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  1. An awfully long time ago as he's spent the majority of his Utd career on the treatment table. It was only when hearing Phil Oakley's dulcet tones this morning that I even remembered about him
  2. Heard Human League on the radio this morning.......any ideas what the latest is with Peter Pawlett?
  3. Thanks to Lizzie's passing, Sky have graciously bothered their arse and shown some German football this weekend. Enjoyed the Friday night match between Werder and Augsburg (big win for Augsburg with a last minute penalty save to ensure they got the win) and today Union winning 1-0 away to Koln. Union unbelievably now topping the Bundesliga. Would really like to go over some weekend and take in a couple of matches
  4. I agree completely. My wee boy (8 years old) plays football on a Saturday morning. As it falls under the SFA's jurisdiction, I'm fully expecting even that to be cancelled
  5. Bought the programme at Motherwell v Dundee United yesterday. Excellent publication that - like a magazine! Loads of reading in it and advertising space kept to a minimum. Makes me realise how average Dundee United's own one is.
  6. Does the Fir Park Social Club let 1) non members in 2) away fans in 3) kids in Quite fancy nipping in here pre-match. Not been for years. Take it does food too?
  7. Personally I'd have gave him the next couple of games, and asked what players want to play for the jersey and what players don't. I'm really disappointed in a fair chunk of players. If we win tomorrow night, it'll be clear as day whats been going on. Another issue is our finances don't come anywhere near to stacking up. And this just compounds the matter further.
  8. Nah. Without thinking about it too much, Ross County last day of the season anyway
  9. I see this Butcher/Fuchs thing a lot, and while I agree getting a CDM in the door would be no bad thing, we played a fair chunk of last season with neither of them available to us (Fuchs sold in January, Butcher either dropped, suspended or sent to Coventry)
  10. Stayed to the eighth. Thought that was quite impressive given what we were witnessing. I actually thought in the first half, going forward we played some decent stuff. Certainly more than we did v St. Mirren. However our defence is all over the shop. Ryan Edwards, (indeed the entire defence) who under Courts and Mellon looked a very competent defender, now looks a complete liability. Not convinced he's actually playing for the manager and seems to have 'downed tools'.
  11. Yep, the atmosphere may be quite 'interesting' should Saint Mirren get in front. Even more so should it come from a goalkeeping error
  12. Absolutely. The goalkeeper, for me, shouldn't take to the field again for Utd. There's no way being the size he is he will ever command the box in the way a keeper should. I've stood up for Ashgar in the face of plenty of (unwarranted) vitriol from Utd fans, but you've got to ask how this signing came about? Had anyone ever seen him play? Had anyone even, just seen him at all? Eriksson in at the weekend, but it's clear that he's not rated within the club
  13. I see once again United fans have fell in to the trap of lauding a new signing after a game or two. Personally I was taken aback at Fleetwood at Birighitti's lack of stature. For a goalkeeper he's absolutely tiny, and pretty slightly built as well. He's had some decent saves and does some shouting at his defence, but I don't see how anyone can be a goalkeeper at a fairly high level when they're built like that.
  14. Not long home. Utd had off day, of that there's no doubt. But immense credit is due to Livingston. Fitness levels are really impressive as is their teamwork and desire. Ross Graham had a day to forget but Nouble is something else - an absolute giant so was winning plenty balls in the air, but in fairness pretty decent with the ball at his feet. United will need to get this out the system pretty quickly. After the high of Thursday we're well and truly back down to earth with a bump.
  15. Well played Tony Ashgar (getting a bit embarrassing for the hate mob now). Levitt to Middleton to McGrath,. back to Middleton for the goal. All new signings.
  16. Was at Linlithgow v VoL last night. Ten nil probably a fair reflection on the disparity between the sides, although Vale did have a decent strike at goal at 0-0. Was a bit taken aback at the dogs abuse the Vale management team were giving the linesman and the referee. They did quieten down with each passing goal but early on in the game it was really quite something. Also smiled at the Rose manager shouting at his team, "C'mon! This is shite! Let's lift it! Every wan ay ye!" They were seven nil up at this point!
  17. Only caught the last ten minutes of tonight's game. Wish Id watched it all - great game and great atmosphere. Fingers crossed this alludes to Derek McRae on commentary and in general better coverage of the Bundesliga on Sky this coming season
  18. Is Harkes' first yellow really a yellow? Not for me, unless someone can tell me different (tackling the keeper before he's 'punted' it maybe a rule?) Ball in the air, to be won. Never touched the keeper...
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