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  1. FFS what does this nonsense even mean? You are one truly tiresome individual.
  2. Exactly this. To create further imbalance in an already imbalanced pyramid only limits the possibility of progression from within the area presently covered by the lowland league and its three feeders.
  3. Pffft, this is the internet ya poe-faced cunto. I’m joking by the way - that means I can call you what I like, right?
  4. Glad you didn’t miss it - reread your last post in reply to glensmad, a poster who is pretty much a constant voice of reason and informed comment, and tell me you weren’t trying to be a smart Alec?
  5. No amount of your smarty Alec belly aching will detract from the fact that he is right and that you are fighting a rearguard action that has already failed.
  6. I feel a fair number of your posts make points I can often agree with, indeed I might even have green dotted a few here and there. However, dearie me do you desperately need to find some form of self awareness.
  7. Surprised you would say this to be honest, perhaps your support of Lochee is colouring you viewpoint just a little? As has been mentioned in at least one previous observation, not all he said was wrong but the sheer, seething bitterness of just about everything he spoke of was awful. From this podcast appearance you can safely assume that there will continue to be little in the way of positive engagement with the Pyramid on his part and that will continue to be detrimental to his club and to the rest of the Tayside teams.
  8. https://www.pitchero.com/clubs/livingstonunitedjuniorfootballclub/news/official-club-statement-2533366.html A firm commitment that they will indeed be moving to the EoSFL, whether it be this coming season should circumstances change, and they are likely to with Bo’ness United moving up to the Lowland League, or for season 2021/22. Good on them for showing the proper sort of ambition and for being willing to go public with their intention while clearly keeping the ERSJFA firmly in the loop. I for one hope all is not lost to them by way of EoSFL football for season 2020/21, whenever that might be.
  9. If Bo’ness United are indeed promoted to the Lowland League, and if I understand correctly then it is the Lowland League’s intention to do just that if and when the SFA award them their license, then the precedent set when admitting Kinnoull at last years AGM really should be followed and Livingston United admitted to balance the conferences. No amount of gnashing of teeth from Rod Petrie and Ian Maxwell should prevent this, these are men who have shown a complete disregard to, and no understanding of, the non-league game across the country.
  10. I just can’t see a majority of EoSFL sides accepting teams from north of the ‘accepted’ dividing line. There can be a never ending argument re precedent but most people would accept that the dividing line passing through the centre of a town/village is a unique circumstance. No precedence is being set by accepting a team from that town/village no matter how much some may wish it to be otherwise. A Dundee team should try applying and see where it gets them.
  11. Playing the season without cups (other than maybe the Scottish Cup?) is quite clearly the way to go when you have an 18 team top league.
  12. Probably just the same guy with multiple usernames.
  13. I don’t see anyone suggesting that the late application was an intentional move to further such a narrative, which is how the wording of the above comes across? Rather, the rejection may be used by others within the staunch West Lothian Junior community to further that very narrative.
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