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  1. Mate of mine has bought a Toyota Rav 4, and he's straight!
  2. It's cultural Marxism gone mad. Absolutely nothing wrong with being gay, but surely we can talk about being gay without it being pulled?
  3. 20 million would be an absolute steel. A realistic valuation of him would be around 35-40 million. You're buying a ready made player, ballsy as f**k and would utterly stroll the EPL.
  4. Can Scotland and Andy not tell Liverpool to GTF? International football is far more important and should override diddy club football.
  5. It's the brand of football which Aberdeen play which is so annoying. It seems to consist of a long ball to either winger and to play off scraps, and the more the game goes on it becomes apparent that's the only play. I've always liked managers who're able to adapt and Neil Lennon deserves credit for identifying the flaws in his team and changing formation and personnel. They look far more powerful since switching to 2 up front with Scott Allan in behind they look far more dangerous, unpredictable and exciting to watch compared with Aberdeen or Rangers.
  6. He's not really. More a case of Rangers losing the heed.
  7. Positng a fact after pages of lies doesn't detract from your failings. But it's great to you see you rowing backwards. Clear in your mind the Scotland wanted to be in a union with the rUK, and completely unable to explain your warped hatred towards Scotland. I've always said folk that hinder the indy cause are the snp flags out the window folk, and nothing can help the cause more than deluded sevco bigots that absolutely hate Scotland like yourself. You probably follow united against seperation on social media!
  8. You're drunk. It's reasonably simple prior to inebriation. Scotland would be been in a union with the rUK. This is factual and you've fucked up. Many times in you cannot and will not explain why you don't think Scotland should be a normal country? Its extremely hard reading making allowances, but the door is always open to explain yourself! I have the cover of evidence supporting me.....again can you explain why you don't believe Scotland should be a normal country?
  9. Guess we await @The_Kincardine sobering up, ignoring and making the same mistake again.
  10. Are you telling me the SG didn't wish to be members of the EU? This is really basic stuff btw. It shouldn't be a joining the dots exercise. The preference was of course - as the entire population of the world ( bar you_) knows - was to make Scotland a country in the union of nations. As a unionist why are you in favour of Scotland being powerless but in a union with 3 nations and not 27?
  11. Use of the term "absolute madness" only makes folk feel like you've absolutely lost the plot. You seem determined to swerve the question why you're passionate that Scotland shouldn't be a (normal) country? I was delighted to vote for it given the obvious benefits for Scotland. I was delighted that we'd still be in a union with the rUK and europe. WOW it would have been brilliant for Scotland. It's mental watching you floundering trying to tread water given your irrational attitude which is solely because of your football team, not your hatred of Scotland.
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