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  1. This I love. Looking forward to Thursday 😊
  2. Booked in to my local's beer garden on Thursday for a meal and several pints. First positive post I've made on this thread 😂
  3. Might this be happening in Scotland too? Obviuosly hopefully not.
  4. The racecourse is in Oadby - this is on the very edge of the lockdown area - it may well be outside the lockdown area. Oadby is in the area. Either way, I felt it sends out wrong message
  5. Anybody have a link to cal-mac summer timetable? Their website has the current reduced timetable, although after July 15th you'd imagine they'll revert back to the usual one Trying to organise a wee Highlands and Islands jaunt in late July
  6. There was horse racing at Leicester last night which I found fucking absurd
  7. Article has disappeared. Try this https://www.grampianonline.co.uk/news/covid-alarm-after-raf-lossiemouth-runway-workers-anti-body-tests-204491/
  8. From memory, (swimming pools anyway) not even mentioned on the 'routemap'. Doesn't look too promising
  9. We know the explanation / justification already. 2m reduces the risk of transmission. We won't get anything different to that if it's retained. True. I think what I mean is, what's the pay off? What do we get sooner by staying at 2M. than going to 1M. (it's not fans back at the football in any capacity at the start of the season anyway)
  10. https://www.grampianonline.co.uk/news/two-covid-cases-confirmed-among-raf-lossiemouth-runway-workers-204487/ Potentially a big story. But hopefully not.
  11. Hearing of an outbreak in Lossiemouth, at the RAF base (two contractors have tested positive). The runway is getting repaired just now, and contractors have been coming up to do the work from England on a weekly basis. The locals have been complaining for months now, and this was why. The contractors use the shops in the town and live in hotels there mon-thu, so worrying for Lossie and it's residents. Lossie could be become Scotland's Leicester
  12. No problem so long as it's explained and justified.
  13. My boys' team had a zoom meeting and that seemed to be the intention, but I'm a little puzzled by it. The governments' own words: "organised outdoor contact sports can resume for children and young people". Contact sport whilst remaining 2M. apart seems a little difficult, and uneccessary when the SG have given permission. I note the dentist, hairdressers and opticians start again on the same day, and I doubt anyone is expecting them to remain 2M. apart
  14. I said this morning 'wonder what the endgame is'. A really scary thought
  15. BBC website often has daily health board by health board numbers in Scotland (number of new cases, number of those in ICU etc), but can't find it anymore. (They seem to have pulled their rolling coverai through the day). Anyone help?
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