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  1. That goalmouth scramble was absolutely golden btw, couldn’t believe it when it landed in McCallums hands
  2. From the other end of the park looked like raith player kick the ground for the penalty
  3. Raith shithousing their way through the game as per..
  4. For me Bradley Spencer’s debut at Arbroath is up there. On as a substitute and 5 minutes later he’s scored the killer goal and been sent off, stuff of legends.
  5. Tbf to Davo was good to see him giving it back out to our fans in the 2nd half[emoji1303]was quite funny at the end when he misplaced a passed, turned to us and shouts ‘am fucked’
  6. Very good game to watch. Surprised Raith only escaped with 2 yellows as they were at it the whole game, frustrating to see at times. Disappointed to come away with nothing but at least it’s still all to play for.
  7. Maybe an unpopular opinion but out of the two I’d rather be keeping Reilly. The vision and the ping he has on him is untouchable when he’s on his day. Can spot runs a mile off absolute joy to watch. So much better than Irvine
  8. Montrose by far the most anti-football team I’ve seen this season, very tough watch. We weren’t at it today and probably a deserved Mo win but what a tough viewing
  9. Fantastic piece of business keeping Darren Whyte for next season, been one of our best players this season imo
  10. What a hit from Bairdy and Barjonas too tbf. Point serves Raith right for coming out 2nd half and kicking us off the park, not a good watch
  11. Aye seeing the replays it was a defo red, took his goal well mind you[emoji6]
  12. Spencer did go in studs up imo and probably should have been off but from where I was it looked like one of the Arbroath boys did the same. Agree tho would need to see the replay
  13. Also thought the red was maybe a tad harsh considering the 2 Arbroath players escaped without nothing after going in just as ruthless, what a debut for Bradley[emoji102]
  14. Thought Meechan and Bain worked fantastically well to manage Linn today. Darren Whyte played another blinder, pass marks all around
  15. Any Arbroath fans left to witness full time??^
  16. 2nd half I thought we were by far the better team, had them rattled until their 2nd goal. Need to take the chances when they come though. Have to hold the heads high, everyone put in a shift and a half. Also shoutout the the killie casuals, some boys
  17. Still baffles me as to why he signed a player from a team in the 2nd tier of Belgian football...🤯
  18. Give Baird even a half chance and chances are he’ll put it away. Highlight of the game tho had to be Hamill having his ankles broke multiple times. Good scruffy win. Bring on the Killie!
  19. Played 36 times last season for St Mirren, good bit of business but no clue what our goalkeeper situation is. How long is Willie Muir out for??
  20. Have to agree with Falkingham. Will always remember that moment that Foxy absolutely binned him at EEP a few years back and escaped with only a yellow, what a sight[emoji16]
  21. Surely Jim Weir would’ve learned from the last game to man mark Bobby Linn completely out of the game at whatever cost. Ah well, yet another Angus derby without a win, not far off 2 years since our last victory[emoji854]
  22. Will Bobby Linn ever stop scoring against us[emoji849]
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