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  1. Interested to hear if teams are still training or not at the moment?
  2. Any reports from the select game tonight? I saw it was a high scoring game on Twitter. When is the next stage of the inter league tournament being played?
  3. If memory serves me correctly, Harestanes were involved in a hearing following a Scottish tie a good number of years ago. Again, not 100% on what happened and what the outcome was but I think both they and Bannockburn may have been turfed out following a rammy in a Scottish tie towards the later stages say 5/6 years ago? Not linked to this case right enough but just reminiscing :) Can anyone remember the details?
  4. If Harestanes had of won the game would Laurieston have been able to lodge a complaint due to lack of flags? I don't know the answer but I doubt they would have seeing as it was the home team's error. It appears that with no flags that this was a free hit for Harestanes and if they lost they knew they would be able to appeal. Poor,but a lesson to be learned for all I suppose.
  5. Tommy Sloan, Johnny Miller & Darren Henderson are the most successful jnr managers over the last 10 years or so. For me, Tony sits somewhere close in behind them though. Good appointment. Who is Tony taking to work alongside him?
  6. Well done to the CSAFL teams progressing today. Strange St Pat's were off,don't they usually go on the astro if there's any issues with weather 🐟🐟🐟
  7. Good stuff mate. I'm sure the select job will go well. All the best.
  8. Looks a good squad. Is there anyone else helping you out with taking the team?
  9. Anyone know why Campsie are playing Drumchapel PYM in playoff tonight? With Southside folding, I'm surprised the playoff is going ahead.
  10. I think they might go for twelfth place down automatically & 11th place will play the playoff game? Sorry to see Southside go.
  11. Anyone know why is the Eastfield Campsie game is off tonight?
  12. Well done to the three teams in the major finals. Oban joining next year as well,so overall a good week for the league. League will be the focus for most now, premier is open at the top. Bottom 3 in the premier look a bit adrift but with games in hand there'll be a few teams looking over their shoulders. The next 4 or 5 weeks look sure to be good.
  13. Congratulations to Bannockburn,good to have league representation in first major final of the season. I see Colville Park have announced new manager, it will be interesting to see what kind of squad he will be left to begin to work with over the summer.
  14. Good to see another midweek game on in the premier tonight,Colville 3 Harestanes 2. At this rate Colville should get into double figures of league games by the end of March For those who can access a pitch, I've always thought playing a handful of midweek games under the lights during the season can make a difference come April, May & the lighter nights. Especially for those with extended runs in cups & pushing for the league.
  15. St Pat's away & gone now eh?
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