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  1. My phone automatically connects to the Glasgow City Centre WiFi whenever I’m in town. The Glasgow City Centre WiFi has never once worked on my phone. So I turn WiFi off so I can keep posting shite on here, then half the time forget to turn it back on whenever I get to work so my phone is using data for hours till I realise.
  2. The weans using their card to buy a single pint while their pal waits, gets served next and buys the same pint also paying card are the worst by far. How to buy a round should be taught in school.
  3. Think my biggest regret in life is missing Scott Hanson being in Slouch on Bath Street on a Tuesday night or something and me not knowing till the next day.
  4. Aye I suppose but money talks, it’s becoming more and more American/franchisey down there and don’t think them buying that out is outwith the realms of possibility.
  5. Redzone is class, wonder how long it’ll take for Soccer Saturday to become the same thing.
  6. Sort it out San Fran. Can’t be letting these c***s win.
  7. I don’t think it counts as a proper reason but his horrendous Ayrshire accent should get him banned from the tele for life.
  8. Hardly a bold prediction but can’t see by Saints, Niners, Patriots or Ravens. I’ll say Patriots v Niners.
  9. It’s usually great seeing Rodgers do shite, shame it had to happen when I need him throw for 300 yards.
  10. Not watching but following the score. Chiefs have 70 yards on offence, is Mahomes looking hurt or are they just playing shite in general?
  11. Tyreek Hill injured, what a shame.
  12. People using their phones on public transport are c***s. There is no need for it these days with about a million different apps/ways of instant messaging.
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