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  1. You’re having a laugh clearly Mr Kbt as Creetown , Wigtown and Newton hae all beaten your mob this season. I’d suggest you dinny set your bar too high then it won’t come as too much of a disappointment when your prediction falls as flat as yer team is currently playing. To quote weeredbook ‘they are not that good’ and that’s a compliment at the moment apparently
  2. One of their players claimed they were calling it 200 but I’d agree with you probably your estimate was far more realistic
  3. Newton Stewart Rugby Club apparently played on grass barely half a mile away at Bladnoch on Saturday afternoon !!!!!! Perhaps Trammonford is more susceptible to overnight drizzle , who knows , it’s a strange one indeed
  4. Might possibly not be punching above their weight but good to finally see Creetown finding a bit of form and accumulating a few points lately including a great win over Threave yesterday and likewise along the road to a degree Newton appear to have turned the corner after a miserable start. It’s clearly difficult for 3 teams ( including Wigtown ) in such a tight geographical location to attract enough players for them all to be competitive but fair play to them because as was stated in another thread with the difficult starts they all had it’s encouraging to see they are all improving when they could easily have really struggled to field any sort of a team. All credit to the guys behind the scenes who work tirelessly at every Club to keep things going and to the players for turning things around when at times it quite possibly would be even easier to surrender ! Well done to all involved and keep up the good work guys
  5. Bonnyton were the better of the two for me but Stranraer comprehensively beat them recently and certainty have the advantage at this stage ! The Stair Park side have several terrific players and a very fit young team so my money however would be on them at this point of the season
  6. In the spirit of competitive fairness after a second apparent refusal to play ( heard from a Stranraer player midweek ) at the Academy let’s hope as you say it’s rescheduled for a pissing wet and cold Wednesday evening over the Winter and see how that one turns out ! Three strikes and out or 3rd time lucky
  7. Folks are awfully interested in these wee Clubs lately , difficult times but they’ll baith be fine Beardyman from rumours gan aboot. Be on the up soon hopefully and who kens what’s roon the corner for them , I hear one o them will do just grand apparently
  8. You don’t need to justify yourself to these keyboard warriors - the truth is out there and if they have no facts they simply make it up !!!
  9. There in lies the real problem ! Heard from a friend tonight that the Edu spokesman on the Radio on Saturday estimated they’d need 65-100k budget to compete with teams at the top of the Lowland to be successful ! No wonder the South teams don’t really want to contemplate LL football and potentially a long and difficult season
  10. For me unless the Pyramid system is radically looked at we here in the South West will geographically and therefore financially always be up against it ! Personally I’d prefer not to knock Edu and Bonnyton for perhaps showing a little more enthusiasm in attempting to climb the ladder although the former didn't have to shell out to meet the Lowland criteria with a ground share at Galabank and all the best coaches their tuition fees can supply and the latter clearly is far better located than most to attempt the jump. The bottom line is surely the weekly 100+ miles to Stirling , Glasgow , Edinburgh or the Borders simply to fulfil fixtures , some even in midweeks which would cost the local member Clubs astronomical sums. This simply wouldn’t be sustainable and as Neily alluded to earlier lads would have to give up their entire Saturdays or find a way to be available say 4 hours prior to midweek kick offs to have any chance of making these venues in time. How would the member Clubs cope in this scenario I ask you - well if we use Threave as an example and I’m certainly not knocking them although we all realise the struggles they had in the Lowland - it’s simply trying to get lads available from work ( an unlikely scenario at our level ) or being realistic and saying much as we’d all love to win the League and then even assuming we could beat the likes of a Lothian Thistle Hutchinson Vale or a Kelty type of team over two legs then face the daunting prospect of finding yourself in completely unrealistic situation where not only financially but player wise you’d really struggle to cope in the LL . Surely Fullback , South Fan 2 and everyone else out there know this is the unfortunate bottom line we in the SOSFL find ourselves in
  11. I agree with Psychotic Reaction ! Please explain yourself Sir
  12. I think everyone is aware the grass pitches struggle at this time of year PS therefore the sensible option is to make the early call for both Clubs benefit not to mention the officials . If the same consideration was shown every week over the Winter months we wouldn't have all these disgruntled last minute postponements
  13. Apologies Info wasnt having a go at anyone simply giving credit for the early call off although I’m fully aware that isnt always the case in the SOSFL.
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