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  1. That day with Spain v Croatia and France V Switzerland was one of the most enjoyable days watching football in years. No horse in the race for me personally but just really enjoyable games of football. By the end of the second one I was filled with child like glee and was just thinking how brilliant football is.
  2. It is especially dangerous because it is a made up drug.
  3. I disagree with this. At not getting a winner after 120 mins of play, 5-10 minutes later a winner is decided in a clear and open manner based on footballing skill. It is a perfect system. The only reason I could see to change it would be if it doesn’t produce a winner, which it never does. The fact that even penalty shootouts involving the best players in the world are usually decided within the original 10 kicks and don’t drag on to 25-24 etc shows how effective a system it is. Things don’t always need changed. Yes it is shite losing one, but so is losing to a last minute goal against the run of play. It’s part of football.
  4. I love a good hieds gone. An elite level top class professional taking it with exactly the same amount of grace as I would in similar circumstances.
  5. That would be brilliant viewing if that is what happens. Other GC hopefuls have nothing to lose now so hopefully they all just line up to take turns attacking. Definitely more exciting than the years where team sky just controlled everything and snuffed out all the challanges from other teams. Brilliant stuff from Cavendish again!
  6. I feel this about him too. I want a close exciting race (like last years incredible finish) but the boy is incredible and sometimes it is good just to witness sporting greatness in action. If he goes on to win this year, especially if by a wide margin, it begs the question how many tours he can potentially win? He is still competing for the white jersey!
  7. That was a brutal stage. Gutted for roglic, seemed really up for the fight. If it is a broken coccyx then fount he can ride on. If so I doubt anyone is beating pogacar unless he too has to withdraw.
  8. This is already shaping up to be a great tour. Pagacar and Roglic going wheel to wheel trying to a gain every advantage over each other from the word go MVP looks an exciting rider and could mix things up. Allaphilipe with his usual brand of brilliant madness. Geraint Thomas lurking ominously in the background. Bring it on!
  9. Yes the worst for this are absolutely those who have no interest in football but come crawling out of the woodwork when an international tournament is on. Most English football fans I know get it and wouldn’t expect anything else. A special circle in hell is reserved for politicians who clearly have never been near a football ground in their lives who start suggesting a unified British team or league or Scottish politicians who fall over themselves to show how much they are supporting England.
  10. Plus in case no one has noticed , they are “ riding a wave of emotion” No mention of the fact they are quite a handy side.
  11. Not sure if this is good or bad to be fair. It does confirm my suspicion that the guardians of the game, particularly UEFA, don’t actually have a clue what is good or bad about football and seem to always need to make changes for the sake of it. I doubt they could identify what things about football don’t need changed and should just be left alone.
  12. It might already be old hat for us, but I have sent several English pals into a seething mess in the last hour with this comment. Pleasing.
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