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  1. Any truth in the Mason rumour mick or would you rather not say while the season is still going ? I did propose it to Billy but nothing came of it.
  2. Darvel Juniors 2018/19

    The club received permission to announce the signing
  3. A pity Joe wasn’t a few years younger would have loved to have him at Darvel. Great guy, always had loads of respect for him as a player and person
  4. Darvel Juniors 2018/19

    200 plus a week is high. I'm sure it is as I know I can assure not one player has been offered or has been given anywhere near 200 plus a week
  5. Scottish cup predictions

    It will be 3 o’clock mate
  6. Scottish cup predictions

    Yeh mate
  7. Scottish cup predictions

    Stupidity starting now
  8. Darvel Juniors 2018/19

    The club captain Mcd
  9. Scottish cup predictions

    We will speak to our sponsors, the players will contribute an percentage. That what happens when you have you have a tight club we will all pull together and make it happens as always
  10. Scottish cup predictions

    I think there is a belief out here that I’m going to take all the Colville players to Darvel, that honestly won’t happen. I’m taking my time to look at Darvel, we have been watching them since I was appointed. I will then sit down at the end of the season with the back room team and look at building at squad that I believe can compete to get promoted next season.
  11. Scottish cup predictions

    Willie Hamilton is a multi millionaire, who has the money at Colville. The truth is we work hard to bring sponsorship in, we’ve received a lot of money from our run in the senior Scottish Cup. Everyone at the club pays a tenner including the management team, committee and players which bring in about £300 a week. We generate enough money to run the club professionally as we can, at times money is tight like now, but we will come the gether and find a solution to buy the players suits and a hotel for the night before the Scottish final as we have done on the last 2 occasions we have been to Hampden.
  12. Scottish cup predictions

    Than you mate, as you have said it’s a massive team effort. I’m very grateful that I have a very supportive committee and coaching staff. It’s takes a lot of people and effort to run the club the way I want it to be run. There are many clubs with small committees and management teams, that do a great job and take on a lot more responsibility than I do away from the football side. There are even some who do it all on there own, they deserve a massive amount of respect aswell.
  13. Scottish cup predictions

    I don’t really what to get dragged into the paying players debate again, but the van is owned by the pub that sponsor us. We wash our kit at his pub so he gives us his van on training and match days. We have always invested in the best of kit, I want the players to look as professional as possible. I’m a great believer in creating as a professional environment as you can, off the park as much as on it. As for the hint that it means we pay players I have said my piece on this many times. There be w new management team in place next season, with new players arriving at the club and I can assure not one person will receive a penny to play for the club
  14. Scottish cup predictions

    Cheers mate
  15. Scottish cup predictions

    Higgy got home last night he’s ok and on the mend