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  1. Well done to BSC, they might be a new club but have always been a decent side to watch in the last few seasons. They always have experienced pros and utilise them well. I’m sure that when they find a place and relocate back to the Glasgow area their fan base will improve. As for the continued snipping about them not having their own stadium, almost all the teams in the Lowland League rent/lease their stadiums. All the best for the next round, you deserve it.
  2. Vale of Leithen does not transfer through from the LL site. The table is updated manually after every LL game that is played. The site has different categories which can be built, one being a league which is created at the start of the season in preparation of the league game commencing. Hope that helps
  3. (Bonnyrigg Rose) Nice set up and a good attendance, will be a good addition to the LL.
  4. Vale announce another five new signings: Andy McQueen Gary Nicholson Ryan Higgins Michael Robertson Jordan Easton
  5. Pre-season Friendly 17 July (tonight) Vale of Leithen v Hawick Royal Albert Victoria Park KO 7.30 Innerleithen
  7. No chance back, Cove are a very good side at this level and will be a good addition to League Two. With further investment they will probably make their way up the leagues. As for Berwick, welcome to the Lowland League, a tough time ahead to get out of it as it will be improving every year as the pyramid system takes shape.
  8. Tend to agree with everything ekok says, and I do feel that once the 5/6 tiers are sorted out it will be for the benefit of the Scottish game. Clubs will find their own level and hopefully will be able to compete in their respective leagues. i just hope we don’t see clubs, similar to Selkirk, chasing the dream by overspending and finding themselves out of business. It’s very easy to sit back and watch the demise of clubs, however some people forget the loyal fans whose life is based around their clubs. I saw the first Kilby v Cove game and I was totally in agreement, Cove were a different level and I was really impressed with their team, better than any team I saw in the LL this year. Kilby and the other contenders next season know how hard it will be to get out of LL. I also agree that I can’t see Berwick stopping Cove, but then again I said the same about Cowdenbeath last season.
  9. IMO Cove were excellent today, and the score does not do them justice. Their team defend well and have pace when going forward. I also thought that they were physically stronger than Kilby. Megginson was a threat all afternoon and was giving the Killy defence a torrid time. It might have been interesting if Kilby had put away their only chance in the first half when it was only 1-0. They did improve when Longworth was introduced. Kilby will have to improve drastically if they have to recover next Saturday, however, this Cove team are good and it will be hard, plus I can’t see Berwick giving them problems if they overcome Kilby. Good crowd today.
  10. It’s got nothing to do with defending others, it’s about putting a comment and a poster on the post, which to many will mean nothing i.e. does the post mean something sinister? Such as, is your thoughts about Vale not having lights, BSC not having to visit Innerleithen when they are chasing a top four place, Vale losing revenue with extra costs, Vale losing home advantage, the rules etc. Just say what you mean instead of getting people to guess what you’re on about, clarity is all I’m asking. I’m sure there are many who have a different take on not having floodlights, however, as I said rules are rules. I personally find it interesting to know other people’s opinion but it’s annoys me when I can’t workout what they are on about, as there are times when posts are written without the full facts being known.
  11. What world are you in, I have no grudges against anyone, just don’t understand why people like you post cryptic clues looking for responses. Simple question on post should be “why Mandatory 7.45pm kick off”. Mandatory 7.45pm for night kick offs is I believe a Lowland League instruction and clubs without lights had to have a nominated alternative stadium, hence Pennypitt. Not ideal, but rules are rules.
  12. Is this another call for attention, pathetic, if you have something to say, say it and don't clog up the site with worthless drivel.
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