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  1. Best school fight you saw

    The main one I can remember was when 2 absolutely massive guys in about 4th/5th year started "fighting" at morning break for reasons I can't remember, I say fight but it was basically just a very slow grapple that eventually reached the wall round the back of the school. They then proceeded to just bash each others head off the wall until the bell went and we all went back to class. No real damage was done (they were both as stupid as possible anyway so I doubt a concussion would have made a difference) mainly because it was so all so slow. There was a guy who slashed a girl in 1st year and obviously got expelled, quick look at his FB suggests he is still a complete roaster
  2. The Tennents Lager Appreciation Society

    Pint at £2.15 from watching/losing money on the Gold Cup on Friday. It was glorious and many more were consumed.
  3. Follow Follow - Rangers 2018-19 Season

    Think this is the key issue with Morelos. If we are comparing him directly to Dembele, as seems to be the reasoning behind wanting 20 million quid, then this stat proves he is nowhere near. Dembele scored countless goals in big games. Off the top of my head, 3 in the 5-1 OF game in 2016, the only goal in the league cup semi not long after, the equaliser at Ibrox when Celtic won 2-1, also in Europe, 2 against City in the Champions League and a late penalty to get through in the qualifiers. Morelos reminds me more of a Kris Boyd, a guy who did score regularly in the SPL, but struggled against the better teams and in bigger games. Rangers fans all go on about him being the best striker in the league, but if you were to pick one player for one game, let's just say it was Tuesday night, you would 100% pick Dembele over Morelos, I personally would pick Edouard over him every day of the week aswell. Also think that his disicplinary issues can't just be dismissed as something he'll grow out of, he's 22 not 16. Another issue with his temper is that from what I've seen, he seems to go in the huff quite a lot when wound up, aside from kicking out and diving etc, he goes in a wee mood and seems like he almost tries to hard. Players, especially strikers get wound up by defenders, get wee niggly tackles etc all the time, most of them use it as motivation to do better, more reason to score and get it up the defender but Morelos seems to just get dead angry and start kicking things and falling over any time someone breathes on him. Sure, he could end up growing up and improving and becoming a good player at a higher level, but I think when all is said and done, he'll be getting compared to Kris Boyd and Dembele will be getting compared to Larsson (not saying he'll actually be that good)
  4. Right now the entirety of the clubs existence has been the Banter Years so it's basically the exact same thing
  5. Cheltenham 2019 - Get your tips out for the lads!

    I was going to be relying on free bets until Friday (payday) until the last won.
  6. Cheltenham 2019 - Get your tips out for the lads!

    Backed at 4s, went off at 2s and pished it. Jamie Codd is an incredible jockey and I think I owe him about 50 pints if I ever get the pleasure to meet him.
  7. Cheltenham 2019 - Get your tips out for the lads!

    Envoi Allen in the last, please win.
  8. Aberdeen v Sevco - Scottish Cup QF

    Morelos is an embarassment, throws himself to the ground any time someone touches him, the one with Considine was the worst, run into his arm then fall like he'd been shot. McGregor also had a cheek, McGinn just tries block the clearance, which is why his foot is up, doesn't connect with the foot at all and McGregor is going mental, which is ridicuolus considering he does much worse about 10 times a season.
  9. NFL General Discussion

    Beckham to the Browns, for a 1st, 3rd and Jabril Peppers
  10. Cheltenham 2019 - Get your tips out for the lads!

    Up £8 after today, also got a tenner free bet to use tomorrow. Could have been so much better, picked two 2nds and also had two horses who were going well but got got knocked down by other falling horses in front of them. Only had 1 winner, in the last, where I had my lowest stake of the day of a quid on it, every other bet was at least a tenner.
  11. Derry Girls - New Series Ch4 -Thurs Jan 4th 10.00pm

    New one was on tonight, do Protestants really keep their toasters in the cupboard?
  12. Calling Cards of Morons

    Calling Pancake/Shrove Tuesday, "Pancake Day". It's always a Tuesday, same way as Good Friday is always a Friday. You wouldn't just call it "Good Day" or Easter Sunday "Easter Day". Call it Pancake Tuesday.
  13. BBC Scotland

    The girl who was singing in the Central documentary and talks about she was "jammin" seems like a complete cow and also can't sing to save her fucking life, there's a reason you're not in the RCS hen
  14. The second worst accent in Scotland?

    Ayrshire is the worst place on earth with the worst accent on earth
  15. Offensive behaviour

    Brown said it happens in every ground, which it does, whether or not Celtic or Rangers are visiting doesn't matter when it's the home fans being sectarian. Also, I've been to tonnnes of these games an away fan, where did I say that it was a 50/50 problem?