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  1. They make the rules. Iv never heard so much nonsense in all my life. Its a scandal
  2. Talbot run the Scottish junior game from top to bottom. It's an absolute scandal this is going on. Horrible club
  3. Eastfield could have scored 10 today, no joke. Was men against boys from the first minute to the last. First time iv seen Laurieston, expected alot more. Guessing an off day
  4. Talbot are involved with the refs somehow. They just have to be. Every week
  5. Another one hinting at violence. Are people from Edinburgh the only ones who can handle themselves? Turn it up ffs
  6. Just seen your comments in a group chat. I think the police have been informed and I'm not joking.
  7. Why would you not have corner flags in first place? School boy error. Replay if it goes ahead, will be tasty.
  8. Alba beat oban today lol. Great call btw
  9. Exactly. Micks true colours coming out tonight. That boy would have every right to phone the police. Not the first time he hits someone from behind and it won't be the last. Its a game of football ffs
  10. No1 is doubting his talents. Hes a scumbag tho, we both know it.
  11. Gets away with it time and time again and is obviously encouraged to do so by his sideline. He should have been banned a long time ago.
  12. Will be watching Colville v bannockburn this weekend. tie in the west few weeks ago, Burn fully deserved win. I'll go for a score draw.
  13. Colville v bannockburn back to back in west then scottish. i will be there on Saturday. two of the best sides. should be a cracker
  14. Sticking your neck on the line there with that prediction.... 3 of the best teams with only 16 left. brilliant
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