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  1. Is that correct, only £60k for the Scottish Cup winners and £30k for the runners up? Wow, BBC Match of the Day presenters get more than that for one show, which highlights what our clubs are up against financially - if, indeed, £60k/£30k is the case.....
  2. Prediction - no club, not one, zero, nil, nada, zip will ever, ever, EVER move back from the Pyramid and the EoSFL and the total professionalism it offers to the pitiful, archaic, backwater offering the Juniors provide. It simply will not happen - keep kidding yourself it will as each hour and each day you do hastens the demise of the Juniors, which is a crying shame as to evolve, as everything does and should, a move to the Pyramid must be the eventual outcome for clubs who want to progress rather than stagnate in a dreadfully parochial wee Ayrshire backwater. If your club doesn’t see the sense in this then a slow, lingering passage into irrelevance awaits and it will be you and your like to blame. Please feel free to quote me on this if the day ever happens that a club moves from the EoSFL to the ERSJFA - I’ll sleep well in the knowledge that it won’t ever happen as it’s a bit like saying “you know what, 4G is magic but I yearn to get back to the days of dial up”.
  3. If we use past actions to judge future actions then the introduction of Associate memberships will have absolutely nothing to do with the furtherance of inclusivity, which is disappointing as it could be a useful tool to signpost the way forward for Clubs and the improvements required as they move up the Pyramid and transition from Associate to Full members. I feel, though, it is all to do with self preservation and, as such, is a missed opportunity. BM - where you state that " if you fall out of tier 5 your Associate membership will be removed" I think you mean a Club's Full membership (which they will have been upgraded to from Associate membership on promotion) will be recalibrated back to Associate membership? (*not applicable to current Full members who will retain that status - license retention permitting - regardless of which Tier they are in?)
  4. There is a Pyramid, the question is will sufficient West teams who have a desire to be part of it have the notion to speak with each other and realise that their best interests will only be served by severing ties with the Junior grade and making a move to form a WoSFL? Forever hitching your wagon to those who are happy to swim in their slowly draining pond (apologies for mixing metaphors!) and have no desire to engage with the outside world is guaranteed to ensure that your club and others of similar ambition will perennially be stuck on the outside looking in. If, as stated above, it's true that TJ voted to support the resolution that suitable new applicants to the SFA henceforth will only be Associate Members until such times as they reach Tier 5 and he subsequently uses this as an example of just why there is no benefit in moving into the Pyramid then the question is, how long are Clubs going to accept being played?
  5. If this turns out to be true - and of course it mightn't be and we might never really know, but if it does - then this is the measure of the man. Does he actually do anything that is in the best interests of his own member clubs (as it will be those of them who have ambitions to apply for membership of the SFA in the fullness of time who will be adversely affected here) or is everything he does calculated to preserve his own status within the games governing body i.e. in this instance he can go back to his membership with another example of why they should stick with the Juniors and with him as there is even more limited chance of progression in the Seniors when the SFA are imposing ever more stringent requirements on prospective members with ever more diminishing benefits?
  6. This is broadly in line with what I’ve heard and understand, but I guess it could be the thin end of the wedge and might be seen as preparing the ground as far as trying to further marginalise and limit the membership benefits of those outwith the top 5 tiers is concerned. What I’m not clear on is this - does ‘Associate Membership’ apply to the six clubs awarded membership today or have they got in before the door was slammed behind them? I’m assuming from the photos posted that show certificates with the words “Full Member” on them that they are indeed full members with the accompanying voting rights et al and not just associate ones?
  7. Dearie me.....fingers in ears, continue the sprint to oblivion. If ever there was a perfect metaphor for many within the Junior grade, this is it. Wow.
  8. In answer to this specific point, I really can't see that the Juniors in their present form have any sort of bright future at all. It may take a little time yet, but if they remain on the outside of the pyramid looking in then they will eventually die of a thousand cuts - players being lost to the Senior game, Sponsors being lost to the Senior game, media exposure becoming even less than it already is. The East Region has all but become a glorified amateur set-up - or is certainly about to - the North Region has just about always been such, other than a handful of teams, and seem happy to continue to be so while the West Region have been lead down the garden path by a campaign of misinformation that promised something that was palpably never going to happen. There really won't be many more opportunities left to get off a fast sinking ship. Those clubs below the HL/LL dividing line in the East with any embers of ambition still burning - if, indeed, there are any left - really have to move to the EoSFL while those north of the line need to join forces with the North Region to become a feeder to the Highland League. Clubs of any serious ambition in the West should be seriously considering the formation of a WoSFL.....continuing to wait for the SJFA to negotiate what they have failed to negotiate to this point is a fools game. For clubs who are happy just as they are, and I do understand that there are many, acceptance that the Juniors will, in the fullness of time, become merely an anachronism viewed in much the same way as the amateur grade is and based almost entirely in the west with a few outliers elsewhere is perhaps a future with which they are happy and they are absolutely entitled to view matters in this way.
  9. Robert has lots - and lots - of good points to make and insightful comments to pass but, boy, does he not half grind everyone’s gears by asking question, upon question, upon question that has already been answered elsewhere - on top of putting forth opinion as if it was fact. Aaaarrrggh!!!!!
  10. I’m not sure we have someone intent on spreading misinformation here, but what I think we do have with superbigal is a wee sweetie wife who is really, really keen to be seen to be the one to be passing on ‘kosher’ inside information and then extrapolating all sorts of ‘facts’ from that information.
  11. Super?! [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  12. If someone at Gartcairn - sctv? - were to make it clear whether it was £10k - £15k for the 32 seat stand shown in the photo or whether it was that price for the same sort of design but with nearer the 100 seats you mention then I'm pretty sure there must be teams out there who would be interested, at least in getting an official quote to allow fundraising targets to be set.
  13. Pyramid not to kick in until 2020/2021 season. So for next season goes regional then for 2020/2021 back to current set up with an equal split is a no brainer imo "Pyramid not to kick in until 2020/21 season"? Who is feeding you this? There already is a Pyramid, one that has no ERSJFA representation and one that will never have ERSJFA representation no matter how the deckchairs are organised on their sinking ship. This isn't opinion, this is now established fact. How long are member clubs going to keep their heads buried deep in the sand alongside that of their governing body? The warnings have been there since last year and still no alarm bells are ringing? Wow. Season 2018/19 - Tier 6 football on offer if moving to the EoSFL. West Lothian clubs Broxburn, Blackburn & Linlithgow move Season 2019/20 - Tier 7 football on offer if moving to the EoSFL. Remaining West Lothian clubs keep their heads in the sand and reorganise into leagues offering no more appeal, and no more relevance, than the local Saturday & Sunday amateurs Season 2020/21 - Tier 8 football likely to be the best offer available if moving to the EoSFL. Remaining West Lothian clubs next move? How deep is the sand?
  14. And what in heavens name does his final statement “The Highland League are in the same position as they don’t have a clear pathway into the Scottish League until the bottom team in League 2 gets relegated” mean?! There IS a clear pathway from Highland League to SPFL2.....Cove Rangers are well on their way to taking it - with the bottom team in League 2 being relegated (Berwick Rangers to the Lowland League in this instance) if they do. Bizarre that a man in such a prominent position can come across as being so entirely confused.
  15. I think the nail has been hit squarely on the head here - it would appear that the parochial nature of those who hold the majority sway in the committees of each of the remaining Junior clubs in West Lothian will win the day for a second time. If the chance of making the move to the EoSFL isn't taken this time around and Tier 7 football inside a professional and outward looking organisation secured in doing so then it'll only be Tier 8 football open to them when the opportunity next arises. Continuing to accept deliberate misinformation and incompetence from their own league and association, demonstrably deliberate misinformation and incompetence, makes me wonder if anyone inside these committees has their eye on the ball. If what has been achieved by Broxburn Athletic and by Blackburn United in terms of EoSFL Premier League and Scottish Cup football next season isn't an enormous pointer in the direction that these remaining West Lothian clubs really should and need to be taking then more fool them indeed.
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