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  1. Yup and it looks like we highlighted it and wanted something done then too. Least we're in agreement that it's shithouse behaviour
  2. Why do Rangers fans care about this so much? It's weird. It's our stadium we're allowed to let our own fans in, I hope (and the rumour is) we're going to do it for both them and Celtic next season which is long overdue imo The rangers fans going on about them 'propping us up' and how we'd have 'died without them' are great. No sense of irony at all. They really are a funny bunch, laughing stock of Scottish football.
  3. Two even teams cancelling each other out I thought. A big Greg Stewart shaped hole up front for us just now
  4. Browns tackle was as straight legged and bad as McGregor's. Neither any intention of winning a ball just making sure they 'done' the player. That's Broony's game tho so he gett off with it, not for the first time. Worse than both Dicker and Boyd's red cards for Killie this season
  5. That was delightful. What a ridiculous season this is. Would have been happy with 2 points out tonight and Saturday and after the shift put in there it's going to be really tough going up to Aberdeen, but if anyone can rally the troops it's SC. Incredible man management getting a performance out Jones tonight
  6. Obviously not. He was always going to the currants that much was obvious, tweeting thst, WATP etc when we're in a bit of competition with them at the moment, and play them next league game was a bit.... stupid. Puts us in a bad situation. Ditch him to the reserves and don't play him doesn't make us look great, play him and can you really trust you'll get 100% from him? Kinda looks like hes trying to engineer an early move but in all honesty I don't think he's smart enough to do that. He's going to get a fair bit of stick from a lot of killie fans now. Doing it today of all days too. Silly boy
  7. Celtic/Rangers are Scottish Footbal Let's remember our place here, fellow diddies
  8. You kinda sound like you believe the pish that Paul McGinn (?) And Fitzpatrick spout about not much between us and you should be top 6 or something.
  9. Can't imagine him doing enough to command any sort of fee that would interest Birmingham at the moment. I'm hoping he loves it enough, and that we end up in a position that convinces SC to stay, that he'll think we're his best option. Outside us it's probably Hibs/Hearts...he won't go back to Aberdeen and can't see the currants going for him
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