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  1. They won the world cup in 94 Got to the final 98 Won it 2002
  2. The current Brazil team are a shadow of their former self
  3. Richarlison's bang average and wouldn't get on the coach of Brazil squads of the past
  4. We used to produce these players and everyone marvelled at our output Now we create a few full backs, a few hard working midfielders No creative players, no goal scorers Things we used to be famed for How else can modern day youth development be described in this country than embarrassing
  5. Czech Republic Belgium Croatia Uruguay Including Portugal Denmark The list of countries that produce talent vs our pitiful output is extensive
  6. Yes it has twice the population So we should have produced half of the numbers of quality players But we haven't In fact we haven't produced a striker of any note in twenty/thirty years!
  7. Every Scotland fan and Scottish football in general Look at the output of players from, for instance, Portugal over the same period
  8. Miller couldn't lace McCoists boots
  9. The last decent striker Scotland produced was Ally McCoist Our inability to produce strikers is absolutly embarrassing
  10. It's the hope that kills you Has anyone ever said that before
  11. No one thought Clarke had lost the dressing room However everyone, press included, now knows he is tactically naive He will every so often get found out, usually it seems in big games We'll probably go on a run, as he will galvanise the group again start of the season But the next big f**k up is some way down the track, lurking I think the reaction was more the realisation of that, rather than the delusion we were collectively harbouring post Denmark that a huge leap forward had been taken
  12. Aye but the wind is 20mph stronger
  13. Brad faxon drones on about endless nonsense
  14. If Tierney fit Gordon Pttrsn Souttar Cooper Tierney Rbrtsn Jack McGregor Armstrong McGinn Adams If not Gordon Patterson Souttar Cooper Robertson Jack Gilmour Mcgregor Armstrong McGinn Adams
  15. Doesn't necessarily have to be the team above in your actual group, only across league B. 2nd should be enough for play off but will almost certainly be away Good we are fucking gash at home
  16. I forget you can still get a play off if team above qualifies conventionally
  17. Winning the group is our only aim Ireland doing huge favour!
  18. Do you work at the sfa or something
  19. Wtf are you talking about Enjoying not qualifying for tournaments
  20. Qualifying is a success Not qualifying is not a success And if you have the same group of players qualifying for multiple tournaments, you would want to see them building on their performances at respective successive tournaments Perfectly normal mindset
  21. Seeing jackson irvine up front dykes is probably kicking himself
  22. How come general dissaray never quotes 21212's posts and vice versa
  23. If the sfa are calling it a success that's a clear sign that it wasn't
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