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  1. Matchday programme discontinued according to FAFC website.
  2. And another £44,600 payout from the SPFL. Bonus [emoji106]
  3. From the club's website - Questions have been asked of the future of Gary Irvine and Brad Spencer, two of Jim Weir’s January recruits signed a the time on short term contracts that expire early next month. For obvious reasons at present Gary is unwilling to commit to discussing an extension to his deal, while an offer has been made to Brad, but again he is in discussions with a few other clubs at our level before making a final decision on his future.
  4. Agreed on starting 11, Bain for Moore. Reilly injured in training and recovering I believe. Spencer a shoe-in, especially after Tuesdays performance.
  5. [emoji23] Bit of dark humour the tbs. [emoji206] ing it down on the Costa del Raith.
  6. Under the headings ..... The Championship/League One and League One/League Two Play-Off Competitions I24 Subject to Rules I25 and C26 the entire gate receipts of all League Matches and Play-Off Matches (including abandoned or replayed League Matches and Play-Off Matches) shall be retained by the Home Club. and .... The Premiership/Championship Play-Off Competition C23 At the end of each Season the Club occupying position 11 in the Premiership (11 in the League) and the Clubs occupying positions 2, 3 and 4 in the Championship (14, 15 and 16 in the League) shall take part in the Premiership/Championship Play-Off Competition to determine which further Clubs, if any, may be promoted and relegated to and from the Premiership and the Championship. C26 After deduction and retention by the Home Club of 15% of the aggregate of all ticket receipts and admission charges (gross excluding VAT) received or receivable by the Home Club in relation to a Play-Off Match in the Premiership/Championship Play-Off Competition, a levy of 50% (plus VAT if applicable) of the balance, after such 15% deduction and retention, of the aggregate of all ticket receipts and admission charges (gross excluding VAT) received or receivable by the Home Club for or in relation to the relevant Play-Off Match shall be paid by that Home Club to the Company not later than seven days after the date on which such Play-Off Match is played. Still looks to me that the clubs keep all the gate monies for their home games.
  7. By Championship playoff I think it means Championship to Premiership, not to get into the Championship. That's how it appears to me anyway. Could be wrong, frequently am.
  8. Rule I24 states that (for League 1):- the entire gate receipts for league matches and playoff matches are retained by the home club. No sharing. It appears to be a different set-up for the Premier/Championship playoffs.
  9. Not decided yet. Raith want Tuesday, Forfar Wednesday. Depends who finishes where. Check the Loons website.
  10. Superb effort by the Supporters Club again in raising £20k for the Club.
  11. We're missing the drummer Loons. [emoji52]
  12. Just watched the highlights. Eckersley took his goal really well, was right behind it and thought it was in as soon as it left his boot. The announcers tone after Baird's penalty probably sums up the feeling of the Stenny faithful perfectly.
  13. Chalk & fromage - the difference between last week's dire performance and today's at Stenny. Well done the Lads[emoji2]
  14. It certainly was. On that showing today by Stenny, the league table is a fair reflection.
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