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  1. Friendly opposition required tomorrow

    It’s defo a regeneration area now and I’m sure AAFA know that so shouldn’t allow fixtures to be arranged for their
  2. We are looking for opposition for this coming Sunday 22nd after our opponents irvine Vics decided to fold! We have 3G in Kilmarnock booked for a 2pm Kick Off! Anyone interested can contact us on here, cheers!!
  3. Friendly opposition required tomorrow

    They have been playing on the grass park at Greenwood anytime I’ve been playing there this season find it strange that they have booked quarry road when it’s now a regeneration area?
  4. Friendly opposition required tomorrow

    Drongan, Troon Dundonald, Beith games all off mate

    No one is saying it doesn’t happen at clubs up and down the country this gets brought up on every thread and it’s wearing thin now, until it’s been proven it’s happening then there’s nothing anyone can do about it

    Mick don’t bother with them mate the more you reply the more it encourages them to fire back with more accusations against your club
  7. Onthank v dirrans

    A don’t think for a minute the guy deliberately tried to injure our player young Stephen when on the ball gave them a torrid time but in football these things happen from time to time and accidents do happen
  8. Onthank v dirrans

    Obviously nobody goes out to deliberately injure or break someone’s leg but it was a pretty bad challenge from where I was standing and the boys close to the incident said it was a terrible tackle
  9. Onthank v dirrans

    Cheers for asking mate he Went through surgery Monday double break of the fibula and tibia, he’s in a full cast now from his toes to his hip be a long recovery but he will be back stronger and better!
  10. Onthank v dirrans

    You sad disrespectful excuse for a human being you best hope we don’t find out who you are after the comment having clearly seen our game was A-A at the weekend! What a bellend
  11. Onthank v dirrans

    Well like I said to you yesterday leave us out of it from now on and a think you was doing a bit more than your homework with the name calling and slating us on every thread you went on!
  12. Hurlford Thistle v Shortlees 07/10/17

    It was young Stephen miller that got injured