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  1. 5 yellows = 1 match suspension. According to Transfermkt, yesterday's was the fifth this season.
  2. And nice to see the midfield back doing a bit.
  3. Trav possibly out due to totting up process after getting booked against Peterhead.
  4. Matty's loan spell is supposed to end early January according to transfermkt.
  5. Any other club(s) in this league got a "Sports Scientist"? Is it going to be his job, after weighing up all the results, to say if we're actually playing football, or not?
  6. This result and overall performance proved that the new management team whoever they may be and the Forfar Directors hope to make an appointment in the next 24 hours will have a big task on their hands to lift the morale and the matchday mentality of the squad. It is probably a blessing in disguise that we have no competitive game next weekend and therefore the new man at the helm will get a handful of training sessions to hopefully get his side in better shape prior to the Scottish tie at Dumbarton on the 23rd of the month. From the Club's website
  7. Was going to add a striker and a LB to the list also. See the club are saying they hope to announce a new manager in the next 24 hours.
  8. Do you think we could afford any of those? Whoever takes over has a serious job to do during January, finding at least 3 midfielders up to the task.
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