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  1. Teams playing each other four times a season in league competition is, for me, the very definition of dull in a footballing context so I'm in 100% agreement with you on that. However, you do realise that in a 12 team, Tier 1 league - should you continue with it's present construct - teams will play each other four times a season (four times v teams who finish in your half of the league post split and three times v teams who finish in the other half of the league post split)? Four times a season is four times a season whether it is against the whole league or only against half of it so you are arguing, even if only in some small way, for the continuation of a dull product at the very top of the Pyramid. Anyway, as has been rightly said - this is a debate on the future of the Junior game so best it is that which is debated and not the wholesale restructuring of the game at the top of the Pyramid as that is hugely unlikely to happen any time soon and is more likely to remain a simple fantasy for long into the foreseeable future.
  2. Precisely. In the decision making process required of the current EoSFL members there should be no thought at all given to appeasing recalcitrant Junior clubs by offering, for a third season in a row, conference leagues to the potential detriment of current clubs. Particularly if some of those Junior clubs are playing the field by - according to posts on other threads - noting their interest in a possible WoSFL. I can see no compelling reason at all to go with anything other than a Tier 6/7/8 set up from next season onwards, a set up that offers more than just the one promotion spot from a Tier 7 league than would be the case should multiple conferences at Tier 7 be the format again for season 2020/21.
  3. Goodness guys, I instanced Buster Motram for his tennis playing abilities (which, to be fair, weren’t really that bad), not his political leanings. How far off topic are we going to drag this to prove anyone and everyone can do a google search?
  4. Seriously? It’s 0-6, 0-6, 0-5 and love-40 on the SJFA serve (think Buster Motram for those old enough to remember) with Novak Djokovic (the LL/EoSFL) waiting to return. I suspect there’s only one winner.
  5. 100% this. The argument elsewhere that there should be no fixed geographical boundary between west and east because not too many teams will choose to take advantage of it really is quite bamboozling when a simple rule as above takes care of any issues and let’s clubs know where they stand. Should it be otherwise and one club takes advantage of being close to only a notional border to move to a region outwith their hitherto natural area then you can be sure that others will look to follow. What’s good for the goose and all that.
  6. Fill yer boots on how you want to manipulate the discussion and misrepresent me, the issue is about sensible application of the rules but you go ahead and believe what you want to believe, it's of no concern to me.
  7. That's because they are entirely different cases when it comes to making an exception to any rule that may apply. It has been simply and best put by Marten. Fauldhouse doesn't straddle a boundary but Luncarty and Harthill do and therefore have the best cases for exceptions should they wish to ask for one. Those close to the line have little case for exceptions - particularly if it's merely to get a jump in Pyramid position.
  8. Exactly this. Fauldhouse have scheduled a meeting and it is for them to plot their way forward. They have had two opportunities to move to the EoSFL and have either decided against doing so or have not really discussed the prospect at all up until now. The potential formation of a WoSFL would appear to have prompted them to either discuss the matter again or to discuss it properly for the first time. The LL/EoSFL statement that "There will of course be issues such as geographical integrity to be considered" seems to make it clear that there will only be one destination on offer should they choose to progress from the Juniors into the Seniors anyway.
  9. I’m still absolutely none the wiser on your direction of travel here, why leave application open to manipulation and the possibility of a geographical crossover when a simple rule prevents any such potential mess?
  10. I really don’t understand the argument you’re putting forward? Just because clubs haven’t taken advantage of picking and choosing previously doesn’t mean they won’t in the future should the opportunity present itself. Why leave it to the whim of what clubs may or may not think, however unlikely the unthinkable might be, when a simple statement saying WRSJFA = WoSFL and ERSJFA = EoSFL takes care of the matter? Why wouldn’t you expect that, no matter how unlikely you believe a club taking advantage of it not being a requirement might be? As I’ve already stated, I rather suspect this will already be in the minds of those who will be tasked with making the WoSFL happen.
  11. I think the point is, if you don’t have a demarcation line between the proposed WoSFL and the EoSFL then what Burnie_man instances could happen with these clubs is, without doubt, a distinct possibility. Surely you do understand that? Further, if clubs believe that they might have a choice to apply to one league over another to get them a Tier or two higher in the Pyramid and there are people out there who think that this isn’t factoring into the thoughts of those clubs then it is they who are the fantasists. WRSJFA clubs to a new WoSFL (should it happen) and ERSJFA south of Tay clubs to the EoSFL, it really is and should be that simple. I’m sure that those involved in setting up the proposed WoSFL will see it pretty much in that way too.
  12. As the bodies who will be overseeing the creation of a WoSFL I would imagine that the LL and the EoSFL will view things in a pretty straight forward manner - quite correctly teams from the WRSJFA will be eligible for the new WoSFL and teams from the ERSJFA that are south of the Tay will be eligible for the EoSFL. Any other approach is similar to the geographical overlap argument that they were strong on and quite rightly prevented the ERSJFA being a competitor league to the EoSFL at Tier 6.
  13. This could very well be the case. However, there are clubs who are in the Premier League who are perhaps safe enough for this season but may not be in future seasons and who, like their SPFL Division Two counterparts when they look at the Lowland and Highland Leagues, want as soft a landing as possible. Accordingly, they will no doubt believe that a First Division with promotion spots of 3 from 16 has more to facilitate that soft landing than conferences with promotion spots of 3 from anything up to 32 or more clubs. At the other end of the scale, there will be teams at the lower end of the current conferences who simply will not see themselves as contenders for promotion to the Premier League any time soon and don't want to be forever floating about near the foot of a conference just so they can continue to be one promotion away from Tier 6 but would, instead, embrace a Tier 8 Second Division that they could actually envision themselves winning. This is the excitement of league football and this is what the creation of a First and Second Division could and should offer.
  14. Nail hit firmly and resoundingly on the head.
  15. I think it's reasonably clear that most who are expressing any sort of opinion or preference on here would like to see it as you state - a Tier 8 being created and new applicants beginning there, a regional split happening at that Tier should enough applicants step forward. The time for planning with an eye to how the Juniors might feel if they were to come across is past. However, it is for the clubs to decide - and I'd be pretty confident they will feel the same way too.
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