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  1. Queens v Inverness

    What's the idea about always going on about multi quotes? Zzzzzzzz
  2. Queens v Inverness

    Good for you...
  3. Queens v Inverness

    Are you not a Bairns fans yet?
  4. Queens v Inverness

    So are you...
  5. Queens v Inverness

    Are least I post in relation to the match.
  6. I've been at all the Home League games. I only missed the Partick Scottish Cup game and the abandoned Dundee Utd League game....
  7. Here are the home League match attendances for this season Highest to Lowest: 2019 1902 1834 1725 1716 1489 1480 1429 1348 1328 1293 1269 1211 1209 1153 1062 Current Average: 1467
  8. I noticed Hartley out on the touchline for the entire match and Naysmith & Anderson chatting just out from the technical area.
  9. I've been at them all. 4 wins 7 draws and 5 defeats...
  10. Who now plays for Edinburgh City
  11. Queens v Inverness

    Will Dobbie be fit? Will Dykes be back in the starting 11? Will Lyle start and scored a hat-trick to equal Bobby Black's goal record? Will Queens win for a 5th time at home this season or draw for an 8th or lose for a 6th?