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  1. Clyde fan here (not at the wind up) !! Going purely on seeing all teams last year (apart from the two relegated teams) Top 3 - Annan, Queens Park & Stirling Albion - also worth mentioning that in my opinion Elgin where one of the better footballing teams last year, like there style of play hope they do well !!
  2. Hoping for (and expecting) a 1000+ crowd tomorrow, if we get to final of play-off are we home or away 1st game ??
  3. Pay at the gate tomorrow folks ?? Obviously season book now empty - question i'm really asking is it chip & pin or cash at the turnstiles ?? Cheers In Advance
  4. That we frequented in our late teens early twenties ?? Mine - My haunts in Glasgow (1980's) Pubs Carnaigies Sylvesters Zchivagos The Berlin Porters Pythagoras Saints & Sinners Clubs (it was called the dancing back then ) Gee Gee's Viva The Penthouse Ultra Tec Savoy Tin Pan Alley Great times & great memories
  5. Noted the crowd was 1012 - I thought it looked more than that ? - anyway if we get promoted (champs or play-offs) there are one or two teams who will bring decent away supports with them (something we have missed out on for years)..
  6. Cheers mate - look forward to them !!
  7. OFF TOPIC!!! Anyone have confirmation of both crowds at Shawfield (early 1983) against Thistle in the Scottish Cup, 1st leg at Firhill ended 2-2, replay at Shawfield was 1-1 when floodlights failed followed by lots of fighting on the terracing and fans escaping onto the pitch, won't go into that replay !! Can't find crowd details anywhere, but I was at both Shawfield games and remember large crowds at both games (although memory is clouded as it was fucking years ago)
  8. Both from the same year. . . . . my first taste of Disco's and alcohol, so probably my judgement a bit sentimental The Hurting - Tears For Fears Fantastic - Wham (seriously !!!) an early intro into the songwriting genius of GM)
  9. Great advice, and much appreciated !!
  10. Hi mate both kits (the one i bought & the tutors) are accoustic premier calibra late 90's - if that means anything to you (as I haven't a clue ha ha)
  11. Very varied to be honest, Blues, Rock, Bowie, even 80's pop/synth etc etc
  12. Once you've watched the Soprano's it will be very difficult to find anything remotely as good IMO. - Also didn't know until recently that James Gandolfini (Tony) died a few years ago !!
  13. Got my first drum kit & have just started taking lessons . . . . . . .i'm not young but have wanted to give it a try for years, anyone recommend any good books / DVD's (for absolute beginners obviously) ??? Cheers in advance
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