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  1. Stephen's for me, wee bit lurpack lightly salted butter and a steak pie slapped on it with plenty HP broon sauce! Sorted [emoji1787][emoji106]
  2. Tried and failed to complete survey, I'll try again later.
  3. I enjoyed watching that wee prog about the young sons! Doesn't matter what stadium I go to it's always braw to see the young ones sporting their local teams colours instead o jumping on the old firm bandwagon! That's the future of our clubs right their and good luck to them [emoji106]
  4. I can only imagine Adeyamo is getting mixed up with someone else as he was literally hopeless! I've had a wee look and from what I could see his last known club was non league Lewes in the 19/20 season.
  5. Best- Station Park, Forfar. A proper wee fitbaw ground that generates a decent atmosphere with a good view of the pitch. Worst- Bayview I'm afraid, soulless ground with very little atmosphere. Leaving old Bayview was a no brainer at the time but what a downgrade...
  6. Tbf they were in grave danger of entering administration so you could understand his desperation of being awarded promotion! Let's just hope clubs survive this, won't be easy, especially with the way our government have handled this. Good luck
  7. I'm glad everyone is confident enough to start discussing players for next season, whenever that season will be is anyone's guess...
  8. Nevermind evidence, they still don't even know what their supposed to have done wrong? You just couldn't make this up [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  9. Fingers crossed but then they will just start again under a new company.
  10. It should have been declared null and void ages ago! With a quarter of the season still to play absolutely f**k all has been won or lost and there's no chance of football being played soon. Of course teams have voted to benefit themselves, that's life but what a mess the SPFL have made of this! Its actually a complete shambles, Scottish football is a laughing stock.
  11. The furlough scheme I'm on is for an initial 3 months! Just reading the news there that some social distancing measures will be in place for the rest of the year! It was only a few weeks ago we allowed thousands of football fans in from Leverkusen and Madrid, both highly infected City's and of course the horse festival at Cheltenham still went ahead, can't help but think that someone's fucked up somewhere.
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