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  1. Please var Please have a dodgy decision against England with no conclusive evidence
  2. Power skillful and acceleration Frightening combo
  3. Keeper wasn't injured, he was pretending Justice anyway
  4. The game shouldn't have stopped There was no head injury, no clash of heads
  5. If you don't know how the player is or how he's feeling, you have to stop Emm no Dion
  6. Maguire saying Rashford on for golden boot There's a chance they've taken their eye off the ball for today
  7. Anyone who waves their arm in the air when down with anything less than an acl injury should be sent off
  8. He was strolling back and let depay go for the first goal
  9. Appears England haven't come up against a decent test would worry me if was them Mind, japan like us could change view by full time
  10. 3 in US midfield have been strong in tournament Never really let Wales or England play
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