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  1. Can't believe we're all of a sudden in a position where we have a 6 pointer relegation battle against Brechin next week. What a difference 2 weeks without a point makes. You have to say lose it and Gav's gotta be on a shoogly peg
  2. Highlights: Dundee 1-2 Elgin
  3. The Courier had a good write up Dundee 1-2 Elgin
  4. On a serious note, Elgin being a shithole has been a common theme on P&B, why? Are people just bitter at having to travel so far north to reach it? Having lived in the central belt for 5 years, living in Elgin is luxury in comparison
  5. Gav being one of them, that's probably why we brought in Aitken last week
  6. Ah ok, Auld Git's post before mine makes sense now
  7. Statement on the official website that a player has been charged under the gambling act but no names mentioned and can't see word of this anywhere else, anyone in the know?
  8. Not saying we're going to win it but given the start to our season and the goals that the Kane and Sutherland partnership are banging in, I definitely think the 16/1 available with 1/3 place terms is a price with a hell of a lot of value if you fancy Elgin to finish top 3.
  9. Feel it will be harsh on McHale if Hoban went straight into the team. Mackay certainly sounds a promising addition, wasn't he hailed as the next big thing a couple of seasons ago? Sounds a good replacement after O'Keefes injury anyway. Hadn't heard the rumours about Archie, that would have been an interesting addition. Congrats to Rabin on his call up to Iraq U23's, although gonna be prove to be a huge pain to us if he continues to get call ups
  10. Good job we only do well against youth teams eh?
  11. I'm one of Shane's biggest critics but I don't hate this idea. I wouldn't be surprised if Gavin's thinking is giving him some responsibility can be the kick up the arse he needs to screw the nut and become a team player, if it works, we'll reap the benefits.
  12. Did the club find someone to replace Louise? Going to really miss the highlights coverage
  13. As a SPFL/SFL side, never. We didn't even have our first penalty shootout until last season against Arbroath, which we lost.
  14. Andrew MacDonald proved to be one of our best loan players of recent times in his last spell with us, considering its our most problematic position, it's a signing to be very positive about. O'Keefe is lighting fast and scored one of the fastest hat tricks I've ever seen tonight. Pace down the wing is something we've lacked since Craig Thomson was on loan a few years ago. Keeping Hester is a good signing, I think him and Sutherland will link up very well together and he's a huge huge improvement on McLeish. Dingwall offers much more energy and legs that JP didn't have Bronsky is fully fit after missing most of last season This is the first time in I don't know how long where the players we're bringing in are better than what we had before, so why wouldn't we be feeling positive? We're usually sitting with a bunch of trialists at this point that only get signed out of desperation, the fact Gav chose targets and went out and got them early is positive for us. So for Elgin fans, plenty to be positive about
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