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  1. Kiosk sales (pies, tea, coffee etc) do we now get a share of the profits ?? I thought we got all the profits but someone said at the Falkirk game NLL still get it all ?
  2. IMO - Montrose have been the best team I have seen against us so far this season.
  3. FFS not heard of that place (The Jeanie) in years, used to be jumping late 80's early 90's
  4. It's just so fuckn frustrating - we have played well (sometimes very well) in parts this season, we've had big injury worries to be fair, but we are back at full strength now, and we are playing worse than ever, DL habit of chopping and changing the players and formation is doing my head in. which is a pity because he is a very good manager / coach.
  5. Hope to f**k game isn't cancelled, weather forecast is fucking brutal for Sunday.
  6. Shite !! - should be a good game, if I lived closer by I would have gone purely as a neutral fitba fan.
  7. My "Ticket" is basically an A4 sheet of paper with seat number etc on it and a bar code - anybody else have a "Ticket" like that ? Phoned the club and they said it wont be any bother getting in on the day.
  8. Not read through the thread, is the game on TV (any station) tonight - cheers in advance ?
  9. Agree 100% - i'm 2 of the above. ST holder and was at Bonnyrigg, was hoping to do it over the phone - now change of plan tomorrow and going to Broadwood to more than likely wait for ages in a big b*****ding queue 😂
  10. Broadwood is going to be busy as f**k tomorrow - chaos awaits 😂
  11. Clyde season ticket holders offered 2 tickets each ????
  12. Looking forward to it have always enjoyed games against the mad Fifers - weather looks okay for Saturday - if we play at full strength with everyone on form, we should have enough to win East Fife fans - are many travelling through ???
  13. A Clyde midfield which could include the sons of two Celtic legends - Can't wait we will give Celtic a game - don't know if this will be a Saturday game or moved to the Sunday for TV Mon the Clyde !!!!
  14. How do you lads rate Lewis Martin - he's a mate of my son, highly rated a couple of years ago ??
  15. Deadline was last night anyone have a final figure on how many we have shifted from our 440 allocation ??
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