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  1. honestly, I so would but like there's only so much they can ask
  2. kappa is a thing in London but it hasn't quite reached the dizzying heights of fife yet. If you wore it to field you are likely to get taken for a bath, another word for shoved in the river which isn't even really a river its like years of vomit and echo
  3. mandy is like shit quality MDMA pretty dangerous stuff cos the stuff they sell to teenagers is cut, we've had few folk had to be taken to hospital with heart failure and the like from field. And yeah 100%, but that always happens but its so obvious with the rise of fila and champion which you would've got bullied for wearing 2 years ago
  4. I'm a lass mate but anyways actually one of the girls in my adv class got nonced while on holiday in france cos this boy was chatting her up she went back to his and he turned out to be 30, I'm sure the SQA would be best pleased with this use of french in everyday life
  5. not too far off the mark actually similar scenes at field most fridays
  6. a spice boy is like a popular boy with a faded quiff hair cut, a slight mandy addiction and normally has a car and offers lifts to 15 year olds. They also wear skinny jeans or joggers and like 11 degree stuff. Basically just the standard teenage boy
  7. Fights aren't really a thing at school anymore, mostly because all the boys in my year are spice boys but that's beside the point. However, we have had some altercations which I can remember. Basically, kids from IHS drink in a field which is lovingly referred to as field and it normally features a fairly large bonfire in the centre of the trees where everyone stands. This girl in my year went out with a boy in the year above who was huge. He was a lovely boy actually but was built like a 25 year old ufc fighter and about 6'2, and regularly went to the gym but was generally regarded as harmless. However, it all kicked off when the girl in my year got with a, quite frankly horrible, boy in my year who was a jumped up p***k who was known for noncing 14 year olds and attempting to rape a girl when she was paralytic from drink. The boy in the year above caught wind of this and was raging, to say the least, and tanned 3 bottles of MD2020 if I remember correctly and made his way over to field. He arrived and ran up to a boy who he thought was the one who got with his girlfriend and began to leather the life out of him while all the spice boys watched cos they were too scared to intervene. Long story short boy was about to be thrown into the fire and 5 boys who were in 6th year at the time stepped in and saved the victim. The older boy was cut up about battering the wrong boy and apologised, the wannabe nonce left school last year and now plays COD competitively and gives lifts to s3s. Also a boy from Alloa who went to our school for some reason tried to jump a boy from Valleyfield, Alloa boy brought out a knife but weapons aren't enough to help you when fighting a boy from valleyfield and he got stamped on repeatedly and had to walk back to school without his bag, which had been thrown over the train tracks, or his dignity. The boy from Alloa now sells drugs to s4s though so at least he's found some success. Oh, and a boy from Oakley got transferred to our school after curb-stomping a squirrel for a laugh, he ended up in my Nat 5 french class though and was actually pretty nice and funny who found great hilarity in annoying our french teacher by exclusively speaking in English with a french accent during speaking tests, and threatening to square go with a boy who went on skiing trips (he's from dour), and a support teacher who looks like one of the rats from flushed away.
  8. Besides, all the piss take answers make it easier to analyse so really you are all helping in a round about way. So God Bless you all
  9. This is so off topic but this reminds me of a boy in my year who hyped himself up as an amazing fighter and all that. He was part of the young team and all. Anyways, he went to fight someone, brought a knife, dropped it, got his head kicked in and left school, never to be seen again. This quote is what he aspired to be.
  10. Unfortunately FPTP is not covered in Adv Higher but god do I wish it was. I long for a political systems essay they were so amazing
  11. Legally, I can neither confirm nor deny this. But I would give it a fair shot
  12. It's advanced higher but thats beside the point. And the definition is based on Merton's theory of crime so yeah I would agree its a bit pish but his theory was beyond wrong. Cheers for doing it anyways mate. Oh, and I'm a girl but that doesnt even matter
  13. I agree 100% all the boys in my year who think they are casuals are like the least threatening people alive
  14. yeah fair enough, but you dont need to have been in polmont to have an opinion on it
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