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  1. Highlights from ECTV http://www.elgincity.net/?page_id=4854
  2. Philosopher never said that Annan did not deserve win” tactically we were completely outfoxed by Annan” to me would imply that Annan were the better team? In fact, I made the point that had it not been for our goalie we could have suffered a bigger hiding-as if 4-1 was not bad enough. The point I was making for Elgin fans who were not there was and having just seen the highlights which has reinforced my point, was that our defending was very poor, especially for goals 1 and 2. Goals 3 and 4 were well worked and well taken. In the first 45 we only had two shots on goals, one of which sailed over and only Sutherland’s went anywhere near the sticks but even though we played a bit better in the second half after McLeish went off and Sutherland moved forward, at no point in the game did I think we were ever going to take anything from it, even after we scored. The disappointment was having beaten the Binos convincingly the week before, we revert to type as we have done too often this season. On the poor crowd I did also say that it reflected Annan’s season as well, so we concur on that point. On your last point about Elgin always being a decent side but never wanting promotion: personally I have always argued that once having joined the league we should try and progress to the next level. However, getting and keeping quality players like Peterhead requires resources way beyond which we have at present and even some HFL clubs are better financed that we are, so unless there is a major injection of finance into the club, it is unlikely that we will progress.
  3. Just back in after a 11 hour expedition to the South West by public transport and to be honest, that will be the last time I do that. Miserable weather all day and a result to match it. Tactically we were completely outfoxed by Annan but it also helps when our defenders do not present them with the ball 6 yards out from our goal line, for them to score their first(not for the first time this season either).Brett Long was not a happy teddy I can tell you as I was standing right behind him Annan are not a brilliant footballing team but they play to their strengths which is defend deep and hit teams on the break which they did for the third and fourth superbly . The second came from a corner with the city defence sleeping again. You can make your own mind up when you see the "Highlights" if you dare to watch! The first half produced only two shots at goal from Elgin, one of which went well over the bar, despite the amount of possession we had. Its all very well passing the ball back and forth at the back but the object is to score and we never looked like were going to penetrate the stuffy Annan defence. The second half was the same until Mcleish got injured and Byrne came on with Shane Sutherland pushing more up front which proved a bit more positive for Elgin and he got his goal. Jordan Allan also hit the upright with a header from a cross but I never at any point in the game thought that we were going to overcome the deficit and when they scored the third, that was curtains. Another fruitless season for Elgin with totally erratic results and some pretty humiliating ones in the last couple of months, not forgetting the 7-0 at New Year. Forget promotion as I could never envisage Elgin at the next level unless there is a complete root and branch rethink about what our long term objectives are. This of course would require investment to bring in better quality players. My MOTM was Brett Long who saved us from a more humiliating defeat by producing at least three brilliant saves and the only outfield player who gets any kudos is Shane Sutherland who is miles ahead of anyone else in class , even at this stage of his rehabilitation. Not just my opinion as I spoke to a few others who thought the same. The crowd today was only 282 which reflects Annan's season as well, as their fans can't be bothered either . There were around another 10 Elgin fans in the stand who made the effort to get down to Annan(at least 3 from Elgin that I know) which brings me to my parting shot; it would be appreciated if the Elgin players took the trouble to at least give some form of appreciation at the end of the game to those fans instead of just heading off down the tunnel. Same at Berwick a couple of Tuesday's ago. Just a thought!!
  4. Annan even for central belt ECFC fans like myself is a bit of a trek,so hope it will be a worthwhile visit and we can put in a performance similar to last week's against the Binos , although our record at Galabank over the years has not been that good. Weather should not be an issue and if we are going to compete for a top four slot we need to take something from the next two games before we meet the top two in the league, in the penultimate and final games of the season. Nathan Flanagan had a dream start last week with a cracking goal so hope he will go back and do the business against one of his old teams.
  5. Highlights from ECTV http://www.elgincity.net/?page_id=4854
  6. Highlights from ECFC TV with commentary http://www.elgincity.net/?page_id=4854
  7. Like most city supporters who had to endure last week's woeful performance this was a complete turnaround and we completely nullified Stenny with excellent defending and taking our two chances well. The first goal was worked up the left with a good interchange of passing and with Cameron passing the ball to Mcleish for him to slot the ball into the net and the second came from a corner with the Stenny defence posted missing and which found McHardy at the far post to nod the ball home. I thought Stenny played well below par today with passes going astray and very little in real direct chances and those they did have, usually went sailing over the bar. Apart from the first 10-15 minutes of the second half, I thought that the City controlled the game and were always a threat going forward.A lot of the credit must go to the Elgin midfield who pressed high and got stuck in about them, unlike last week when we sat back and let Cowdenbeath dictate the game and also the defence who snuffed out most of the one directional Stenny forward play-long balls as mentioned by the home fans above. My MOTM was McDonald who had the best game that I have seen him play in since he came to ECFC. We need to continue with the same game plan against Berwick on Tuesday and get the 3 points as I agree with those posters that Clyde are on a roll and have every chance of taking one of the top 4 places. Stenny have four away games to play on the bounce and if they play like today they might struggle to get points on the board.
  8. So do we after two back to back defeats and with both teams having had the dubious honour of getting beat by the Blue Brazil in the last seven days, it will be interesting to see which team best reacts to the shame The good news for Elgin is that Shane Sutherland is back and scored a superb goal last Saturday when he came on but others in the team also need to step up to the plate and start putting in a shift.It is clearly evident that we lack quality in many positions in the team and last Saturday's display was nothing short of a disgrace(I have never heard an Elgin team get booed off at half time before like that and fans refusing to applaud them at the end of the match), reminiscent of the disastrous display against Edinburgh two weeks before.We need to start converting chances into goals and despite having most of the possession in the midweek game against the Binos(BBC Stats), it was the same old story of missed opportunities. As most of the team come from the central belt, the old chestnut of"we do not travel well" is a pathetic excuse and patience is wearing thin amongst the few travelling fans. As it's a nice sunny day and with nothing better to do I am travelling through from Edinburgh more in hope that expectation and I fully expect a Stenny side who will also have had an ear splitting roasting post match on Tuesday, to get the 3 points to maintain their top 4 slot.
  9. As above: Bronsky named in SPFL Team of the Week. Well Done Stephen. As I said MOTM and great performance Added to original message : https://spfl.co.uk/news/article/spfl-team-of-the-week-47-93/ (right click and open link in new window)
  10. Shane was on the bench and it will interesting to see if Gav Price will risk him in the remaining games, as the next couple of weeks are quite busy with midweeks as well, so he may still have a role to play. After the total no show in Edinburgh last week(that was the worst performance that I have seen from an Elgin team for a long time.Edinburgh City thoroughly deserved their win but we were awful in every position and as a team we never showed up) this was a complete turnaround and although I was expecting a bit more from Berwick, the City defence were excellent(Bronsky was my MOTM, a view shared by others that I spoke to) and kept any threat limited to a couple of opportunities. Apart from the first 20 minutes of the second half, Berwick were never really a threat, a view shared by the few Berwick fans that I spoke to on the train back home. We will have to play to a similar level tonight if we are going to get anything out of a game against an improved Clyde team that is also looking at getting into the play off positions.
  11. Hi Mantis Toboggan, done your survey. A major problem with buying E- tickets at our level of football are that cancellations of games, especially in winter can be a frequent event and if we adopted your idea and paid upfront via an E-ticket, those supporters who could not travel midweek when rescheduled games take place, would dip out after having paid the entrance fee. Would the club reimburse it? In addition to the falling number of fans going through the gates and I include myself in the next category, a large percentage of the age demographic of fans at the grounds that I go to are on the wrong side of 60. Would these supporters bother with an E-ticket(I think not) and if not, what would be the incentive for clubs to adopt this when additional costs would be involved. Nothing to do with the above postings but I live just off Easter Road and its only 15:20 but the drunken idiots are on the street already.
  12. Too many ifs and buts about this ill thought out nutty idea from G42. Weegieland. Just say it does go through and one of the Old Firm Colts was playing at a current SL2 club. Guarantee that the closet Old Firm fans who might normally might go along and support their local HFL/Lowland League/Junior teams(assumption is that they do NOT go and watch one of the OF teams in reality but they just profess to be a Tic/Ger's fan) would traipse along to the SL2 ground at the expense of the lower league teams. Worse still, they might not watch lower league teams but will still turn up and cause mayhem at the SL2 ground and sing and shout their usual sectarian bile and increased security would be a necessity if that lot turned up. I have however, read enough posts to confirm that nearly all SL2 fans are dead against this imposition on our League. We were promised at the time of reconstruction that promotion would be on merit not some "funny handshake"arrangement between the SPFL and the Old Firm. Like many I will not be going to games which I normally do and I sincerely hope that the boards' of clubs think long before they sell their sole to false promises(again) as were shafted on false promises at reconstruction.
  13. Good effort by all the folks at BRFC who were clearing the pitch right up to 22:00hrs last night and trying to get the game on.It was freezing yesterday in Edinburgh so I expect Berwick would not have been much different.However as I argued in my postings in the aftermath of the postponed game against the Binos, these decisions are taken far too late for travelling teams and fans. Downside for the City is that it is another midweek game to be played. and I recall the last time we played Berwick midweek for a rearranged game.It was a Tuesday night in February a few years back and it was bloody freezing than night as well(2-1 to Berwick) .
  14. Not looking good on the temperature front. Prolonged cold temps. on Friday and down to zero on Friday night and not much better on Saturday morning. Not a bad trip for me as I am in Edinburgh but a mare for any Elgin fans from the North. Has Berwick got covers?
  15. Elginite: They would just have well been in the stand for turning out that pathetic performance. If they did get paid I think they should thinking about donating their "earnings" to the Under 19s so we can turn out some Local Heroes who want to play for the shirt
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