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  1. He is blaming the loss on his costume being too heavy 😀 For someone who said “ no excuses”, how many excuses is that now for the loss?
  2. I was having all kinds of nightmares round the greens and my scores have come tumbling down using this tactic after looking to you tube to help improve my woeful short game . last few rounds have been a revelation, chipping like Phil. Basically comes down to understanding the ratio between how far the ball travels in the air , to how long it rolls. Always choose the shortest safe landing spot, a pace or 2 on to the green, and let it and let it release up to the hole like a putt. what club to use depends on how much green to work with For me 1:1 ratio is PW ( ie 4 paces in air, 4 paces roll etc) 1:2 is 8 iron, ( 4 paces in air, 8 paces roll) 1:3 6 iron ( 4 in air, 12 roll) if less green to work with, only then go for loft for me 2:1 is 56 degree wedge ( 8 paces in air, 4 roll). If you can , putt the thing. Generally at worst you are looking at a 3 putt, not a chunk and silly scores. if the greens are running slow go 1 more ( 9 I, 7i, 5i, ) fast add 1 ( GW, 9I, 7i) . Similarly for up or downhill. This method has the following advantages: 1 you end up hitting the ball with lower loft clubs so hit with less power, which is more consistent and less moving parts which is less likely to break down and hit the dreaded chunk. 2 . With a lower ball flight, a topped or chunked shot goes a much similar distance and flight to one hit pure, trying a Phil flop shot needs to be struck perfect or the flight will be very short or long and have a much bigger spread and will be far less consistent. Using this method has done the most to get my scores tumbling. I highly recommend it!
  3. Aye, because what the champions league needs is more group matches. Deary me.
  4. Well done. Massive respect!
  5. Thanks for the advise. I live in Asia so prob not economic to send the gap wedge here!
  6. Yes first clubs I will be buying will be a gap and lob wedge. Really not great at half, 3/4 PW shots, much easier to have a full swing with a higher loft club. Pretty happy with Irons, will replace them last. They have nice gaps PW - 5 Iron 100-150m in 10 m gaps. SW goes about 70m How accurate are 2/3H generally compared to a 2I or driving iron? Seems like much more choice of those. I like my 5W from the fairway, so maybe beef that up to a 4w loft and a couple of hybrids and ditch the 3W? Would that work?
  7. Any advice on what clubs to have at the top end of the bag? i have a sports shop bought set that is a good 10-15 years old and looking over time to upgrade the set. From what I have seen in golf shops and online technology has moved on a lot in that time I have a 1,3,5 wood and a 3 hybrid. Then 5I-SW But I hit the 3h and 5W pretty similar distances so seems a bit of a waste. The 5w goes higher but stops quicker. I Probably only need one of those 2. My 3W is too bulky to hit from the fairway, so is tee only for me. It is basically a driver with 20 -30 yards less carry and no more accurate. I used to have a “ Driving Iron” which was my safety tee shot club. Kept it nice and low and straight and bounced for days on the links. Courses here are hot and dry so might get the same effect. However no one here seems to sell them here. So what big sticks do you carry to get a nice yardage gap and versatility?
  8. Yes I think I will get some lessons once I inevitably hit a plateau. Not expecting to knock 15 shots off every time haha! I actually think once I start hitting my irons a little purer, I might drop some shots initally as my yardages will change. Also, I was chipping and putting really well for me this week, not sure I will consistently get up and down like that all the time. I scored well because bad shots weren’t leading to big numbers, I was able to save it on and around the greens. What were double or triple bogeys in previous rounds were bogeys this time. I live in Jakarta so golf is the only chance to get a bit of nice fresh air and a good walk. Not many parks or open spaces here.
  9. Thanks! Really happy! I told the wife when I got in but she didn’t know what the hell I was talking about, asking “ is that good?” Next milestone sub 80, didn’t think I would be aiming for that for a long while! Really motivated to put the practice in.
  10. I literally blinked and missed it. One second Ortiz was dominating, the next he was on the deck. I didn’t even see the punch. crazy stuff. Feel for Ortiz, he fought the perfect fight up until then.
  11. So played 5 rounds over the last few weeks on a few different courses. First round was a respectable 104 . Very nervous on the first tee but it soon came back once I got into it and had a lot of fun Second round was 103 Third was 105. Plenty to build on as I hit some good shots as well as some absolute duffs and howlers. Literally scored every number from a disastrous 10 to a fist pump worthy birdie 3 on the way. Last week I holed an 8 footer on the 18th to hit 99. My first major milestone achieved and really happy. Just got back in today from my round. And scored an astounding 84! I would have been happy dipping under 100 again, and didn’t expect to break 90 for a good while. So delighted, the golf bug has well and truly bit. I am going to have a stupid grin on my face for the rest of the week!
  12. They surely wouldn’t have the brass neck to claim Starlink that as their own achievement would they? Stranger things have happened though!
  13. Exactly this. Space X have already started launching their starlink internet satellites into orbit this year and will be up and running very soon. They will provide global fast internet to their subscribers. The proposals by the politicians be old technologies long before they will ever implemented ( if indeed they are, which I have my doubts). This is especially true in rural areas.
  14. Aberdeen v Rangers became a heated fixture because of the Simpson Durrant incident. Football fans who are violent/ racist / causing bother “aren’t real fans”. Never understood that one TBH. They are in the stadium , wearing their teams colours, spending their hard earned on tickets and are so invested in what is going on they are willing to behave in a socially unacceptable and illegal manner. Unpleasant, definitely, but “not real fans?”
  15. Knowing EUFA , award the extra European places to teams from England and Spain.
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