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  1. Beginning to find Sturgeon's position on this increasingly weak. Forever now falling in behind Johnson doing whatever he does, with the foreign travel being latest addition to an already long list. I suspect she herself doesn't actually want to allow the foreign travel, but knows she has little option. Furthermore I suspect holding Moray back in Level 3 is her wee way of ascerting what little authority she has left on the matter.
  2. They'll maybe be told to limit the game to season ticket holders only? (I know thats less than 500)
  3. I'd go to one in a heartbeat, but confident tickets will be limited to home season ticket holders regardless
  4. Yeah - as I understand it, the clubs will be able to apply to have the limit upped . Im sure its 500 without the need to even consult anyone, and can be increased upon request
  5. Thats the first time Scottish football's governance has shown any desire to do stuff / be flexible / be active etc to allow fans at games. Maybe a hint at the Cup Final being mobed from Hampden to also allow fans??
  6. the SSC e-mail that was sent out yesterday is trapped in quarantine for me (!) Does anyone have a copy? Do I just go to UEFA.com and create an account?
  7. Tories win Hartlepool by election. I'd suggest in part possibly because of their willingness to get back to a normal life? Will be interesting to see how the Scottish election goes and will the SNP take a dent for similar reasons. For the avoidance of doubt, I'm no Tory. But I think people are now just desperate to get back to normal.
  8. Berwick Rangers released a few last night - check on their twitter feed if you're so inclined
  9. You're one step away from saying the virus itself is ageist and racist
  10. Woke up to heavy snowfall this morning at half five - it's May!
  11. Do you really think OF fans will take a couple of hundred to these games? Their attendances in the Challenge Cup would suggest otherwise. Attendances, for example in Germany aren't bolstered because a team is playing 'Bayern B'. A joining fee yes, but any increase in attendances due to the involvement of OF 'B' sides I would suggest will not pan out.
  12. I agree - its good to finally see the language softening, but as Todd points out, these industries are needing something a bit more concrete. One other thing - its hardly a great advert for indepence where you're unashamedly looking to England for carrying out these experiments.
  13. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-north-east-orkney-shetland-56986847 This is a concern. Presumably vaccinations, hospitalisations, number in ICU in Moray are on a par with the rest of the country. But here we are already getting freaked out at an upturn in infection numbers. Fast forward a couple of months when infections across Scotland will no doubt be higher than they are at present, presumably the calls for going up the levels (perhaps even for Lockdown #3) will become pretty loud.
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