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  1. Elgin v QP

    There's so much wrong with this post, that he surely has to be a troll, just has to be. I'll add this to the points already mentioned by other Elgin fans... - The whole of Scotland is used to cold weather, just wait and see how many games in the country will be postponed this weekend despite having those magical 7 day forecasts at their disposal. - The team doesn't train in Elgin, even if they did you do realise a frozen pitch means the ground 50 feet outside of the ground is gonna be frozen too right? - Half our squad are central belt based and will be making the exact same or similar journey as the QP team The amount bitterness held against Elgin over the years for having the cheek to be located so far North is something I've never really understood. Good luck to all you central belt softies if Brora or Wick ever get promoted.
  2. Elgin v QP

    We have covers but obviously they need to be put down before the frost starts and I didn't see the club asking for volunteers, so highly doubt that they were put down before the frost started
  3. Elgin City 2018/19

    I also agree 100% with Elginer. Been clear and obvious all season he wanted away anyway. We should have sold him for more in the summer when we had the chance.
  4. Elgin City 2018/19

    Under 16's go free at all games now. Fantastic move from the club
  5. QP v Elgin

    What's Darryl been up to this time?
  6. The Binos v Elgin City

    Personally I feel the talk about replacing Price is a bit over the top. He deserves to be given the full season considering we're not that far adrift of the playoffs and hardly relegation candidates. Bronsky is due to return soon and the Hibs game could give us some money to bring in another CB as well. We just need a bit of solidity at the back and to find some consistency from somewhere and a good run could put us right back in the hunt
  7. Cowdenbeath v Elgin City

    Thats not true, we've produced one of the finest wind up merchants that Scottish football has ever seen. That's quite an achievement if you ask me. The fit of rage from opposition fans that Darryl can cause is worth the admission fee alone
  8. Cowdenbeath v Elgin City

    This. Great to see the Sergio Ramos of Scottish football having another successful week of winding folk up. Glorious stuff.
  9. Elgin City 2018/19

    That's a huge surprise, I like Ali a lot and he's way too good to be at Rothes
  10. Dream Team v Elgin

    31st of March against Stirling
  11. Elgin City 2018/19

    I know I'm just repeating myself now but we should have sold him in the summer, it was so obvious that it was gonna turn out this way
  12. Elgin City 2018/19

    I've missed this, what legal troubles?
  13. Elgin City 2018/19

    He's just spent the summer trying to get a move away from the club and disrupting/unsettling the club ahead of a massive season, it'd be incredibly niave of him to expect that to just blow over and be forgotten already, the best way to achieve that is by doing his talking on the pitch, not throw snide around comments and play silly games on Twitter. While a minority of the fans take it way too far and they need to get a grip, you could see this coming a mile off after his summer antics, which id why we'd have been just as well selling him.
  14. Elgin City 2018/19

    Off the pitch, he absolutely is a problem, no player of a football club should conduct themselves in that manner publicly, just look at the furor that Dembele has caused with the Celtic fans. It's clearly had a slight effect on his on field performance too but the point of my post isn't really about matters on the pitch.
  15. Elgin City 2018/19

    There's yer Shane Sutherland having a go at fans on Twitter 4 games into the season. I wrote this post 3 months ago.... We should have taken the money and ran IMO Edited to add: looking further into his Twitter activity, he's also hinted to Thomas Reilly about wanting to leave and his likes are full of tweets from Brora's account (who had a bid for him rejected last week). Honestly wish we had sold him when we had the chance, his commitment to Elgin just clearly isn't there anymore.