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  1. Long gone are the days when no team wanted to play Airdrie in a cup tie, especially Hearts,
  2. Was not to happy we are out, we have managed to beat a poor Clyde team, in between 2draws and 2 defeats, must do better,
  3. Squad just not strong enough, keeper had some good saves being young is no excuse for some of his kicking, certainly upfront needs to be seriously looked at if we have any intention of a challange for title, 2 decent strikers would have had us 4 up at half time,
  4. Disappointing to say the least, aye league more important but would have been nice to progress, just don't know where the net is,
  5. Do you think that was a record crowd for a first division game, Dunfermline v Falkirk over 6500 .
  6. Think McCabe being at centre back will help, I think our style of high risk high reward is a factor, but Dycey and Watson were making basic errors, when I played football at like 10 year old we were taught 'never let the ball bounce' and that happened on more than one occasion. With Telfer coming in might be worth playing 4-1-2-1-2 putting in an extra midfielder which help us be less open, but play possession based football which suits us. Really think Salim needs a run in the team, we know you need ability, upfront though confidence seems play a big part,
  7. Aye shouting abuse at a player every week some Airdrie supporter that, can do without,
  8. Notice a comment on FB that manager wanting to watch how player's perform, like its the first game of the season, personally I don't think he knew who to leave out except for Gal he seems a easy choice these days, our top scorer.
  9. Gal on the bench, McCabe on bench, struggling to know his best team,
  10. Wouldn't think it necessary, minutes silence would be in order though,
  11. Need to be taking more than 2 points out of next 3 games if we are to keep in touch with Dunfermline. Seems there is no need or hurry to strengthen,
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