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  1. Of course 3 points is a high, last season that was 0 points. We all know the manager is shit but at least we are picking up points, with a wee bit of luck that will increase confidence with the players and the troll. Allow yourself a wee smile on a Saturday night for once, instead of greeting about how awful it is to watch.
  2. To go to Easter Road and set up to play like this is simply unforgivable. The wee signs of improvement have been well and truly snuffed out by that wee c***s constant negativity. It's horrible to watch. THIS IS NOT FOOTBALL!!!
  3. This is utter garbage! It's Easter Road, and we are set up to let them come at us until they eventually score. What goes on in that wee fanny's head?
  4. That's fucking embarrassing. A goalie, 7 defenders, Hallberg, McLennan and Clark. The dwarf has lost the plot. Do we not have midfielders coming out our ears?? Has May not been our best player?? What the actual f**k??
  5. Rumour has it that Archie and Dave from Hearts hooked up on a Scotsport Christmas night out. Going by the look of his pus I'd say this could be accurate.
  6. I suppose you wouldn't watch a live stream either? There will be a place in heaven for you chaps
  7. Lol Those 3 letters are on me if you'd like more please give me £10 a month
  8. Can you paste the article please? Not paying for that shite
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