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  1. Pyramid 2019/2020

    In keeping with the spirit of devil's advocate..... Would any of the clubs currently plying their trade in the eosfl (now the better standard of league out of the eosfl and ersjfa) move back to play against what is left? I guess what I'm trying to say is that although I don't think it should happen, if the ersjfa do get in at tier 6, would it be that bad for business? I can't see many clubs applying to go back the way, and if they did, would they be accepted?
  2. Pyramid 2019/2020

    I know the plans which are great, should provide the club a good base to work from.... In no way was I attempting to be derisory towards Clydebank..... However I was trying to say that certain people... Not you of course..... Are using the crowd size or history of a club or shelter size to downplay other clubs achievements.... Like bsc and Cumbernauld colts..... Which tend to show their complete lack of understand dung of what these clubs have gone through to get where they are.....
  3. Pyramid 2019/2020

    Hence my response earlier. It is one of the last, straw clutching arguments, that some use to either try (and fail most times) to further their argument or make themselves feel better about wearing the 'junior' badge. What they fail to do is provide any evidence to support their argument. Other than we have our own ground..... Which, some junior clubs actually don't (Clydebank being one) and we get a big crowd...... Which is great for the clubs, but ultimately does not mean a club is bigger or better than anyone else.... It's a false argument to make. What determines how good a club is is the level of league it plays in..... If it is licensed and runs properly off the park. Edinburgh City for example..... Some junior fans downplayed them when they were LL and daring to dream..... Look at them now..... Where would you rather be? I'd take Edinburgh city's position every week, with a lower crowd :-)
  4. Pyramid 2019/2020

    Really? That is your retort........wow. I feel silly now, I think I drastically overestimated your level of functioning. Oh well you live and learn I suppose.
  5. Plastic not so fantastic

    To my knowledge there is actually no confirmation, as everyone disagrees from all the studies, that playing on astro causes more injuries. In fact there is no correlation between injuries and type of surface played on. Steve Clark actually said it best, if it is more likely to get an injury whilst playing and training on 4g why don't Kilmarnock have more injuries? I'm not an pro astro person, I don't mind either way. I did like playing on a good grass surface, however I would take astro over a poor grass surface any day of the week..... And the further down the levels you go, the poorer the grass surfaces are. For me if a club is sustainable because of their astro turf pitch then that can only be a good thing.... The cost to upkeep a grass park can be particularly high, not counting for the man hours of volunteers involved at lower levels.
  6. Pyramid 2019/2020

    Have you attended any LL game between these two clubs or between these two clubs and any other? Do you have first hand knowledge of how they operate and how many players play under each clubs banner? You do realise that both clubs are fully licensed which means they have met the criteria outlined to play at tier 5? If you had any knowledge of any of the above and were able to remove yourself from the posts about a fan base level, you might realise that both clubs operate at a very good level and are more than just the stadiums they share.... In short you are being a tad disrespectful to both. (and yes I do actually have 2.5 years of working knowledge if one of the clubs you named.......)
  7. Club Licencing

    Having had to plan for a full season of games, I can assure you we had a full fixture list for the season. What you are potentially referring to is that the second half of the seasons actual named opponents were blank until november/december.....which is convenient to throw in and suggest its a non truth. The club knew when they were playing, and importantly, and in more than enough time, who and where they were playing to organise club events around..... Nice try though. Thankfully for the juniors in the West the fixtures guy has been replaced, not before time. Although I sincerely hope they do finish at the same time next year, again.... About time. I can see the changes fine from where I am, what i cant do is base my opinion on anything other than my experiences.... this seasons experience against 10 at junior level..... As I haven't been junior this year I can't say if its better or not, although I can say that the eosfl is 100% better than those 10 years at junior level. It only took a mass exodus in the east for the juniors to change, what u do wonders if it hadn't happened those steering the bus would've kept the status quo because they could...... Again, here is hoping for next year and beyond. Enjoy the match balls though (sorry couldn't help myself)
  8. Club Licencing

    So what's your point in all the different threads Kilbowie? What is the opinion you are trying to share and what overall narrative are you working from? You appear particularly downtrodden towards the eosfl, an association I can only assume your club has never worked with, yet appear very much behind the sjfa.... Unless I am misreading, if so then I apologise in advance. What might be better for us all, is to use the information a gentleman from Kelty hearts provided, summing up the benefits on offer through eosfl membership vs the benefits on offer for being junior. In short the information most clubs will have used to reach a reasoned and balanced decision last year. Some even use some of it here, when speaking about the support from the eosfl towards licensing, which appears the endgame for the clubs who moved. Although please don't let informative and reasoned debate stand in the way of cheap point scoring..... Which has thus went along the lines of: I told you so, this is a fact because I said so, my clubs history is longer than yours and my crowd is bigger than yours.....or in this case my shelter is bigger than your shelter. The move to the eosfl has been a great experience, a full fixture card, night games, support with everything including licence/defibrillators etc, a season that actually finishes in time for player to rest and recuperate, a collaborative board who want opinions and views. All in all, in my opinion, it has been a great move for my club, for many aspects, including those above. If we had stayed the most we would have had was 3 match balls......
  9. Club Licencing

    As I said, for most it won't change much. For clubs currently awaiting the rubber stamp it just means a slight delay in this, for others it means getting everything in place prior to June. I'm sure there will be consideration given to the clubs required by 31st March. There may also be other plans in place to counter the hold up after a postponed meeting for a funeral. What I was actually being was flippant with another poster who was attempting to further a narrative without having any other information than 'a meeting was moved'. Apologies, couldnt help myself.
  10. Club Licencing

    No way a meeting changed..... How terrible. Personally it changes little for clubs ready for licence/in the process of getting ready- there is another in june..... and for all we know there may be separate plans in place due to the changes in meeting days. Certainly in my business meetings change all the time, for many reasons.
  11. Club Licencing

    Burnie, where do you access the list of applicants?
  12. Pyramid 2019/2020

    Cynically pyramidic, I believe this is what those running the sjfa truly wanted, an unknown and another year to keep what they have. Now it may be my cynical mind, but every step they have taken in the last 10 years, from 150k toilet blocks way back to telling everyone that the sjfa is in at tier 6 recently, add in every little twist along the way, this all reeks of self preservation. Which for me is very sad, as the junior clubs would most definitely bring another level of excitement to the pyramid and if Kelty and now Bonnyrigg are anything to go by, those similar clubs (we all know who they are east and west) would have most LL and potentially spfl2 clubs looking worriedly over their shoulder at what is chasing them down..... Which for me can only be a good thing for Scottish football.... More competitiveness = standards driven up the way (in theory anyway).
  13. Junior football, what is the future?

    My point exactly......... I wouldn't support calling anyone or club anything, no matter what side of the argument you sit on.... Hence my original post..... Using extreme examples doesn't strengthen any argument, regardless of the narrative you choose to use.
  14. Junior football, what is the future?

    Or we should all simply begin to utilise one extreme example of either success or struggle to try and make a point, without acknowledging that it isnt the norm for what we are trying to discuss...... 8-)
  15. The East Stirlingshire Thread

    I used to enjoy going to watch the shire, my brother played in the youth and first first team under Hugh mccann. It was always an atmospheric ground and the park was a pretty decent surface aswell. It is sad that it now sits unused and the shire are having to play elsewhere, all in the name of one man trying to line his grubby wee pockets.