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  1. Contracts end on a designated day, same with loan deals.
  2. No games for the foreseeable future according to the BBC.
  3. Minus staff, both club representatives, stewards, etc.
  4. Don't think even Sam Allardyce could turn this team around.
  5. Looks like it's already too late for me, though a glimmer of hope is Peterhead getting a 3-0 doing by Falkirk.
  6. 2 down FFS. 75+ mins, 3 attempts on goal, 1 on target, according to the BBC. [emoji849][emoji35]
  7. We might need to, against Edinburgh City, come the playoffs. [emoji3525]
  8. Dumbarton officials have confirmed that there is currently some surface water on the pitch with fairly high winds also battering the area. According to FAFC website
  9. Good chance of snow/hail and definitely gale force winds. Not going to risk another Peterhead abandoned match possibility. A game on the TV and a couple of beers for me.
  10. Should find out in the next 48hrs. It was his left knee, so not a reccurance of the right one that kept him out for so long before.
  11. And also beating the shite out of the advertising boards, if past Peterhead games are anything to go by.
  12. Forecast is for 60 mph southerly winds on Saturday afternoon. https://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2640351 Will the game be on, or will we only need one half of the pitch with the open south end?
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