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  1. Ross County v EAST FIFE

    Well done East Fife! Great fighting spirit and will give us confidence going forward! Good luck to Ross County in the Final [emoji460]️
  2. Ross County v EAST FIFE

    Penalty all day long! Giving a good account of ourselves so far and a decent support under the circumstances
  3. Ross County v EAST FIFE

    Cheers Ref!
  4. Ross County v EAST FIFE

    Shocking defending, almost as good as the commentary 🤣[emoji85]
  5. Ross County v EAST FIFE

    Friday night game live on TV, be lucky if EF have 150 at the game, sad but TV comes before supporters
  6. Ross County v EAST FIFE

    Wish I could go to this as I've never been to Dingwall and I'm sure it will be a decent away day but I'll have to make do watching on TV with a beer or two. We have nothing to lose and County will rightly start as strong favourites but as I say, nothing to lose and I hope all who travel have a great trip and we give a good account of ourselves! Mon the Fife [emoji482][emoji460]️🥃
  7. The East Fife Thread

    Thanks for your email. You will no doubt have seen the comments from Bohemians FC explaining why the announcement was made such a short time before the scheduled kick off for your match. You will no doubt also have seen the statement from your own club apologising to fans - even though the postponement was of course nothing to do with East Fife FC. I trust you have also now seen the statement from the SPFL explaining that Bohemians FC will be withdrawing from this season’s IRN-BRU Cup. With very best wishes for your forthcoming IRN-BRU Cup semi-final against Ross County FC and the remainder of your Ladbrokes League One season. Kind regards Received this email after complaining to the SPFL over our clubs treatment in the cluster f**k cup! ETA: None of the questions I asked were answered by the "zero fucks given" SPFL
  8. No complaints! Matched Partick at best of times and best of luck to them in the next round! We've done ourselves proud against ft opposition this season that's for sure. One game at a time so they say...[emoji460]️🥃
  9. 40+ mph winds predicted! Bring it on! Mon the Fife
  10. Ross County v EAST FIFE

    Match is on tv so I doubt there will be many East Fife fans there, esp with it being on a Fri night, shame really! Of course the SPFL can give us a wee boost in numbers by putting on free busses as an apology for treating our club and supporters like shit! Whistle...
  11. Absolutely correct, my mistake.
  12. No, he's cup tied after representing the Colts. This will be another tough game against a side that seems to have hit a bit of form but we shall fear no one! Go out, play to our capabilities and we will give Partick a game! Mon the Fife
  13. Bohemians v East Fife - Diddy Cup 1/4 Final

    I agree the SPFL should be funding clubs more when travelling outwith Scotland! Let's not forget our home game was postponed to accommodate a tie that was supposed to be played in November and that's cost us money too as there won't be as many in attendance for a rearranged midweek league game. Fook me all this could have been easily avoided but unfortunately Neil Doncaster couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery
  14. The East Fife Thread

    I've read some pish in my time but this is right up there! I await the outcome of today's meeting with interest....
  15. The East Fife Thread

    We all get games are postponed due to the weather but the sheer incompetence from Bohemians is actually comical! C'mon to f**k, why was there not any pitch inspection when the weather was so cold? Absolutely zero common sense that has cost people a considerable amount of money, time and effort! Let's not forget this tie was supposed to be played in November! An absolute fucking shambles and I hope our board tell the SPFL where to go if they expect us to travel back to Dublin!