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  1. I like Halkett but its not certain he will be good enough to step up worth a look at though to see
  2. Getting confused with Hilson at Hurlford sorry
  3. Last year they did dunno about this year not even saw Ladeside since pre season never mind Troon
  4. Good Ayr United links for loans
  5. Ballie has stepped down they like Ladeside will be looking for a new man
  6. I sent you something read your in box pal
  7. DM me on this mate and will fill you in I play the walking football your welcome to come and play lots of guys with different connections to different teams and leagues but a ammy side first if you can't get in the junior door turn the around the team and the junior clubs around Glasgow will come and seek you out small world but a friendly community when it comes to football in Glasgow
  8. Walking football in Glasgow to is a good place to met people and build contacts even taking a ammy tam and getting success for a year or two its your foot in the door
  9. Out of interest who were you with I've a mate that played non league in Cheshire if not for work commitments he could easily find a lower end junior middle level junior or good amateur team
  10. I am in Glasgow to but stayed in Kilbirnie for a awful long time and get out to games doing my thing
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