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  1. The cash back offer is on for The Derby tomorrow. Cash back up to a tenner if 2nd, 3rd or 4th. Get it all on Vatican City or Amhran na bhFiann as those winning would piss off Sevco fans the most and that's what racing is all about. There's also a 5 quid free bet from PP on the 14:25 at Epsom
  2. So the NFL team that represent Washington are probably going to have a new name soon and there’s lots of right wing folk absolutely fucking seething about it.
  3. I don't think I've ever seen one of his apparently amazing/hilarious/top class/incredible/whatever patter videos but I've decided based on those I know who like them that they aren't funny at all. He is also incredibly ugly and his face repulses me, I fucking despise him. It's probably (definitely) very harsh especially considering I am also very ugly and repulsive but I don't care.
  4. Derby on Saturday. Put a few quid each way on Vatican City after the Irish Guineas at 14s and he’s into 8s.
  5. I think to support a team you need to have a fairly good reason and also have one clearly established first team, soft spots etc are fine but people from Scotland with no links to England who support an English team are for the watching. I worked with a woman from Glasgow who was a Spurs "fan" because her son supported them (never found out why he did), she was also one of the really annoying pro independence types that does more harm to the cause than good and managed to conviniently like Rangers whenever they got a result against Celtic or in Europe but was nowhere to be seen the days after many of the mental occurences of the past few years. I think that's what actually annoyed me most about her, worked with plenty of Rangers fans who you could have a good laugh and discussion about the games with and never took it too far when they beat us but somehow this Scottish Spurs fan could give it out in spades and not take a single bit back.
  6. Not played 200 quads yet but it was complete chaos at 150 so 200 sounds like it’ll be beyond mental.
  7. Got my best win so far tonight. Trios that were dodgy as f**k throughout and then went into the final circle on my on my own v another single and a double and managed to kill them all. Think it’s the most excited I’ve ever been at any game ever, shoutin at the tele like Scotland just won the World Cup, don’t care how sad it is I was fucking buzzin.
  8. Aye sound by The Wire standars is def not sound in normal terms, I can't remember when I realised she was a girl but it was def not at the start.
  9. I thought Chris was sound enough, well compared to his boss and his murdery partner at least.
  10. Similar to this, people who moan about the cost of a "match day experience" as though getting a few pints before/after, buying the wean a scarf, buying a programme, getting a half time pie, buying a club windfall/lotto ticket etc are all absolutely mandatory. To go to a game you need to get there, pay for your ticket, get back, everything else is not required. I get that tickets are expensive these days but people seem to act like if there was no football on a Saturday then they'd just be sitting in the house all day, not eating a thing and not going for a drink or spending money in any other way.
  11. Had a couple of takeaway pints the other day, they were glorious despite the plastic receptacles and 2 arsehole jobsworth polis interrupting us to inform us it was illegal to drink on the streets in Glasgow and making us pour the dregs of one out.
  12. Does Andy Carrol do anything except foul people?
  13. The use of x instead of and is by far the most annoying thing about that and the world in general these days.
  14. Slim Charles? Yes, a simply incredible man.
  15. https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/news/18530175.man-slams-west-brewery-losing-job-following-black-lives-matter-tweet/ Then a few more folk came out saying how shite they were to work for, not a massive deal tbf but basically the owners have been confirmed as p***ks.
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