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  1. Junior football, what is the future?

    There is a sensible argument to suggest the eos Premier and wos Premier should feed the LL (one automatic promotion spot each. The current ersjfa and sos should be integrated into both and given a season to adjust so everyone can find their operating level beneath both top leagues. What is clear is that there is no good reason to have two leagues, covering the same geographical area, at the same level in any pyramid. It makes no sense whatsoever and can only be stubbornness that makes it remotely possible it still exists at all. If we are serious about a pyramid, it needs to be thought out and not a jumbled mess that tries (and fails) to keep everyone happy and those 'non conformers' in their place. I fear we are on a road to making a catastrophic mess of non league football in our country.
  2. Was a bit of an epic fail on the lads part wasn't it........ Hopefully he will come back on and admit his error..... Or maybe not.
  3. Pyramid 2019/2020

    Not sure how accurate that statement is. It is made clear what leagues teams will be relegated into at the start of each season prior to the seasons start in my experience.
  4. Junior football, what is the future?

    Depends on the perspective
  5. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    I agree that longer term a tiered approach may be best but for next year a conference set up to establish a 1st division is the fairest approach. At least then every club starts next year knowing what they are aiming for and where they will play depending on their league finish. I look forward to seeing all unfold for the rest if this season and find myself excited by what next year holds already.
  6. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    I disagree and whilst I understand the traditional tiered approach most like to have in place, this wasn't clearly set out at the start of the season and to relegate a team or teams two leagues at this stage would be unfair. The top division idea for the top 5s was clear but the relegation of clubs two leagues was not. I do like a conference approach, it allows for free flowing divisions and makes things more interesting rather than a tiered approach. Only my view though. And an 11 team bottom league isn't as appealing as a 13 team conference surely?
  7. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    Those two leagues look very competitive and in my view conferences under any Premier league aren't a bad idea. It is so thing a little bit different and makes for some new rivalries to be formed. I'm not sure a straight divisional approach with the numbers we have is a 100percent requirement. But again, only my view.
  8. West Region Reconstruction?? Again

    Why would the season need to start that early? This is typical sjfa stuff really, not willing to lose one small piece of the set up in order to progress it properly. If they start the league season the last week in July and lose the sectional league cup (extended pre season games for most teams), as it really adds nothing to the set up. Play sat and Wed as much as is fair and reasonable until September time (getting a minimum of 6 games out the way as early as possible for each club) meaning you have a 5th of your games done in the first month. 7 months to get another 24 games isn't a tough ask. Keep the west Cup (no replays) and stop making the junior cup the be all and end all in the winter months, as it holds up every clubs season. (maybe adjust the replay situation to the later rounds for the reasons outlined above?) 30 league games can't be said to be too hard to fit in, even with the cups played in by the west clubs, particularly given that other associations clubs (LL) play in as many cups and have as many league games.
  9. West Region Reconstruction?? Again

    For me, having a 30 game league should leave plenty of time to finish the season. The LL manage it every year without a fuss. Start the season earlier and in conjunction with other senior leagues and ditch a non sensical cup competition. Split is a horrible idea that will only muddy the water.
  10. EoS Conference B chat 2018-19

    Yeah, there was a crowd in excess of 100 apparently on the night, which feels about right. As I said previously there were more fans around the park than in the stand. Also the person posting hasn't attended in a couple of years, not really sure how the conclusions they are drawing can be drawn on that basis. Also the comment 'Eyemouth and the likes' I find particularly frustrating when fans says such things. Its a derogatory remark towards an established club.... Particularly when their own club were operating at the same level in the bottom East south division not so long ago.
  11. EoS Conference B chat 2018-19

    Don't think boness would agree either . Yep the stand isnt full in the picture, although if there were other pictures we would see that there were fans based all around the park last night. It was also a Tuesday night to be fair. Enjoyed my night, the game was very much a ding dong battle by the end..... As I said, I haven't heard anyone specifically suggest they have experienced an exceptional downturn this season. Most have publicly stated they have been happy with their season. Not everyone will say that though, i get that. Next seasons leagues will be really interesting. Both the premier league and conferences/divisions (hopefully conferences under the Premier league) will be very competitive and should bring some old and new rivalries to the fore, looking forward to it already to be honest.
  12. EoS Conference B chat 2018-19

    This year's eos has been financially beneficial for pretty much every team. Most have seen regular crowd sizes grow as opposed to one off fixtures im pretty sure. I'm not sure the Premier league will make any of the clubs that moved over more 'financially secure' as every club will most likely be working within the confines of a budget regardless of income... I certainly haven't heard much about a fall in income since the move.
  13. Linlithgow Rose CFC 2019-20

    This thread has no such remarks black Pennel, nor does any other as far as I'm aware. The responses were regarding the club being mentioned in quite a negative fashion by another poster. I wish all the new clubs well and have said numerous times that I hope the ersjfa integrates into the eosfl and the sjfa comes into the pyramid. (it will make it very competitive and more interesting from tier 9 all the way up to tier 5....which would be great) As for a new thrusting, dynamic and macho.... Not sure where this comes across. However, the club is rightly excited about its future. It is now a club on an upward trajectory, with a very bright future, with many people who work tirelessly to make it as successful as they can for both the local community and future generations of players currently in our youth set up. The club is in a fantastic place, after years of struggle, but one thing we will never forget is where we came from and what it took to get where we are. We have nothing but respect for other clubs and our history, but will obviously not support any ill informed and derogatory comments towards the club across any playform. That is what every volunteer or fan would do for their club. That all being said, again good luck to all teams for the rest of their season and next season. I have thoroughly enjoyed this season, the step up in standard and look forward to a fully integrated pyramid which is balanced and fair in the next few seasons.
  14. Linlithgow Rose CFC 2019-20

    That makes things clearer, think I now know who the player is. He hasn't been at the club since leaving at the turn of the year. Sadly it didn't work out for him this season due to other commitments he had, which is a shame. He will be another player linking up with his former manager at linlithgow/boness juniors. Good luck to him, hopefully it works out for him. It does put the original, 'players leaving dunipace' into perspective. A bit of an overstatement by Frank. (sure and Stedfast) Apologies for consuming this thread. Best of luck to both new teams, their managers and players. Hopefully they can progress well and build a sustainable future at junior level.
  15. Linlithgow Rose CFC 2019-20

    I'm pretty sure there was no negativity from my original post regarding a player joining from dunipace. And if you read my second post back I clearly stated that I hope the new Bo'ness club get support from the locals and progress well from amateurs to juniors.... You, for whatever reason, had a swipe at a club who are progressing well against their plan since getting their new ground up and running, made disrespectful comments about them and the league they play in, apparently based only on an ill informed opinion you have...... Then turn around and blame others for you doing this, because they are hypocritical? The level of negativity you portrayed about dunipace (for the sake of not confusing things, a club I am hugely fond of) was unwarranted and only undermines the position you are trying to take regarding the new Bo'ness Juniors. That being said, for clarity, good luck to both new junior teams. Hopefully the ersjfa will be in with the eosfl in the next couple of seasons.