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  1. They should have killed it after the first episode of series one.
  2. Saw Star Wars in the pictures in 1977 and thought it was brilliant. I got hold of a dvd copy recently and lasted 5 minutes before deciding it was puerlie rubbish and switched it off. Empire Strikes Back is a vast improvement but the dialogue in the entire series leaves a helluva lot to be desired.
  3. Justified, six series of first class TV.
  4. So 2 and a bit out of 6 like them so far...
  5. So he likes the England football team. Some Scottish people like Ireland football team and would support them over Scotland. I can't see the relevance of your comment.
  6. I watched up until the third series when the boy started to cut his goolies off and decided it was time to get my coat!
  7. I'm sure Hamish Balfour played in front of huge crowds for Princes Park who came from Nowheresville! Some of those looked like they were over 70,000! And what a career he had!
  8. Named after the Pollok Estate where their first ground Haggs Park was.
  9. Was this filmed by her pervy son? He's shot all her other pics. Filthy bast**d. Does he need an aid?
  10. I went to my mate's house and outside tread on a dog turd and their neighbour told me to not worry as that was a lucky omen! Shite promptly cleaned, me and my mates were downing the weekly dose of El-D and decided to hit the clubs. I think we had about 20 quid between us! Got to a, then, 'fashionable' nightclub and were having a great laugh before a couple of lasses joined us. 'What will the ladies have?' I bellowed, before realising I,we were penniless! Later I walked her home and 3 years later were were married. Over 30 years later she is still the love of my life.
  11. I think it's the word "walk" that was mis-spelled I think it was miss-spelled that was mis-spelled! I've never been hugged at work and handshakes are the norm but I draw the line at those homie handshakes the juniors are fond of... mainly because I usually make an arse of it.
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