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  1. VAR is a joke and has ruined football
  2. Alternative thread suggestion Players we should have missed out on from foreign lands but unfortunately didn't Anyone called Matty Anyone called Oli
  3. It feels like a sell out but I would take Che Adams if he declared for us Won't happen
  4. Too many left foot centre halfs for me
  5. Marshall, McLaughlin, Gordon O'Donnell, Mctominay, Gallagher, Tierney, Robertson, Palmer, Hanley, Cooper, Considine, Hickey Jack, Mcginn, McGregor, Fleck, Armstrong, McLean Fraser, Dykes, Christie, Mcburnie
  6. https://app.football-italia.net/?referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.football-italia.net%2F162418%2Fhighlights-sampdoria-1-2-bologna#article/footballitalia-162418
  7. Taylor can't keep getting in squads when not playing No reason to not call hickey to next squad
  8. Prob get another season at top level under his belt I'd give him a bash now But can't see manager
  9. Dykes and Fraser are the starting two Christie Fraser's back up Mcburnie and Griff as impact subs (hopefully) Burke as late right wing sub Can't see anymore space in the squad for forward players
  10. We kind of did that this week though We went there, we were better than them (both games) took control, never converted any of our chances We're getting better, much better But still serving up that pish in games we should have won
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