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  1. Ukraine failed to beat Kazakhstan home or away but also drew home and away v France Drew all of their home games but did well on road win in Finland and Bosnia Maybe like to counter attack but out of ideas if trying to make the play We may set up to counter attack at home
  2. The physicality in the game back them compared to now Lack of diving in the main No routine grappling at set pieces in the box And no var Bliss
  3. Even when we're not firing on all cylinders We can beat Japan and Australia and take an impressive South Africa side into the second half
  4. There was contact and he had a right to go down
  5. He set up goals in fa cup ties off the top of head for Chelsea last season Unless he was doing that for free
  6. It's already well gone since columbine era There are mass shootings every week Hundreds in a year
  7. The rule that should be amended is allowing e every citizen to be armed to the teeth Despite being angry the president will do nothing about this
  8. I hope none of you cricketing people will be going for a pint after games from now on
  9. Jack would never get back into that first 11 if Gilmour and McGregor are fit
  10. His decision to move to Newcastle was an appalling one
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