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  1. I was at the standard liege game, he did very well in that Effectively a reserve fixture Done nothing since then
  2. Some leap that Done nothing to their best player
  3. In his 5 seconds in the job before realised it was pointless, Brian McClair suggested futsal would cure our ills I think he's right but authorities not really onboard, every school should have a team
  4. Another of Scotland's old clubs, in my mind at least, looking like exiting the league Sad to watch
  5. I'm so glad Labour have been able to sort out their anti-Semitic problems From the moment the general election exit polls came out, we've heard absolutely nothing about any Labour party anti-Semitism in the media, when previously it was a daily issue So it must be all sorted now
  6. They shouldn't do The ones that play in the premier league and uefa cup play half decent players all the time
  7. Funny that eh Reduce the prices and sell more tickets Not that anyones been telling them
  8. He was the keeper when a whole bunch of clean sheets were kept
  9. Is Souttar back He's been injured forever
  10. McKenna can't defend Hatred? Just peoples opinions He's the most criminally over rated Scotland player
  11. We're not really but at the same time we are Fletcher - refuses to play for us Mcburnie - doesn't seem to suit our style Naismith - good fit but definitely a has-been Griffith's - gone Shankland - at present only proven lower level
  12. Binos


    Kyron Wilson wikipedia page Personal lifeEdit Wilson has English parents, Rob and Sonya, and a brother, Taylor, who travels with him on tour as his P.A. and whose duties include ball polishing
  13. Bit of a piss take but who's this Dunfermline striker Nisbet who's managed to score a ton of goals for a team that can't win a game If shankland can get a call up why not Nisbet
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