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  1. A lot of the replies did, that and the one of “George” arguing with Bottas.
  2. Also did not see the IRA quote coming during the 2nd episode.
  3. Got one episode to go. How can Marlo look younger 15 years later? Got to give it to boy who plays Collichio/Jenkins. He really does have a face only a mother could love. It’s not close to wire levels for me with all the jumping back and forth but still good.
  4. I hate Wales because they share a cricket team with England and aren’t even in the name. I get genuinely furious when they win at football or any other sport. I’m pro independence and want Irish unification but Wales can get to f**k, they’re just England West.
  5. “Let George pass for the championship” Please.
  6. Going to Ireland for a wedding in July, booked a flight to Belfast with Aer Lingus, anyone know what they’d be like for taking a suit? Would I need to fold it up and stick it in my hand luggage or just carry it on?
  7. “There’s a small business for that.” There’s a larger business for killing whatever c**t came up with this stupid fucking advert.
  8. “Ultras” and Stone Island badge wearers going on about how they’re better fans than everyone else. You’re not better than someone who sits quietly the whole time just cause you scream your head off.
  9. Bill Rawls was definitely a Rangers fan.
  10. Crazy idea but maybe they could help solve the problem by making health care free?
  11. A miles past it Anthony Stokes absolutely roasted him in 2016 whilst playing left wing, if he wasn’t captain and on penalties yous would all hate him.
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