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  1. Scottish fitbaw is shite, we play in the 3rd tier of said shite, just let that sink in for a moment ffs [emoji85][emoji85][emoji85]
  2. Let's just hope the game itself is better than this thread ffs! [emoji85][emoji85][emoji85]
  3. Clyde 1-2 Forfar Dumbarton 1-1 Montrose East Fife 2-4 Falkirk Peterhead 2-0 Stranraer Raith Rovers 1-1 Airdrie
  4. Airdrie 1-2 East Fife Clyde 1-1 Dumbarton Falkirk 3-1 Stranraer Forfar 1-2 Peterhead Montrose 2-2 Raith Rovers
  5. All I can say is we deserve the pelters that are coming our way! What a terrible result, no doubt about it! Well done Glasgow BSC and good luck in the next round. Brutal
  6. Clearly not as good as some of our supporters think we are [emoji85][emoji85][emoji85]
  7. No idea what to expect from BSC but their having a decent season and we must show them the respect they deserve if we want to progress and hopefully get a money spinning tie in the next round. I wouldn't change the team about too much, maybe Long in for Hart and Duggan will surely be fit to feature after the break. A win and a clean sheet would do nicely! Mon the Fife
  8. It's a no from Darren Young [emoji106]
  9. Some bookies have Darren Young as low as 6/1 and third favourite to get the Falkirk job. I know he was interviewed for the Partick job but I doubt he would leave for a league rival at this stage of the season and what a kick in the stones it would be if he did. Hopefully Owen Coyle gets the Falkirk job and keeps Falkirk in league one
  10. I'm not surprised in the slightest about the criticism Docherty is getting! He's needing to work on his game instead of spouting pish at every opportunity, a player who thinks he's better than he actuslly is! I wasn't disappointed in the slightest when he left Bayview, he should have been chucked er the sea wall after that penalty against Arbroath.
  11. Mon the Fife!! [emoji1634][emoji1022]󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿[emoji482]
  12. Clyde 3-1 Peterhead Dumbarton 2-2 East Fife Falkirk 2-0 Airdrie Montrose 2-1 Forfar Raith Rovers 1-2 Stranraer
  13. Well played Montrose, a reality check for some of my fellow East Fife fans! I seen this result coming tbh as we've been poor for a few weeks and we're badly missing Wallace! Big game against our bogey team next week! Slattery in for Church and Wallace back fit please!
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