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  1. People who queue at a mobbed bar, then decide to ask their pals what they want once they’ve started to get served, surely in the 10 minutes you’ve been waiting you could’ve decided what you wanted to drink. Inspired by some random woman tonight who had a full on conference at the bar beside me when it was 3 deep. The staff hate you, the punters hate you, God hates you and your own mother does aswell.
  2. Clash just straight up isn’t working for me just now. Standing directly behind guys meleeing them and nothing is happening and then shooting guys point blank and getting no hit markers.
  3. Doesn’t matter but it’s really not that far away from town. Can easily be back to Merchant City in half an hour walking.
  4. No idea who you support but here for the Ravens hate, they’re one of the most despicable teams in all of sport.
  5. There’s no chance it’s a penalty against O’Donnell, where else is his arm supposed to be?
  6. Tyrone looking good to be in the final. If they hold on it’ll be a good final and I’ll be happy with whoever wins.
  7. Someone should have told AZ they’re allowed to score from chances they create and not just ones Celtic gift them.
  8. Don’t Rangers call their half time draw the Union Jackpot?
  9. Absolute nailed on red and they’re moaning like f**k.
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