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  1. I’m not aware of that, but if that did happen it would have no impact on us. The issue would be with the club that played a registered player form another club. I will do thank you
  2. I don’t think you have quietened anyone they are just ignoring you. There nothing to look at, he’s always been a registered player from the day he signed. So sorry if that maybe upsets you. Take care
  3. Lol that would be a massive help mate
  4. I will only comment on this because you are questioning the character of someone I know personally. Firstly we have no interest with the number of games he’s missed previously. Ross played in every pre season game then picked up a bad injury against Kilmarnock missed 6 weeks as a result. Ross works within the railway industry, unfortunately due to the hold up of government contracts being awarded he has been seconded out to another company due to lack of work. This has resulted in Ross working away in London and Inverness until Xmas. when Ross is home he attends training even when he misses the Saturday of that week. He has not received one penny during that period a decision Ross fully agrees with, its the same with anyone in that position. Since signing with the club, no one could question his commitment towards the club, myself or his team mates. When he is back from work he hasn’t missed a game or training session. Sometimes these things happen with work it’s not ideal but cant be avoided, so don’t come on here and make up stories or question someone when you don’t know them or the facts
  5. Good luck mate, I’m sure you will be a success
  6. Why should Darvel be concerned with the situation with Colville?
  7. I didn’t fall out with the the country club the football club did. The committee made the decision to move to Dalziel not me, I fully supported the decision
  8. Let’s put the rumours to bed. The club identified Calvin as someone we wanted to bring in, we agreed a deal with Auchinleck. We meet with Calvin and after that he agreed he wanted to come to Darvel after speaking to other clubs. We tried over the last couple of days to get everything tied up unfortunately it was dragging on and the club decided we had to move on. We informed Auchinleck and Calvin of this today. Calvin is a great talent and a lovely lad and would have been a great addition to the club but unfortunately it’s not to be. I wish him all the best for the future and hopefully he finds somewhere to express and show his ability. Also want to thank Auchinleck for there assistance with the deal, as expected where great to deal with and very professional. As I have said before being the best club in the country isn’t just bout winning trophies it’s how you conduct yourself in everything you do. That why they are a great club.
  9. And as I said before I will come on when people talk nonsense to put the truth out. secondly you don’t know me, so don’t make assumption. I’m sure the club are more than happy with my commitment to the club, irrespective if am on here or not I dedicate plenty of my time to the club. Now am away to start sorting training take care.
  10. That is not the case Jim is still involved with the club and will continue to be. After the personal, misleading and unacceptable message during the week he has decided that it’s in the nest interest of the club and himself he takes a break from P&B the was Jim decision. After all I think it clearly obvious he enjoys a bit of banter and can take and give a bit of stick, but what occurred is totally unacceptable.
  11. Just want to post this before the rumours start. Following a discussion between myself and Kier we have both agreed it’s best he leaves the club. Unfortunately where Kier is at this moment in time he can’t give the commitment I require to be part of the club. In his short time at Darvel he has been a joy to work with. Kier will now deal with the club to secure his release, I would like to wish Kier all the best for the future. Hoefully the club will be in a position to announce a new signing tomorrow
  12. I find that astonishing, want to claim the glory when the clubs winning Scottish Cups so they can claim to be the best league in the country. I’ve said on here before cause the league has had success with majors over the years it doesn’t make you the best league in the country.
  13. Same shite aff the same Idiots not got a clue. so 65% of the boys have signed way other amateur clubs some miles away from were they stay are they clubs paying those players aswell or will the only get accused of that when they won trophies
  14. Aw here we go the club was accused of paying for the last 14 years, now your saying it was me who was paying the players lol so who was paying them before I arrived, and who paid them when I was a player. Utter nonsense a large part of the recent squad was there when I was a player so who was paying them then? i always wondered what shit would be created wren Colville struggled now it’s time to create more lies. The truth is the club has never paid anyone, not one person has ever said they were or said they have been offered money like other clubs that pay players. Just people can’t accept the success, it’s gets boring after a while
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