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  1. Undoubtedly a welcome result, but from the highlights, it really could have been any score with either team winning. Poor finishing and poor choices haunt the lions all over the park at the moment, hopefully the momentum gained can be improved upon with a few more clean sheets. It is pleasing to see so many of the players throwing themselves at the ball in last ditch defensive mode, mind, rather than shirk away.
  2. Seems to be a lot going on. Hopefully the board have a vision and it succeeds
  3. Probably part of the rebranding of the organisation under the new commercial director.
  4. They need to admit to being wrong and wind in the "auld fuds spoiling our fun" patter. When you were a teenager, how often did you admit to being wrong? How often did you think everyone was against you? The average attendance may have hardly fallen over a decade, but the average age of attendees markedly has. Like I said, the club should engage them, make them feel included, encourage them to bring more people with them. The best way to educate is to engage, not reprimand.
  5. Club need to engage the youth of forfar. These lads were in the wrong on this occasion, but they are at least a positive voice at games, which is not something you can say about a certain portion of the clubs support.
  6. I remember when the club ran buses during the 90s, the highland trips were the best, and as an under age individual, I found that if you didnt make a tit of yourself, and didnt mind paying full price for the bus and admission to the ground, no one really cared if we had a pint.
  7. Not having that. George Shaw was abysmal. Bollan deserves a mention for clusterfucking a stroll to the 3rd division title with his "management style".
  8. Would complete one of the oddest situations in recent memory
  9. Let's hope he shows better management skills than hes managed this season at EK. They've been rotten and hes been on the verge of the sack for weeks.
  10. Very true. I do know for a fact that Foxy has been close to coming back at least once.
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