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  1. You could be right, hopefully DG is back and we sneak a victory (a win would be absolutely massive). Heard the show is really good. . . . .though never was a fan of Frankie Valli's voice (too high, someones squeezing his baws)
  2. I'm sorry I made this gesture (still stands though) what I will say though is I have paid for my season book and i'll fucking decide what I do with my stubs and who I give them to - so if some are upset by that then tough fucking shit.
  3. Clyde V Edinburgh (2nd March) Being dragged by the wife through to Edinburgh to see the Jersey Boys Show (overnight stay as well) so can't make this huge game for us - if anyone wants my season ticket stub for this game I'll gladly give it to them (FOC) Available to hand over at Hampden on Sat or Stirling next Tue ??
  4. Hopefully get some more of our fans through the door tomorrow - weather forecast not too bad for time of year, an early goal and we should win by 2 or 3, hopefully QP do us a wee favour.
  5. The more fans we can get turning up to our home games is the easiest and quickest way to help the cash flow at our club, I've persuaded my son to come (season ticket holder at Parkhead) along with one of his mates next time we are at home and they are away and I'll pay them into watch us (and they are not getting the use of my season ticket stubs )
  6. Hopefully we can get a crowd over 1,000 tomorrow - good wee boost to the players and our club !!!
  7. Nothing wrong with a bit of passion watching your team, i would much rather be sat beside a bunch of loud fans using industrial language than a group of Hooray Henry's !!
  8. Thought the crowd was decent (said to my son at the game looks like around the 800 mark) reading in the papers crowd was 500 odd, seems odd as Stirling had a decent wee turnout as well.
  9. Looking forward to this should be a decent game and a decent crowd, both teams having good results & performances last Saturday, think Stirling are in a false position in the league, however if we play anywhere near our best then i'd be confident of the 3 points 'Mon The Fuckn Clyde !!!!!
  10. Don't think he's under pressure job wise, however he must be concerned that in the last 3 (very important games) most of our players have been outworked, outfought & at times don't have the appetite for a "scrap" - I still think we can get a play-off place, I honestly think we can already forget about being champions, shame because I think we have 1 off the 2 best squads in our league. Also don't think our chairman will tolerate too many more pish weekends like the last 3.
  11. I'm a greedy b*****d and we (our team) should have the ambition & desire to win the next 3 games - if we where to lose both league games, there is NO CHANCE we'll win this league !!
  12. Should actually be a good (close) game, hopefully another sizeable away support and a much (much) better performance than that shite last Saturday - we absolutely battered Cowdenbeath at the start of the season, but by all accounts they have improve since then!!
  13. Thought we had a decent support - though quite quiet (400-500 was my guess on here last week) Thought we where pish - probably our worst performance in the league this season Thought QP where the better team and most certainly the hungrier (which is a worry) Cant afford to lose any more ground to the top two Next 3 game are massive Lennon needs to boot some baws after that performance (particularly the 1st half) If there is such a thing as a "bogey-team" then Queens Park are most certainly ours We better be fucking up for it and have plenty to play for come Sat 29th Dec.
  14. Aye indeed - we're a generous lot, don't mind helping out the "amateurs"
  15. I reckon we will be taking at least 400 - 500 with us tomorrow - canny wait !!
  16. Going back to the old 70's & 80's vocabulary, this Saturday Queenies "Come Ahead & We'll Kick Your c***s In"
  17. Aye thats what it was called when we where young bucks - late 70's early 80's
  18. Cap Doffed Sir - And The Chippy Round The Corner Was Known As "Alfies"
  19. Yep !! (The Kings Park Loyal) so fucking original are that mob I'm auld enough to remember when the Beechwood had it's own wee off-licence standing in-between the lounge & bar !!
  20. We should and probably will be taking a right good crowd through on Saturday - few bevvies in the Beechwood or Montford for our lot pre-match !!
  21. Hopefully a draw (though can't see past Peterhead TBH) and an away win for Clyde this Saturday would be just smashing !!
  22. Mon the Bully Wee - lets get this show back on the fucking road, 3 points tomorrow that'll do nicely lads !!
  23. Apologise for sticking my nose in - FWIW you guys will be more than okay this season - vast improvement on last season (judging from what I saw at Broadwood a couple of weeks ago)
  24. Going to be one of our hardest games of the season - if we come away with 3 points, we should have a fair degree of confidence that this COULD be a cracking season for us !!
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