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  1. Crosshouse all over you, both team where just as bad as each other, simple as that, both players should have went for flinging punches but only the catrine player went, then things flared up, next minute all crosshouse sideline ran on and started attack players so as any sideline would do catrine ran back on and helped them out, both teams out of order, no one was worse simple as that, both will definitely and rightly so should get hammered for it
  2. Probably one of the best pitches in amateur football (on its day) lol, catrine up and down the season, 4/5 starters out in sat but sure crosshouse will be the same no doubt though, so shall be a good gem of football
  3. Catrine pitch was frozen in parts, not worth this risk to players
  4. Keeper and striker, not sure where usual defenders where tho
  5. Boy from crosshouse think his name is Ross, small boy, really good yesterday
  6. Anyone any idea of who has been called up and confirmed
  7. I completely missed what happened can someone give me the quick jist or what happened, without going into to much detail as stated above
  8. What cups are they still in mate? Might take a game in
  9. That’s good to hear mate, getting a close bunch a boys is half the battle! Wish you’s all the best in the season bud
  10. I’m not questioning their abilities or that mate I was just wanting to know there story, why they weren’t going to higher level and I had never heard of any of them but read the bit about the boy Balfour and seems like a real good junior player etc, but the boy answered my question above saying it’s their local team etc, which is good to hear.
  11. If these 2 boys are that good, no offence to Whitletts at all but why they not playing at a higher level than bottom league amateur?
  12. 2-1 harestanes with 5mins to go, don’t know final result just seen that on the west of Scottish cup thread
  13. Harestanes and Hurlford thistle tomorrow, should be a cracker of a game! No real other stand out ties for the Ayrshire teams tomorrow
  14. This turned in to a proper Bitch fit, it was a simple question, it got answered, what’s the problem lol
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