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  1. Episode 83

    That’s not ideal..
  2. Booing of Rangers Players - Does it Happen?

    That’s the same thing to the peepul is it not?
  3. Boot in the Pie seems apt here.
  4. Stag Do dares/challenges

    No they don’t. They booed Lewis Hamilton.
  5. Rangers Look so intimidated, they can’t handle Celtic. Dorrans is suffering from Bartonitis going by his performance...
  6. I hope it catches on.
  7. Greatest Royal Rumble

    Would love to see Godfather come out in the Rumble with the ho train...
  8. Champions League 2017/18

    Only decent outcome is Roma winning the CL. However i would settle for Ronaldo scoring a double hattrick against the scum of the earth scousers in the final...
  9. WrestleMania 34

    Match of the night, very impressed by Rousey.
  10. Definitely not stupid..... Doesn’t bother me if Cowden go bust, their fans are up there with Clyde, Airdrie and Rangers fans for knuckle dragger/good guy ratio.
  11. Still Game & Best Bits

    Winstons leg to fall off again?
  12. Requiem

    Wasn’t that great. Watched it over the past couple of days and found it quite boring, missus enjoyed it though.
  13. Marvel Punisher

    Just finished this and after a slow start, really came good! Jon Bernthal was born for this role tbf. Probably top 3 or 4 of the Marvel series, only beaten by the two seasons for Daredevil and Jessica Jones.