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  1. Pennies / craigshill join forces

    I am signed with Lothian vale for next season and we are starting from the bottom and I have no gripes about what they are doing .
  2. Pennies / craigshill join forces

    I think it's a cracking move and bring a massive boost to the premier League . Teams like Sandy's and tollcross will love the new challenge . Its a sneaky move getting right in the premier but 9 teams out of 10 would be doing the exact same giving the chance so here's 1 that won't be moaning about it .
  3. Leafa

    Nah they are a team from westerhailes way .
  4. Leafa

    If yous win the Logan on Friday then it's got to be sandys for team of the year for me.
  5. Leafa

    Im sure I have heard a couple people say it's staying as the same set up.
  6. Leafa

    What have I done to you
  7. Midweek friendly

  8. Midweek friendly

    Any teams interested in a midweek friendly this week against sandys afc. Pitch and ref sorted .
  9. Leafa

    This could be complete nonsense from me , but with the amount of " semi pro " teams through the east a lot of young players or guys that think they are too good for amateur level choose that instead of a good amateur club which could be the reason for not having enough quality to do damage in the majors .
  10. Leafa

    If Sandy's and tollcross strengthen for next season it will be the same again. Teams will push but don't have the quality in depth . 1 or 2 players missing and they struggle to compete . And I genuinely think meadowbank will be the main challenge to they 2 . Tranent have done superb finishing 3rd it's a great achievement , I watched them play Sandy's a couple weeks back and I think they will need to improve a good bit to challenge again as the buzz of the first season up is now gone .
  11. Leafa

    It's usually 2up and down . But there could be 4 going up with teams folding .
  12. Leafa

    Nah I don't think so . Just chucked out the cup .
  13. Leafa

    Aye against southside . Think they played a suspended player under another name .
  14. Leafa

    It's rife in the Scottish cup ties .
  15. Leafa

    Should have been that way from the beginning of u ask me . Nothing worse than teams playing ringers .