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  1. On 02/03/2020 at 00:12, Bully Wee Clyde FC said:

    Sorry to hear this Gary. I was at School when your uncle signed at the same day as Neil Hood. Gordon was as hard as nails on the pitch but an absolute gentleman off it. I mean it!

    If I remember correctly, he ran an ice cream van while playing for us...that made me laugh. I met him a few years later and had pint with him in the Jean Armour in Shawlands.

    Sporting memories is a dementia charity that does great work in sporting reminiscence with those living with dementia. Give them a shout. It could be good for Gordon's carers too.



    FFS not heard of that place (The Jeanie) in years, used to be jumping late 80's early 90's 

  2. It's just so fuckn frustrating - we have played well (sometimes very well) in parts this season, we've had big injury worries to be fair, but we are back at full strength now, and we are playing worse than ever, DL habit of chopping and changing the players and formation is doing my head in. which is a pity because he is a very good manager / coach.

  3. 3 minutes ago, Bully Wee Clyde FC said:

    Not sure it will be that busy, but personally I'm disappointed that no priority is given to home supporters who are 1 Season Book holders, 2 Owners, 3 Have attended Bonnyrigg (which was all ticket). 4 Bully Wee fund members. If anyone is in 1,2,3 or 4 of these groups and can't make tomorrow, what happens?  

    If there is a way for them to buy remotely quoting their qualification criteria, why can't others use the same and not have to join the likely shambles of big queues standing beside potentially fairweather Sellic fans who aren't interested enough to watch their team v Ross County? 

    Agree 100% - i'm 2 of the above. ST holder and was at Bonnyrigg, was hoping to do it over the phone - now change of plan tomorrow and going to Broadwood to more than likely wait for ages in a big b*****ding queue 😂

  4. Looking forward to it. hopefully a cracker and good to see our name already on the big notice board on the main road outside Falkirk Stadium - warning for us travelling fans, lookout for the wee Falkirk pavement dancers doing their strictly routines - only taking the piss Bairns, two decent teams and hopefully a decent away crowd.

  5. Clyde fan here !! - I must say I thought your team looked on Saturday (well based on second half performance) to be very well balanced in the middle and also have a cracking defence, I don't think Sevco will hammer you at all - must piss off you Fifers / Ayrshire / Falkirk folk with the glory hunting / bigot,  Sevco / Celtic fans pour out your towns & villages on a Saturday.........me I grew up wedged between Shawfield & Parkhead and thanks to my Da there was only one team for me !!

    Good luck against Sevco / Newco / The Rangers :lol:

  6. 16 hours ago, cfcuk said:
    17 hours ago, Clyde01 said:

    Having now watched the EF highlights mcniff could possibly have cut that out but he would needed to have turned and let his man run off him to win the header. Easier to follow his man and stand him up as he did. Can see why DL was annoyed at Wallace as the overlap comes from him not tracking back and leaves Mcniff 2 on 1.

    To be fair I don’t think mcniff did too much wrong for the goal but that’s not to say I think he is the answer at LB. He does seem to be the target for most of our frustrations at the minute though, in this case harshly so IMO.

    the mcniff debate apart , thought there were a good few positives saturday for spells we played some nice stuff great going forward in johnston we have someone who will run at players and smashing dead ball delivery, smith is looking fitter and sharper each game fantastic effort from a narrow angle , wallace I really like him strong good with the ball and gets into the box needs to do it for 90 mins , thought mcstay was getting back to his end of season form Petkov looks a player ( no 360 outside your own box ) and in mitchell looks like we have ourselves a cracking goalkeeper all in all enjoyed the game

    Agree 100% - many positives going forward and also the style of football we are trying to play should hopefully put a few more bums on seats, still can't believe we where just shy of 3k at the Annan play-off game

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