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  1. I'm not spanks jambo. But your posts and bitterness does give us all a good laugh on the site at work so keep it up pal. Ps get your name in the hat for the darvel job.
  2. Don't say anything to the reporter he will think your spanks too.
  3. It humours me that you just say everyone is spanks, that says somthing bad about you. Just for your peace of mind I can confirm I am not spanks jambo.
  4. Just seen he has girvan losing also. The bitter postman.
  5. Has this been reported to the SJFA? if so will be interesting to see if they act on it.
  6. They don't have a youth team lol. He's a good youth coach sure.
  7. Almost every club has been there. Use this season to rebuild and go again next year.
  8. He is kicking a man when he is down,now tgats not fair No need for it. It's a shame to see a club struggle hopefully use get sorted out and start picking up a couple of results all the best for the season.
  9. Correct massivly jelious. reporter it's mr grierson to you.
  10. That's just his sick pay. Good managers get good money Jamie.
  11. Good god. Two players off a new 11 ha. Darren Johnson is that the goalie?.
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