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  1. Nevermind. It was a poor attempt at humour
  2. What was your tantrum all about last night?
  3. Nothing funnier than good old fashioned sexual assault tbf...
  4. My gran told me she once done the ol’ clingfilm over the toilet seat at her work. Didn’t go down too well when the first woman who went in had diarrhoea and sprayed shite all over herself and the bathroom...
  5. When he’s serious and starts talking about tactics etc, it’s clear he knows what he is talking about tbf. While i listen/watch both, i prefer AVFTT. Which is probably down to OG having Slaney and Kevin Kyle who is slower than Stephen Hawkings legs.
  6. That reminded me of the Simpsons ep where Apu thinks he is a hummingbird
  7. People who ask what their value is on transfermarkt instagram page.
  8. Just dipping in to give it laldy over Drew winning and Edge returning! Goosebumps. Certainly piqued my curiousity and will probably start watching again to see what happens up until Wrestlemania. I see Edge has signed a 3 year deal and he looks in great shape. As you were.
  9. Got the Batman Arkham trilogy for a couple of quid on the ps store. Finished Asylum and working my way through Arkham City. Excellent games.
  10. Skerla


    Just remembered about Highlanders. The salt and vinegar ones were excellent
  11. What gives me the heebie jeebies? @The Skelpit Lug
  12. I can’t remember doing a shit at school.
  13. Touching bits of food when doing the dishes Scratching blackboard etc Nonces Edit to add, after reading dee_62s post i too get the heebie jeebies in public toilets/work toilets, even some mates toilets..
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