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  1. Bollocks to that scoreline - need to get this season off to a flier (3 points and top of league on goal diff
  2. Aye noticed that as well - I'm sure he knows our crowds will slowly start to increase when & if we get the season off to a flyer !!
  3. Still wish we could pull in a few extra punters every second week, had heard last month that season tickets sales where doing okay, not heard anything since, thought our fans where brilliant on Saturday, sang their hearts out !!
  4. Clyde fan here !! What happened (or is he still with QP) the wee ginger lad who played against us in the play-off two seasons ago (played midfield IIRC) best player on the park in both games, thought he could / should've been playing at a higher level ??
  5. Hopefully we'll shift a fair few more season tickets than last year !!
  6. Heard through the grapevive "early bird" season tickets going quite well !!
  7. Stenny dropping points last night & hard game on Saturday - should we start being optimistic again ?
  8. Seasons gone now for us - I'll be going (probably mt last of the season) in hope more than expectation - can't believe the turnaround in our clubs results since February, i'm sure we will be going up next season one way or another. . . . . although this season has not finished (mathematically) I just thing that defeat to Cowdenbeath last weeks was a boot in the baws too many at this late stage Mon the famous Bully Wee !!!
  9. Hard fought away win (just) - should be a decent game - two teams with a lot to play for !!
  10. Cap doffed sir - an honest opinion from a rival fan, cheers
  11. Agree 100% - However those 4 (or was it 5) goalless draws will probably come back and boot us in the baws
  12. It will be hard but not impossible - time now for the sleeves to get rolled up !!!
  13. Fairly decent dry day for Glasgow / Cumbernauld area - hopefully get some more fans inside Broadwood - it's gonnae be a big ask, but hopefully lots of meaningful games coming up !!
  14. By f**k that wis cauld on the wee terrace behind the goal on Saturday - thought we had a decent wee support all things considered ?
  15. Hopefully game on ?? If so a hard fought 2-1 away win for the famous Clyde !!
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