6. We gave them goals of a start, then it happened, one of the best results I can remember, awe Kenny Black with that free kick was up there, Stevie Coopers goal was up there, to many to mention,
  7. Aye its the spare wheel that gets you home, well played the team, it's a good feeling being a Airdrie fan once again,
  8. Better we get on with job in hand leave Speculation till after play offs,
  9. This is the best team we have had for years , but not sure if I agree that we are head and shoulders above teams in this league, I have been a bag of nerves in most games,
  10. As it stands we play Montrose in first game in play off, is that right
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