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  1. I went to my mate's house and outside tread on a dog turd and their neighbour told me to not worry as that was a lucky omen! Shite promptly cleaned, me and my mates were downing the weekly dose of El-D and decided to hit the clubs. I think we had about 20 quid between us! Got to a, then, 'fashionable' nightclub and were having a great laugh before a couple of lasses joined us. 'What will the ladies have?' I bellowed, before realising I,we were penniless! Later I walked her home and 3 years later were were married. Over 30 years later she is still the love of my life.
  2. Touchy feely folk

    I think it's the word "walk" that was mis-spelled I think it was miss-spelled that was mis-spelled! I've never been hugged at work and handshakes are the norm but I draw the line at those homie handshakes the juniors are fond of... mainly because I usually make an arse of it.
  3. The Good Fight is a more than worthy follow up to The Good Wife. Both brilliant dramas.
  4. Joined up writing

    Boom! Boom!
  5. Joined up writing

    I was taught cursive in Primary 7 in 1978 and it has stuck with me to this day. Unfortunately it has degraded somewhat and even I can't decypher what I've written from a few days before!
  6. Plastic Bags

    Don't get me wrong, I'm all for it. I recall someone tried this a few months back but because of the concern over cross contamination they were refused. Seems it's OK now for whatever reason.
  7. Plastic Bags

    I've got them taking up space in my car, in my wheelybins and under the sink. They are like tribbles...
  8. Plastic Bags

    Morrisons are wanting people to take in their own tupperware if they want to buy meat or fish. So wait for the new line in approved plastic dishes...
  9. Crisp packets

    Tudor crisps were pish. Tasted soggy and were, well... pish.
  10. ANOTHER fire at Glasgow School of Art

    Where there's a will...
  11. Do you like hand dryers?

    What about those ones that are supposed to dispense soap, then water and then finally air to dry. What f*ckwit invented them. F*cking useless things.
  12. Do you like the Indonesians?

    They all flood off of the visiting cruiseships heading for Poundland to get their giant bars of Toblerone!
  13. Crisp packets

    23 wasted years then...
  14. ANOTHER fire at Glasgow School of Art

    The V&A in Dundee will be next to go up. It needs millions of pounds extra to keep it going and it isn't even open yet!
  15. Do you like the English?

    By whom? Would you state the same opinion about, say Syrians or Mexicans for instance. We are beginning to look like a nation of ar*eholes judging by the puerile antics of the elected SNP MPs thinking they speak for the whole of Scotland.