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  1. They used to hold greyhound racing there. The shape of the main stand was to accommodate the traps at the start.
  2. French courts have declared relegation from Ligue 1 illegal. Get ready for Budge to go into overdrive now!
  3. Steven Pressley - "The relegation of Hearts is absolutely extreme." "But I think for one season only that you revamp it to three leagues of 14. And, yes, that will result in the following season with three teams relegated but surely there has to be some compassion from other clubs?" Compassion??? GTF!!
  4. And now George Foulkes is 'pleading' with the UK government and UEFA to investigate the season finishing early. As if they haven't got anything more important to do at the moment [emoji849]
  5. Contracts end on a designated day, same with loan deals.
  6. No games for the foreseeable future according to the BBC.
  7. Minus staff, both club representatives, stewards, etc.
  8. Don't think even Sam Allardyce could turn this team around.
  9. Looks like it's already too late for me, though a glimmer of hope is Peterhead getting a 3-0 doing by Falkirk.
  10. 2 down FFS. 75+ mins, 3 attempts on goal, 1 on target, according to the BBC. [emoji849][emoji35]
  11. We might need to, against Edinburgh City, come the playoffs. [emoji3525]
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