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  1. I take it back, much better than I thought. Joyce must be absolutely horrible to fight, just walking you down, eating shots. Parker looked beat, demoralised and out of ideas from about round 4. Fair play to him to last as long. Joyce will cause problems for folk, I reckon on that display anyway, he'd beat AJ in a similar fashion, maybe even earlier.
  2. One for the purists tonight, neither these guys the most exciting
  3. That was guid but a bit nervy. We were dominating the midfield first half without really doing much, thought Mctominay was excellent, then after the goal went a bit flat. Mental we've ended up with Ralston and Taylor as full backs but tbf they're not the worst and done ok. Hopefully Hickey and Tierney back for Tuesday. Dykes needs another body up top though to give him a hand. Tuesday gonnae be interesting
  4. Wordle 454 5/6* What an awful word. Had to play some letters in same positions to get there in the end
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