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  1. All positive from the Dougie night in the lighthouse, bring on the new season expecting good things!
  2. Queens you made my night Cheers for the 12 point next season
  3. Just popping by to laugh at Falkirk horrible club stay doon
  4. I’m expecting a large travelling support 700 maybe more to go through ( I hope ) after our win against queens
  5. Join me in the jimmy watt for a celebratory pint
  6. He’s a clown and nothing less greeting faced fu**ing balloon
  7. “ dominated the start of the second half “ love watching coyles post interview greeting faced twat you dominated 0 part of that game
  8. Sheer dominance from start to finish f**k you Gretna B
  9. Seems meaningless to you with that rant, it’s Sunday now cheer up pal
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