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  1. The big thing out of that is that it looks like the work permit appeals panel will be scrapped after January. The SFA being (too?) liberal in their appeal judgments is why players who weren't getting permits in England were getting them in Scotland (e.g. Efe Ambrose after he left Celtic). It looks like the most the SPFL / SFA might be able to haggle the Home Office down to is having a lower world ranking threshold for the countries that full internationals can be signed from.
  2. I didn't know that the women played with Tennent's Sixes-sized goals.
  3. I suspect that was more to do with wanting a wee rest ahead of the Merseyside derby next weekend.
  4. JR is now saying that Allan is out for a while (?) with an undisclosed "personal health issue". 2+2 = ?
  5. The problem with bigger clubs getting crowds back isn't necessarily to do with how widespread their support is. I think they're more concerned about (over)crowding on public transport, e.g. the subway on Ibrox matchdays.
  6. Jambos were talking him up after a Betfred game against them last summer.
  7. It's like if we were playing someone at home but without any players from the OF or English clubs. I think we could all pick a half-decent starting XI from that. Obviously the full team would be favourites, but I don't think it would necessarily be a walkover. This isn't like the Slovakia - Denmark game a couple of years ago where Denmark were restricted to amateur league or futsal players, because literally all of their professional footballers were on strike.
  8. One of the Czech team's staff has tested positive.
  9. Thing is, he wasn't supposed to be a bit part player. Cost a fee and must have been on decent wages, coming from PNE.
  10. Hearing doesn't start until 4pm, according to the BBC's report of McInnes bleating that they've been punished enough already.
  11. Probably another CB / DM type to cover both positions. Kind of need that in a year where the squad isn't going to be as big as normal. Need someone to cover Gogic, and with Jackson away there are only three CBs we would be happy with playing there in a four-man defence (Hanlon, Porteous, McGregor). And their injury records aren't brilliant. I don't think they'll be looking at a striker as Mathie was talking up Ryan Shanley as a prospect in that podcast. Any other midfielders would need one of the existing ones (Hallberg?) to go out.
  12. Talksport pundits talking shite is not journalism as such, but I think it's reassuring in an age of turmoil to see/hear perennial mince like this.
  13. Because this isn't an accident (storm damage) or negligence (forgetting to switch on undersoil), this is wilful flouting of the rules under which football is being allowed to operate. Letting it pass without punishment would create a very dangerous precedent.
  14. I think they need to award a 3-0 to St Johnstone (and presumably Accies and Celtic). If they just let Aberdeen rearrange games to whenever, that sets a dangerous precedent. Players will think it doesn't matter if they have to self-isolate, the game(s) will just be off and played later.
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