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  1. This is certainly one collection of oddballs. Dangerous oddballs at that. And ditto Carole.
  2. The Talented Mr Ripley. Matt Damon excels as the psycopathic pianist. 9/10.
  3. This season is finished. One option could be to restart the fixtures after summer and have a curtailed 2020-21 season. Not to everyone's taste I grant you.
  4. They had umpteen warning signs, black eyes, hair in tufts, broken bones, the list goes on, and yet they left that boy in a house of horror. There should have been more prosecutions including the police officer who took Gabriel into his patrol car and told him to stop lying or he would go to jail as well as more senior officials in the social work. And a few years later it all happened again to another boy...
  5. I See You Although billed in some places as a horror, this is a well crafted thriller/mystery essentially told in three parts. No spoilers here though...
  6. Heidi on Amazon Prime. Not the Swiss miss tale, this is a found footage film about a doll. I'm not a big fan of FF movies and it has a slowish start but keep with it. Creepy stuff.
  7. They should have killed it after the first episode of series one.
  8. Saw Star Wars in the pictures in 1977 and thought it was brilliant. I got hold of a dvd copy recently and lasted 5 minutes before deciding it was puerlie rubbish and switched it off. Empire Strikes Back is a vast improvement but the dialogue in the entire series leaves a helluva lot to be desired.
  9. Justified, six series of first class TV.
  10. So 2 and a bit out of 6 like them so far...
  11. So he likes the England football team. Some Scottish people like Ireland football team and would support them over Scotland. I can't see the relevance of your comment.
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