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  1. Safc2017


    Absolute nonsense , don't know where people get this shite from . Boys have got themselves some decent players and all of a sudden they are paying haha . Show the proof that you have that makes it 100 percent 😂
  2. Don't take that as a dig from me mate just don't rise to the clown . It's people like him that give teams bad reputations .
  3. Your replying to someone who has never been to a Sandy's game in his life and fishing for bites .
  4. Who exactly attached to Sandy's makes noise ? There's a couple of people on here who claim to be and come out with a lot of shite . Quietly "our" players fancy there chances but we also know that shortlees have and are a good side . One to look forward to and would be a good game for the neutral .
  5. A gang ? In what way ? Some people come on here and talk absolute shite . Game was by any means pretty but to come on and call both teams a gang for not playing good football in conditions like today have a word with yourself . Anyway roll on the quarters 🤙🏻 . All the best to breahead for the rest of the season .
  6. Grappling with players taking throw ins ? Don't talk shite . Do most teams not have fans having a drink on Scottish cup away ties . Enough snowflakes in the pro game these days without it leaking into amateurs .
  7. Breahead 1-1 Sandy's . Good cup tie that 1 .
  8. Safc2017


    😂😂😂 Brilliant but not guilty 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  9. Safc2017


    Its a new formation at sandys mate with 4 at the back . Seems to be working a treat this season .
  10. Safc2017


    Kiddo is past it 😂😂😂 gee it a rest . In the words from the man himself " lions don't lose sleep over the opinions of sheep " 😂
  11. Safc2017


    Lothian vale never took that chance . Salvie offered the chance but the managers wanted to work there way through the league's and earn the right to be in the premier . But in saying that I would have been all for going straight in and don't think pennies lads done anything wrong ,all they got was shafted for not getting to play at grangemouth .
  12. Safc2017


    Some result for Sandy's . Boys are on fire.
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