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  1. On reflection, got to say I think Dundee deserved a point out of that. But ultimately goals win games, and we scored one more than them. First half was horrible, not helped by Beaton who must have blew his whistle about every 30 seconds. We're clearly lacking up front and our goals tally is testament to that. We're clearly good at defending and our goals lost tally is testament to that. If we can keep Edwards and Mulgrew fit I can't see us having too many days where we concede too many goals (Parkhead and Ibrox aside), and if we can keep sneaking the odd one-nil victory as we're doing at present, we should be ok come the end of the season. Think Arsenal fans famously sang "One Nil to the Arsenal....." Ultimately one-nils win matches and if you don't lose goals you'll give yourself a good chance of winning matches. Bit of a rambling post this....
  2. Took in the game today and enjoyed the match. Despite the final score, up until the first goal (which had a hint of offside about it) I thought it was fairly even. Dalkeith seemed to fall to pieces thereafter, although credit is due to Clydebank who played very well.
  3. Look forward to your write up when the Premier League teams enter and you refer to 'the former Rangers team;
  4. A bit off topic, but anyway.... With United's game not until Sunday, thinking of taking in a game on Saturday. (New) Clydebank's first game in the Scottish Cup appeals which had me thinking back to previous meetings v United. I seem to recall playing them (old Clydebank) in a Scottish Cup match that was moved (after a postponement or two) to Forthbank, Stirling but not sure if I've got that right? Am I imagining that match??
  5. Maybe so - but I still am certain that 100% of attendees at Strictly Come Dancing have access to the internet. They'd have bought their tickets on it in the first place
  6. As per my earlier post, I tend to think not
  7. Lads - there is not a soul in the country who doesn't have the internet, yet wants to go to nightclubs and gigs at the Hydro
  8. After the last few elections, I think it's fair to say that opinion polls can generally be ignored
  9. True. But I'll freely admit to a sense of nervousness at these - particularly at the gig and the busy football games (and by that I mean in the concourses). A Vaccine Passport will provide some assurances on that front. But chiefly it'll hopefully get a few thousand eejits who read bollocks on Facebook to get jagged. I spent the majority of 2020 checking on vaccine progress, and it was a massive relief to see the first ones delivered in early Dec last year. The vaccines have got us to where we are today, and I'm sorry, but if those who have refused theirs miss out on going to busy, crowded events, then, sorry, my sympathies will be in short supply. Evidence on the slowing down of the spread is admittedly, it would seem, fairly non-conclusive, but the infection rate v the death rate is about as conclusive as you can get on the success of the vaccines.
  10. I'll rephrase - I'm 'not against' it. I know you're against it - you've certainly mentioned it often enough. I'd have thought the only people with anything to lose would be the unvaccinated (I expect you'll tell me different). The vast majority of those who are not vaccinated are so because of some utter shite they read on Facebook. The reason I'm not against it would be we currently have infection rates at their highest in Scotland since March '20, and yet here I am having been at several football games in the past month, a gig, seen my parents, my son at school and his football etc etc - When you consider none of this was possible only a few months ago, and is now possible owing principally to the vaccines, if a 'Vaccine Passport' encourages the numbnuts who have turned them down to get one, then thats fine by me. Another way to put it would be I fucking hated lockdown, and am very grateful to those who made the vaccines and the high uptake they've had.
  11. Wouldn't surprise me to see the SFA throwing a strop and applying it to all Premier League grounds (irrespective of crowd size). The 10,000 figure will only really affect five clubs and the national team (can't help but think that the 10,000 figure (as opposed 20,000 as is the case in England) was chosen so that it didn't merely affect just 'you know who' - but thats another story) but 'blanket rules' have so often been the case throughout this shitshow.
  12. Didn't know that. Bloody hell - isn't that a bit 'undemocratic'?
  13. If the vote goes on 'vaccine passports' today goes with 100% SNP voting in favour it really doesn't reflect well on the party at all. I'm in favour myself, but appreciate that there's plenty of dissenting voices around. Surely a handful of SNP MSPs would be inclined to be against them?
  14. Going by populations Moldova should be better than the Faroes, but the Faroes keep punching above their weight (have done for a while now). Moldova can now boast a team in the Champions League this season, yet at internation level they've floundered for a long time
  15. Moldova were the bottom seeds in the group. Faroes winning last wasn't a shock
  16. We used three (excluding subs) right backs over the course of the three games. And whilst far from perfect, SOD was, for me, the best of the three. But he's still got a lot improving to do (starting with crosses)
  17. I've said on here before that unlike the majority of United fans, Im not against us going with one striker. I think yesterday was a good example of that. Had we had Butcher on in place of either Clark or McNulty there's no way the midfield would have been as overrun as it was in that first half. Admittedly the big issue with this is I'm not sure Clark or McNulty are cut out for the lone striker role, although I do wonder if Apperre might, when fit, be good in that position. In fairness to Courts he did make changes at the 55min mark which is a whole lot earlier than the previous incumbent ever did.
  18. I see excess deaths are up - quite considerably, compared with A) last year and B) the last five years (@travelling tabby). Covid deaths are, I'd have thought pretty small in numbers. What's the explanation for the high death numbers. Any ideas?
  19. correct. Get yourself to as many games now whilst you still can
  20. FFS guys let's face it. Fraser got stick cause of his 'pop-star' hair cut. Watch for Chalmers getting the same treatment should he ever stay fit long enough.
  21. Advocating restrictions (school closures) based on infections (not hospitalisastions or deaths) is a worrying mindset from someone so close to NS
  22. Another terrific win. Battled really hard to get the three. Had plenty of decent chances to score more, especially in the opening 15 minutes. Fuchs was tremendous - An offer before the end of the window must be a realistic possibility. Levitt took a while to get going (think it was the ninth minute before he got a touch of the ball) but started to find some big passes later in the half. We bizarrely seemed to struggle with throw ins all afternoon. Winning a throw in became a hindrance to be honest. I've made the point before, but it's becoming very evident. With fans there we are a different team all together.
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