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  1. Saying no because JJ at least is a complete weapon, like a football player from a high school drama who has escaped into reality. They also lose points for being called TJ and JJ, their parents are clearly melters.
  2. Not been to the Edinburgh one but they have one on Great Western Road now where Viper used to be. More of a student bar/club than the other Irish places so it's not full of bams in Stone Island and CP Company gear. Was there a couple of months ago and the bartender charged me 15 quid for a beer and 8 sambuca (not my choice), I asked him 3 times if he was sure that was the price and he said yeah. So its either really cheap or that guy is really daft.
  3. Kinda similar thing in The West Wing. Need to speak to an Indonesian diplomat but nobody speaks his type of Indonesian, so they get a chef who speaks that type of Indonesian and Portuguese but not English, fannying about for a bit before the diplomat says can we not just speak English.
  4. Stuart in the inquiry episode is superb. “Could you possibly speak in plain English”
  5. Someone’s not been to Glasgow in a while if you think those are the 2 main Celtic pubs.
  6. Foster blaming Guchi for not going in hard enough when getting studded on the ankle is a new one.
  7. Bengals, Niners, Bucs, Bills please. Burrow seems like some boy, Rodgers is a fud, I’m a Pats fan and f**k the Chiefs and Kelce being my reasons.
  8. Always seems to be an interesting fixture here. Late goals and drama such as the one to start this season or Rodgers first, sometimes an absolute pumping like the one to end the unbeaten streak, occasional attack on a manager. Rarely a boring 2-0 or 3-1. So 2-0 Celtic with the first around half an hour and second at 55 minutes, no reds or dodgy penalties or absolutely anything of note at all.
  9. The Golden God


    Rue listing off Wire characters to threaten the wee boy is not only the only funny thing that’s happened so far but it’s absolutely hilarious.
  10. I’ve recently discovered what a “pick me girl” is and I’m amazed I’ve never heard of the term or one similar to it before. Google definition is “a girl who craves male attention and ‘tries not to be like the other girls’. So in Glasgow it would be someone who magically loves football and the rebs/Billy 4 times a year. I’ve met a few and I’ve always thought they were utter roasters and I’m delighted I know have a catch all term for them.
  11. The Golden God


    Only halfway through Season 1, it’s tremendous but I don’t think Euphoria is the word for it given all it’s done has made me feel the exact opposite of that every single minute I’ve seen. If I had a gun and 2 bullets and was in a room with Hitler, Mussolini and Nate then I’d shoot Nate twice and encourage the other 2 to join me in beating the complete f**k out of him.
  12. A Time to Kill on it now, not seen it in ages but Matt McConaughey, his wife and Sandra Bullock all look fantastic.
  13. Her lips are awful and she’s a roaster.
  14. A golf version of Drive to Survive is an excellent idea.
  15. Cannot stand Catherine, seems like the type of person who couldn’t walk past a mirror without checking herself out 5 times and who has about 1500 posts on Instagram a year.
  16. Not even 2 minutes in and I hate them all. Would usually root for the non English but the Irish boy has an awful accent and those glasses are even worse.
  17. That is beyond soft in the Pats-Dolphins game.
  18. A street circuit around the Govan/Ibrox area on the afternoon of a Rangers home game. Instead of a point for fastest lap, a point for for each Union Bears member maimed.
  19. Kate Hoey raging those pesky ******s are getting jobs.
  20. Get Dimitri in to attract the women the handsome fucker. Plus if he does well he might get on strictly.
  21. Really Harbaugh stays in College, he’s an absolute fud like his brother and we don’t need to see 2 of their stupid faces on the tele every week.
  22. Bruce being very careful with his words
  23. I've not watched much of it live but no matter how arsey the crowd gets, I will never give an ounce of sympathy to that weapon Price.
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