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  1. Apologies if true, I hadnt seen this, all I've seen is the statement regarding league fixtures and scc fixtures taking priority.
  2. So junior cup dates are now going to be organised around existing wos league games and gaps from pyramid cup fixtures? Have the north and east agreed to that? What is your thoughts on their potential reaction? I ask out of interest because, if what I'm getting from you is correct, the ersjfa and nrsjfa are being guided on their national cup, and when fixtures will be played, by clubs who have moved into the pyramid but kept association membership.
  3. Are the LL/wos really going to take the time to impact on their associations fixtures to accommodate the junior cup, a completely separate associations flagship cup? Whilst the LL are the most approachable people surely their flexibility has a stopping point.
  4. Yes, also meaning that the wos would not leave spare weekends to accommodate the junior cup. You can spin it both ways if you like but generally a statement which says scc and league fixtures take priority means they arent going to leave free weekends to accommodate another associations cup games. In any case it remains to be seen what the outcome will be. It will be interesting to see how it all unfolds
  5. That's all good and well, however what I read into the joint statement is that the wos/LL wont keep saturdays free for the junior cup. The wording was very deliberate in saying wos fixtures will take priority over junior cup games. I think for everyone, remaining junior clubs included, it will become another way for the junior cup to delay seasons as it has pretty much done for the last however many years. Whilst theoretically it looks like there should be space, when you add in call offs (there will be, there always us) and look at the reality of the situation, it will be incredibly difficult to make it work, for both junior clubs and wos clubs. That's without considering wos clubs getting licensed.
  6. Fair point. Hadnt thought of that with the alex jack cup, however the same still applies to be fair. I cant actually see where both associations can align their fixture lists to fit the junior cup in (wosfl wont wait for sjfa fixtures). The sjfa also have an east and north region to keep happy whilst arranging any junior cup dates. It's all about if a mish mash meaning that junior cup dates may have to be moved for wos league games and scc games, most likely moved to midweek.
  7. Where is the myth rambler? The information at hand suggests all pyramid fixtures (defo league and south challenge cup and most likely wos cup) will take priority over the scottish junior cup. With a full fixture card for these games and the alex jack cup where do the Scottish junior cup ties fit in? Its only natural to assume midweek, and we havent even then considered those from west Lothian, north region juniors and tayside who now have uncertainty over the biggest cup they have - like when will our games actually be played.
  8. I genuinely hope so! With regards licensing, February was the cut off date for applications to be submitted via the licensing department. That was long before covid and I doubt special cases would be considered.
  9. This fills me with fear, some of the language regarding the pyramid isnt exactly encouraging. It also appears that fans feel their clubs have been forced into the move when they might not necessarily have wanted to. This is what I didn't want to happen as clubs who feel 'forced' to move have the ability to delay things progressing once the wosfl is up and running for those that wanted to move. Potential to 'dig their heels in' at every turn due to a fear of change. Hopefully I am wrong though (happy to be actually) but I remain to be convinced.
  10. Or just start a new cup for everyone in the pyramid in the lowland area and do away with junior cup entry and the scc. New start, fresh beginnings and all that. I guess you could say I'm a forward looki g kind of person, I dont do reminiscing or nodding to the past.
  11. And that is where the problems will begin, not every tier 5 club, barring maybe some old east juniors (those who are unlicensed) and a fair percentage of the new wosfl would be interested in the junior cup, in any form or name.
  12. So the clubs wouldnt have applied if they couldn't?
  13. That really isnt what I said and because you dont like the reality, as it doesnt suit your narrative, you choose to go down the chosen junior bad line. The junior cup, despite what you think, doesn't sell itself. It never has. It isnt the junior cup that draws the crowds, its the teams on the day. There are also a lot of people who attend the junior cup final who couldn't care less who the teams and players are, they are there for the day, most likely because if a family member, a community or to scout for their own clubs. Ask anyone outside of junior football what they think of it and they will say they know of it but it doesnt mean anything to them. The advertising would be better off not having the word junior anywhere near it, that in itself would turn potential sponsors away. Imagine two sales pitches, one where you have to spend lots of time explaining what junior football is, the heritage, the special feeling, the grade etc.....then the other, it's the biggest cup in the non league professional game and includes 164 clubs from tier 5 in tbe pyramid down the way. No mish mash, no half in half out. And yes, i think that anything the sjfa have their mitts on has tbe potential to be bad, that is an opinion formed over many, many years of playing junior football and having seen exactly how they conduct their business.
  14. It would only merge if the remaining junior clubs were part of either the eosfl or wosfl surely?
  15. The tournament itself is irrelevant, it's the cup final that draws the crowd. It isnt because of the junior cup, it's because it was the biggest cup for the level. The junior cup is no longer the biggest cup at the level. The south challenge is for non licensed clubs, the big scottish is for licensed clubs or soon to be licensed clubs. We can go round and round all day using one off crowds, we could use kelty vs Talbot in the Scottish if we wished, but I dont want to. The fact remains to be seen if the junior cup will have all those west region clubs flocking back in the years to come to play in the junior cup. Particularly given that these junior cup ties will be 3rd or 4th down the list in terms of fixtures being organised and they will be licensed, my take would be you will see an initial uptake that will fall away as more and more clubs get licensed. The junior cup will most likely become a midweek cup for pyramid sides given fixture congestion, which I'm sure will leave the junior clubs in tayside and west Lothian perplexed with the whole thing.
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