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  1. People rattle away on a computer keyboard at a rate of 60 words a minute and only 2 words pop up on the screen. Usually a few seconds later.
  2. Caught The Wedding Singer on 5star. Great nonsense, cheesy in parts but with the tongue firmly in the cheek.
  3. I can vaguely remember a non musical version being shown on telly about 50 years ago
  4. The TV drama Unforgotten has this plot. A young black boy was murdered in the 70s and his body found 50 years later in the basement of a derelict building. The story flashes back and forth and a cold case team try and solve tbe case. It stars the excellent Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar
  5. I have always liked this film in particular the opening scenes and steampunk technology.
  6. The latest Aldi ad where wee lass licks the plate to clean it is a belter.
  7. Recently rewatched Exorcist 3. Although it did go on a bit during the 'exorcism' scene in the cell, Scott is excellent throughout.
  8. Those scenes, the systematic dismemberment of Murphy are blood curdling.
  9. Alien Resurrection. I first saw this at the pictures and thought it was ok, maybe because I dragged the missus to it I was feeling a bit guilty cause I wouldn't go and see her rom com films. It is still only ok.
  10. Kirk's death scene in Star Trek Generations.
  11. I watched the first two episodes of Trial by Media. I was really looking forward to the series but to be honest it was somewhat lacklustre and half way through the second episode I was willing for it to end.
  12. Best line: I've no time to bleed. Officiandos will know
  13. Please avoid Ray Liotta's recent films to avoid gross disappointment.
  14. Michael Bluth must be in there. In fact any character played by Jason Bateman deserves to be in the top 20.
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