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  1. Aye he would be a good signing,but they might be up beside us .
  2. Yes,what a brainwave tactic Mr Murray playing MacIntosh as defender on right side ,he will never be a defender never mind on his wrong side ,I know it's only Airdrie are only a job to you ,they mean a lot more than that to us .
  3. There has been a few games to pick from that were just as bad but worse ,going for a play off place against bottom of the league.Then manager says players gave their all .well if that is their all it is simply not good enough for the Airdrie.
  4. From manager down ,what a hapless bunch ,playoffs a joke ,I have never seen a Airdrie team with less skill and spirit .
  5. We're Brechin tharpt bad last sat ,we had a good few shots on target through the the game ,team yesterday had about 1shot on goal the first half and never improved the second spell ,For one reason or another we don't seem to be able to get the best out of the players .Manager said the players had given their all and will have to nurse them next week for the stenny game (really)if that was their all yesterday we are in trouble ,take Wilkie if you were at Brechin you would not think he was the same player yesterday , and that goes for a few that we expect a bit more from .
  6. We will be on tv next week,put on a show for the cameras ,
  7. Think the younger fans are about as interesting as the team .
  8. Aye ,very ,very late winner ,it was a sickener ,did we go up at Alloa the next year I am sure my grandson was on the pitch at the end .it was like win the Scottish cup .
  9. Got to think that we will have a bit more pride than switch off,a chance to get in the play offs at the right end .
  10. Not drivel this time,Cammy Russell score hatrick ,sat game was a must win and we did ,maybe turned the corner ,a win on tues would set up a big game on sat .
  11. Pleased you accept my opinion,unlike yourself I know nothing about the off the field running of the club,team keeps playing the same way every week so I just kept on saying the same every week ,it would be in Airdrie's interest and mine if both were to stop,however as I have said you will be glad no more games for me this season so no more opinions ,
  12. I bow to your knowledge ,this team has finally got to me .will give it a miss for rest of season ,no more drivel or hoping the manager can make players into someone they will never be .