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  1. CSAFL

    Good to see another midweek game on in the premier tonight,Colville 3 Harestanes 2. At this rate Colville should get into double figures of league games by the end of March For those who can access a pitch, I've always thought playing a handful of midweek games under the lights during the season can make a difference come April, May & the lighter nights. Especially for those with extended runs in cups & pushing for the league.
  2. CSAFL

    St Pat's away & gone now eh?
  3. Scottish Cup Quarter Final Draw

    Talking mince mate and judging by the fact you joined only a few hours ago it's probably fair guess to say you aren't giving a neutral view to this. Why not everyone just bring a ringer in every week, of course one player can make a difference. Regardless,if truth to this it ruins any respect said club may have built up.
  4. Scottish Cup Quarter Final Draw

    What's the drama with Craigshill & their last 16 tie? Rumour they played an ineligible player,any truth?
  5. Scottish Cup Quarter Final Draw

    Castlemilk beating Cambria 3 zip caught my eye. Cracking result. That said, nobody should be getting carried away by getting to a quarter final, remember that nobody will remember you come May if you've not got your hands on the cup.
  6. CSAFL

    Looking forward to Colville v Bannockburn tomorrow, should be a good game. I fancy Harestanes to come through in their tie at Strath Uni. St Pat's against Southside in the Premier looks good too, both on a good run by the look of it.
  7. CSAFL

    Great result for Drum away at Eastfield today, great 3 points. Seems a wee bit strange that games at Dalziel were off today,all 3g elsewhere were on today.
  8. CSAFL

    Sore one for St Pat's. Lost the Cinema final at end of last season on penalties too. With their 100% record in the league though, surely they will fancy their chances of winning that this year,time will tell,long way to go.
  9. CSAFL

    Looking forward to a good game with Eastfield & St Pat's in the league cup final on Friday night. Eastfield to win in a close match for me,good luck to both sides.
  10. CSAFL

    St Pat's 8 out 8 is some going. No Scottish distraction after Christmas too so they'll be looking to get points on board & put a big gap between them & chasing pack. Good 3 points for Greenock yesterday and Southside seem to continue their inconsistent form since their manager left,a good 3 points after a heavy defeat last week.
  11. CSAFL

    Bannockburn Colville should be a great game. I'll go for a draw. I see a trip to Oban will be part of the Central Scottish calendar as of next season. Never been there,only heard good things though. I look forward to going at some point.
  12. CSAFL

    I see on Twitter the Bridgewater manager has moved on. Scottish semi last year,now asked to step down...?
  13. CSAFL

    Good start for select team,2-1 win v Kilsyth Rangers.
  14. Amateur football is dying

    I think this sounds good in theory but thinking about the logistics of just the west region,how would teams feel with potentially extremely long travels every second week? I'm thinking things like Greenock to Lanarkshire, Stirling to Ayrshire etc etc. I know there are teams who do that,but that's because they choose to do so & have joined a league where this happens. Many teams & boys much prefer to play locally. Forcing teams into large regions could in actual fact force more teams to fold.
  15. CSAFL

    Good away win for Harestanes yesterday. After a shocking result on the first day they seem to have found a bit of form. Good luck to all CSAFL teams in the Scottish next week.