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  1. What is the prize for the winner of the South Challenge Cup? What is the prize for the Junior Cup? How much money do the junior clubs get who participate in the junior cup? If the sponsorship money doesn't go to the clubs where does it go?
  2. That's the sjfa's issue.... The eosfl shouldn't be adding another cup to a busy schedule for their clubs in order to satisfy a lack of games in the sjfa calendar.
  3. In short no. The season is long enough. Players need time to recover as do parks. Clubs also need time to undertake upgrades to facilities. Enough games and cups to compete in already.
  4. With the season starting in July in the eosfl the end of the season is timed just right. It gives players a chance at proper recovery and clubs an ability to do work around their ground. I'm sure most clubs in the eosfl would have no interest in this, the west juniors will still be playing until July most likely.
  5. Wos league at tier 6 below the Lowland league. Sitting alongside the eos Premier league.
  6. I don't know your experience in adult football (junior or senior) but in mines (12 years as a player and 4 as a coach) most players, not all, but most will expect to be reasonably compensated for their fuel at the very least. I think that's a reasonable expectation. Players will play for more or less, dependant on what they are looking for. A club has to operate within its means absolutely, however, to suggest a player shouldn't ask to be compensated for their travel and time isn't a mainstream viewpoint, particularly at Senior level or junior level. Amateur level is different for the most part. Anyway, I hope Craigroyston figure a way out of the situation and can continue to function. If they can't I would say that it won't be down to a lack of effort on the clubs part. Best of luck to them.
  7. Why should the LL give up a cup competition? I'm intrigued as to why you feel that's the answer.
  8. This is the approach adopted by tj and the sjfa consistently and it doesn't wash. No one mentioned an 18 team league structure when the sjfa were not interested. Now all of a sudden, because the sjfa want involved everyone has to: - change league structures - give up their tier 6 placing - move a boundary line that's worked for years - provide more promotion spots - disregard a playoff system And my personal favourite...... - allow for two structures to operate at the same level in the same geographical area regardless if there is already a recognised league structure for clubs in that area. It still makes me giggle. Well some of it at least. The increase of promotion and relegation spots I'd like to see but the rest.....
  9. Which is ultimately why some amateur clubs prosper and others don't. It's also why players, no matter what level (amateur or junior or senior) expect to be compensated for their time...... expenses incurred travelling to and from football appears to be the minimum expectation, which is fair I would say.
  10. I don't disagree, in actual fact I agree 100% with this being what I would see as beneficial for non league football. However, the LL reserve the right, as do the spfl clubs, to look after their position and status. They formed the league and fought hard to get where they are just now. Just because the ersjfa clubs (last year) and wrsjfa join (potentially next year) doesn't mean they should agree to, given that all those clubs turned their nose up at the idea 5 or 6 years ago. I guess what they have to weigh up is what they could lose in cash from potentially increased crowds etc if they choose not to open up the league, also how can they argue to get more promotion to the spfl if they themselves won't do it for the eos or wos leagues below? It'll be an interesting piece of negotiation I suppose.
  11. All clubs renumerate players in many ways, expenses, wages, bonus payments, fuel cards, signing on fees, fitting skirting boards, plastering jobs, fitting a shelf, free beer or actual fully paid full time jobs...... It just depends on what you offer as a club and what a players sees as acceptable I guess.
  12. The problem for teams like Craigroyston is that the better amateur sides pay better money than those at the bottom of the eos and junior scale. ('expenses' of course!) And isn't it up to a maximum of 45p per mile for expenses? (that's what I get at work) Which would equate to much more than 10k over a 42 week season for an 18 to 20 man squad. (3 nights training and a Saturday)
  13. It's is their right to do so. It becomes a question of preserving what you have right now vs what you could have (game wise, financially from higher crowds etc) if Talbot, Linlithgow, Bo'ness, Clydebank etc were in the LL. I feel they will wait until the spfl open up a straight promotion spot. Again, their right to do so. That is the right you get by buying into something at the start and not joining just because it looks good 5 or 6 years later.
  14. As is the case now, prior to any season of the LL starting, teams would continue to identify what league they would fall into if relegated. Given the sos holds tier 6 status, and when there are 2 positions opened up for promotion/relegation in the LL, there would have to be a playoff between the three winners of each league, for the 2 spots. (now it may become clear why two overlapping league set ups for the same area won't work)
  15. Frozen foxholes...... Are those worse than just foxholes jc? :-)
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