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  1. Scotland Under 21 Squad

    Probably available for next to nothing, given SFA are sticking it on Youtube anyway. 4-2-3-1 again. Doohan Smith - Bates - Porteous - Taylor McCrorie - Campbell Cadden - Gilmour - Morgan Shaw
  2. Next Scotland Manager Mk II

    Well, apart from most of the midfield retiring / getting too old (Brown, Morrison, Fletcher). McGinn was barely a sub last year, now he's a regular. McDonald wasn't quoted last year... these are critical positions. I think in 2017 Strachan hit upon a good combination in midfield (Armstrong in the creative role, ahead of two from Brown, Fletcher or Morrison), which protected a relatively weak defence and gave Griffiths (or Chris Martin!) some service. Now we're just weak pretty almost everywhere. It's even making players who look good at club level look bad, i.e. Robertson hasn't looked at his best, and I don't think that's just due to the formation.
  3. Scotland v Portugal

    Folk moaned their heads off through pretty much the entirety of Strachan's tenure, when we rarely lost to a side ranked lower than us (just Georgia, really).
  4. Scotland v Portugal

    I think we have the resources of a small country and the mentality of a much bigger one. That's quite a dangerous mix.
  5. Next Scotland Manager Mk II

    That's a nice idea, but he's basically a sub now for Stoke. Other options are begging James McArthur, or adopting the old Walter tactic of playing a centre-back in defensive midfield (Mulgrew?)
  6. Scotland v Portugal

    1. If Griffiths is waiting to go back to Hibs, why did he just sign a four-year contract with Celtic? 2. He's scored four goals in his last five competitive starts for Scotland. In fairness, Naismith has again shown himself to be a useful option this season.
  7. Next Scotland Manager Mk II

    That's basically true of every position except left back and goalkeeper. Yet people will rabbit on about what a good squad we have. In fact it's the weakest squad we've had since the start of the Berti era, before McFadden, Gordon and Darren Fletcher emerged.
  8. Next Scotland Manager Mk II

    That was disingenuous. They held off from pestering him because a close relative of his died late last year (I think it was his father). O'Neill used the Scotland interest to get a bumper contract out of the IFA. I think his preference was to stay there because he basically has a job as long as he wants it there. Whereas if he had taken the Scotland job and got off to an iffy start, he would be under pressure straight away. Maybe not to the same extent as McLeish, but he would have been under far more pressure to deliver than staying with NI. Where the SFA ballsed up was having no plan B for if/when O'Neill rejected them. Because that didn't happen until late January, and then you had the blow up with Regan, they found themselves in early February with no CEO or manager in place. They panicked because it all looked incompetent (it was) and they had games coming up in March. That led them to get someone in quickly, which restricted them to the pool of unemployed at that point in time (including McLeish). Smarter move would have been to just let Malky Mackay take the friendly games for the rest of the season, and look for a manager during the World Cup / close season. By then guys like Lambert and Moyes would have become available. Not great candidates, but better than McLeish is now.
  9. Next Scotland Manager Mk II

    Hanley must be injured, because he hasn't played for Norwich since early September. BBC reported in mid-September that he would be out for six weeks. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/45522509
  10. Next Scotland Manager Mk II

    Jonny Evans (hundreds of EPL games and CL experience) Craig Cathcart (playing regularly in EPL) Steven Davis Wouldn't get "anywhere near" a Scotland team?!? As the poster said above, NI have had relative success recently because they've had very good central defenders. They're maybe starting to run into problems now because McAuley and Hughes are probably too old now (38 ish).
  11. Scotland v Portugal

    Hopefully not too tempting.
  12. Scotland v Portugal

    I take it all of the folk who are moaning about the Belgium and Portugal friendlies "ruining our world ranking" are aware that the ranking system was changed in the summer? They now use an ELO system where you gain more by beating (or lose less by losing to) a stronger opponent*. Basically all the old dodges like "play fewer friendlies" or "play diddies if you have to" are now out of date. *Speaking of which, the result on Thursday was an absolute disaster in terms of the new system.
  13. Scotland v Portugal

    I keep hearing about what a strong squad we have, yet a couple of call-offs and we're calling up guys who can't get a game for Celtic (Christie) and an Aberdeen player who has never been anywhere near international play before (Devlin). This is probably the weakest squad we've had since the early days under Berti, when most of the Craig Brown old guard had gone and he was left with Paul Lambert, Barry Ferguson, Christian Dailly and a bunch of new guys.
  14. Scotland Under 21 Squad

    I think most (all?) of the teams were normally playing 4-2-3-1 while Strachan was there. i.e. it's McLeish who has moved the first team away from that system, rather than the other teams moving away from it.
  15. Scotland Under 21 Squad

    Team per flashscores is (I'm guessing 4-2-3-1) Robbie McCrorie Liam Smith - David Bates - Ryan Porteous - Greg Taylor Allan Campbell - Ross McCrorie Chris Cadden - Stevie Mallan - Lewis Morgan Eamonn Brophy