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  1. Sanctioned cheating Other sports would ban it instantly
  2. So what if there is a slightest touch to the toe That means nothing
  3. He only gave it so it could be checked And then var didn't want to go against ref who gave it Pointless
  4. Every time someone holds someone back should be a booking Every time a player stands over the ball to stop a quick free kick should be a booking The game should only stop for a head knock ie a clash of heads
  5. I hope mbappe scores a decisive handball goal v England in the quarters
  6. Who decides if it was a dangerous attack
  7. I just assumed it was because they are c***s
  8. Why can't English people say Irvine properly
  9. How the f**k is george weahs boy playing for America
  10. Taremi joint top tournament scorer Who saw that coming
  11. Keeper in no mans land No wonder wanted to keep other one on
  12. Because he's broken his nose but doesn't have concussion
  13. Cmon raheem, remember when you dived our way to a european final Well we need to see some more of that today
  14. Knew they would have to get sterling alongside kane for maximum diving
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