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  1. Aye,read his report in local paper,never once did he give Airdrie any credit ,on the other hand our manager said that when we got beat 4-1 it flattered us could have been more .Tell it as it was Mr Young you were well and truly beaten ,second to every ball ,.Airdrie played very well first half ,probably the best we have played for a while .
  2. Yes ,great 3 points and very much deserved ,dominated game more than any this season,never going to loose today ,So well done to manager ,and assistant manager and all players the day ,not just effort but some good skill aswell .what a difference to a sat night now .long may it last .team doing there job now ,a good airdrie crowd next week would be great .
  3. Agree with this ,we don't have strength in depth ,we have taken long enough to find our best team leave it until like other teams we are forced into it .
  4. Aye you could be right , would think East - Fife will be in mix aswell .
  5. Out a total 288 points we have taken 137 at home,that is shocking !!!!!!
  6. Aye signed almost 3teams .taking in all the players we have signed there is not one outstanding player that you would be disappointed if he was not playing on sat .
  7. Is this that the future boys we were duped into being excited when they signed.we must have money to burn , full time reserves ,not good enough to play in our first team , hope Iā€™m wrong but most will be gone when contacts are up ,
  8. Manager said, plenty of scoring power on park,must have been talking about Montrose ,
  9. What game was he watching !! Young boys will only learn by their mistakes well Mr Murray it is taking them a long time as they have been making plenty this season .
  10. Are you praising the pie service or !!!!!!!!šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚
  11. Thought and said at the time that Tam Courts was the man for job hundred times better than Murray ,was said on here he was not experienced enough ,his team would have beat us easy ,better with a hungry successful top junior manager than what we have ended up with ,manager ,assistant manager ,Director. Of Fooball ( that's a joke )what a waste of money ,they have made team on the park a laughing stock ,after continuous years of support no more wasting money through the gate yesterday was last game I can watch .( unless big changes are made )
  12. So obvious at start of season that East -Fife ,Raith and Falkirk. Could not get enough strikers ,no coincidence that they are top .and well done to Montrose better team all round ,like most teams are .manager can not get anything out of players with his chopping and changing every week ,he talks a good game but can manage none as his record with us shows .
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