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  1. Oh dear. That was poor stuff. We maybe improved marginally with the introduction of Chalmers and Fuchs, but that's me trying really hard to be positive. We're going to have to get a few players in. Our finances dictate that anyone coming in would need to be cheap, but having watched a bit of lower league football the last few weeks, there's plenty talent out there we could get for not spending very much. Sadly and annoyingly, next weekend, what should have been a big joyous occasion, threatens to be a real damp squib and Utd fans quite possibly booing our own team.
  2. Robson has done us a decent turn. Thought he toiled a little with the step up to Premier League last season, but on the whole been decent for us. £200k is good money. Money I imagine will be used to chip away at our debts Surprising that Shankland and Siegrist remain on our books, and that Robson should be the first player we sell this summer (should a deal go through)
  3. A few miles over the border - but this is like a different world https://www.carlisleunited.co.uk/news/2021/july/friendly-halifax-town-update/
  4. Nah - thats closed. Would have been ideal for us, but sadly no longer on the go
  5. Went to their game v Caledonian Braves and was fair impressed with them
  6. I took my six year old son to Wellsgreen Golf Centre, near Leven, at the weekend. It has a driving range and a 'Wee Course'. The wee course is basically a 6 hole par 3 course which was ideal for my son. He fair enjoyed it, but was a bit of a trek to get to there. Does anyone know of anything similar in the Edinburgh - Glasgow commuter belt area? (we're in Falkirk)
  7. Aye true. Might give that a bash. Won't hurt anyway to ask
  8. I know I said I didn't want to jump on the doom and gloom bandwagon, but I hadn't realised the new shirts are not available on-line. So they went on sale at the weekend. A weekend when for some reason, despite saying we would a month ago, we opted not to play a friendly with 2000+ fans at.
  9. Beyond me why United don't feel the need to tell us this. Also, that's 2 hours shy of a full day since a comment in this thread (apologies to those holding out for the full day) which is a pretty telling statistic re lack of activity at Tannadice be it, new signings, matches, meaningful news etc etc. Have no desire jump on the doom and gloom bandwagon, but output from Tannadice has a lot of scope to improve upon. I'd suggest looking to for Fir Park as a good example of fan engagement.
  10. Still a bit puzzled regarding the lack of friendly match this weekend. Guessing we must the Premer League team thats played in front of the least amount of its own supporters since March '19? "Can't wait to have the fans back" feels a little hollow when you see some of the numbers other teams are gearing up for. Probably moves afoot in the background, but a little communication from Tannadice wouldn't go amiss
  11. Genrally seems the further up the pyramid you go, the less likely you are to get a pie
  12. Heard that too. My overriding thought was this is a mad woman who needs starved of the oxygen of publicity. When a member of the JCVI is saying that, then she's left with zero credibility and her time is surely up.
  13. Nope -could have applied for more in the Elgin & Arbroath (may well have been knocked back in anycase) You're right 2000 from today now though (with 1M physical distancing). A friendly was mooted for this Saturday which would have allowed a minimum of 2000, but seems to have fell by the wayside. So much for "can't wait to have the fans back"......... On another note, would I be right in thinking of the 1000 fans that have been at Tannadice the last week, none were children? u16s seem to be getting treated a little different
  14. Did I imagine United saying that we'd purposely asked to play our four LC matches first, in order to free up the 24th July for a friendly at Tannadice? If I didn't imagine it, then I guess it's going to fall by the wayside?
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