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  1. Skerla


    Thought this was fantastic, 9/10, would have been 10 but thought there was a wee bit of a lull in the middle. Phoenix was phenomenal and should be winning any and all awards. Going to go and see it again.
  2. Social media accounts that use emojis after every sentence 😡 McGinn Hat trick 🔥 Shankland scores first goal💪 Armstrong scores a free kick 🚀
  3. We would struggle against all the teams you mention
  4. It’s not like we have anyone better ready to replace them. Cooper and Fleck are good players, haven’t seen alot of Devlin or Palmer, Mulgrew is ok. agree with you on Burke though, poor mans Theo Walcott.
  5. People who drink Proper 12, even bigger moron if you try to look cool for a pic and tweet Mcgregor. In fact most Mcgregor fan boys are morons.
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