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  1. The Hibernian Thread

    Dunno about the numbers, but that point is definitely true. Hearts were always keener on moving out of town (Millerhill, Hermiston and Straiton, in about that order) than Hibs (Straiton x2) when those ideas were being kicked around in the 1990s / early 2000s, and mainly for that reason.
  2. 2020 Group Draw

    We just lost to Israel away in the Nations League, drew at home to Lithuania in the last World Cup and lost in Georgia in the last Euros. Scotland are not a sure thing against anyone other than the micro-nations (e.g. San Marino).
  3. Team GB

    Looks like someone in the SFA has noticed the potential conflict of interest. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/46430993
  4. 2020 Group Draw

    A big chunk of our team is usually Celtic players . Their last tie with a Kazakh team was a CL play-off with Astana last season (won 5-0 at home, lost 3-4 away), which was well into August, i.e. after a couple of league games had been played.
  5. 2020 Group Draw

    We will struggle there, at least. Celtic have played a few of their teams in recent years, always gone through the ties (I think?) but have struggled in the away legs. I also don't like it being on the Thursday. Presumably some of our players will be playing on the previous Sunday (e.g. Celtic are away to Dundee the previous weekend, which will probably get moved for TV) so they won't get together until the Monday. Then knowing how McLeish has "prepared" them for previous games we won't travel until the Wednesday.
  6. 2020 Group Draw

    Steven Fletcher hat-trick incoming
  7. 2020 Group Draw

    Old enough to remember us getting Switzerland twice in a row (Euro 92 and WC 94). The Swiss away game in 92 qualifying (2-2 draw from 2-0 down) is what we have to thank (blame) Doe a Deer for.
  8. Scotland v Israel

    Aren't you assuming that they just use the same system as last time? I don't see anything on the FIFA site or Wikipedia about the format being used for 2022. That would normally be a reasonable assumption, but we now have the Nations League. Presumably UEFA would want that to be integrated with World Cup qualifying.
  9. 2020 Group Draw

    BTW, the draw is next Sunday (just before the League Cup final). The women's World Cup draw is the following Saturday.
  10. Moving forward

    Hopefully he will become more receptive to the idea in 1-2 years time, when he is too old for the England U21 team. Can see why he turned down an approach from McLeish earlier in the year, as he would likely have still been behind McGregor / Gordon. .... Tierney is probably the "least bad" option for right back I wouldn't write off Fletcher, it's not like he has much pace to lose anyway. Could still see him being a decent player at 33/34. The other position that's a bit up in the air is who plays alongside McKenna at centre back.
  11. If we get England or Holland it also means we wouldn't have any games in June because it will be a five team group. Given how the players mump and moan about June games (see the call-offs for Peru / Mexico this year) that might not be a bad thing.
  12. We could still get something like France-Germany or Belgium-Germany. Basically the idea for most teams in the draw will be to avoid Germany, as it's ridiculous that they've fallen to pot 2. Yes, maximum of two finals hosts in any one group. There are other rules involving travel (avoiding too many ridiculous long journeys), weather (i.e. not too many countries that could be snowbound in March / November) and politics (i.e. don't draw Gibraltar and Spain together), but none of these affect us directly.
  13. I would like to draw Hungary. They were absolutely honking in that friendly last season, and if we draw them it means we can't draw any of the big countries (Spain, Italy, England, Holland, Germany) who are hosting games in the finals.
  14. Next Month face Albiana and Isarel

    Just here to point out that more people have quit the Scotland squad this week than the UK government.
  15. Next Month face Albiana and Isarel

    If needs must, yes. I would also suggest going back to paying fees for each international match, instead of rolling them up in the vain hope of qualifying for a tournament. That would encourage fringe players to turn up, rather than have them nursing an injury or retiring.