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  1. McBurnie has actually played well since he came on .
  2. He is just not International class, even for us!
  3. What an absolute pish second half. Why was Forest still on the pitch? Tbf Not that he was much worse than so e of the others.
  4. I think that there will only be three matches between these sides this season.
  5. Looking forward to this one. Only concern is the lack of games played prior to the opening game. Any thoughts on the starting 11? For the season my hopes. 1. Finish above the Dabs and the Midden. 2. Better head to heads v Aberdeen and Hibs. 3. Take points off both old firm and at least have a go at the green arse cheek this season. 4. A decent cup run.
  6. And Klopp's statement really showed the difference in their priorities despite the fact that this would have been Liverpool's first title in 30 years. I for one admire his take on this.
  7. Is that why 15 million travelled to Seville and Manchester?
  8. Surely at least some of the Kennedy money will be set aside for signing at least one player😏
  9. No Aberdeen just substituted for them briefly. Gawd knows why? ( I had actually forgotten about that).
  10. The old firm! Aren't they the two teams who always vote the same way every time in all SPL (and all of its previous guises) decisions? The one exception being during the sevco debacle and only then because of fan pressure. Said fans come from all over the country with many being either glory hunters and/ or having a misplaced loyalty to their team due to religion or some weird view of Ireland and its history. Which team(s) are we talking about here?
  11. Morelos for me as long as he screws the nut. Carries his team far more than Edouard though tic have much better alternative scoring options.
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