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  1. Some would have you believe Dick only signed football geniuses.
  2. Has been a tricky season to navigate for the board, hopefully a period of stability at all level of the club can follow.
  3. 12 points from the 15 games since Bollan went. 15 games to go. Need a significant improvement in points gained to survive.
  4. I think you're right. I think the board talk a good game, but would rather tread the well worn path.
  5. I'd rather forfar went down because they gave a young guy a chance than stay up by employing a bully.
  6. Cheap like the birdie. Edit: Martyn says it isn't Balmer.
  7. I'd rather watch good football, and Murray seems keen on that. Maybe not the ideal candidate, but better than Balmer the bampot.
  8. Good news, he was in the youth system there as a player apparently.
  9. Strange given he's just taken an assistant gig in Norway. Not the worst candidate, and he was a Scotland international....
  10. Queens being where they are is THE success story of Scottish football.
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