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  1. A genuine but probably stupid question. What do Westminster gain from denying Scotland a second referendum? If we were to go ahead and do it "illegaly" and Yes won then what could they do? The entire world would look at them as beyond ridiculous if they were to try and deny the result. Surely a mandate for a referendum is when more people vote for parties that are pro independence than those who are against? Yet the media seem to act like we need one party to get a majority in a system that is built against majorities to even have a sniff at having another vote.
  2. Seen that on the UKIP thing. UK Independence but only for some parts of the UK.
  3. The bookies went from Trump 1/5 to Biden odds on in like 3 hours in November, they know nothing. I’ve just voted SNP/Green in Glasgow Anniesland. Struggled to get the list paper into the ballot box cause of how big it was. Also Glasgow Anniesland is a ridiculous name for the constituency.
  4. You have poor taste in pubs. I was in a place in Partick called Bauhaus during the week. The only way you could order was through an app that was really tough to navigate. The only beer they had on draught was Amstel and Heineken which was £5, took ages to get the drinks for some reason even though it was half empty. Table service in pubs/bars really needs to get to f**k, it makes things so much more complicated than it needs to be for staff and customers.
  5. Right if the Patriots don't trade out I will be absolutely furious.
  6. I'm a Pats fan and if we take Jones at 150 never mind 15 I'll be raging.
  7. They'd be idiots if it wasn't Fields, but they are idiots.
  8. If this is Fields I'll be raging.
  9. As a Pats fan I'm happy Fields is there but annoyed no tackles have been taken.
  10. Shouldn't go in 1st round at all
  11. Surely they realise absoultely nobody gives a f**k about bands and fireworks and everything else at sporting events, yet they continue to do it all the time.
  12. Why are we not at the 4th pick yet, fucking get on with it.
  13. Went to my school. Thought he was a bit of a p***k.
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