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  1. When I went to world cup in 98 we bought bottles of wine in plastic bottles from corner shops for 70p Utterly revolting but got you very gassed
  2. Did she get off with it? The shooting, not the robot dog
  3. Binos

    Golfers Thread

    You hoping for some revealing golf apparel
  4. Media in general has become a lot of what they think should be done and said whether anyone's actually interested For instance the biggest news in the world currently continues to be what's happening in Myanmar Barely reported
  5. Wouldn't change a thing in that respect I doubt
  6. Similar plan to the EU Hopefully doesn't unravel that spectacularly
  7. They stood up to the Germans once before in the Victorian era and got there arses absolutely handed to them Which prob influenced it
  8. The bed wetting when Diana died was even worse, miles worse The queens will be unbearable
  9. What would Denmark have done against the nazi war machine other than getting lots of its populace killed
  10. Hanley will be hard to shift, now he's playing regularly at club level and has got back in for us Not sure if that's good or bad thing
  11. Apparently misquoted too DJ the racist David appeared to be referring to a 1969 BBC documentary, entitled Royal Family, during which The Queen tells an anecdote about meeting a diplomat who had "arms like a gorilla
  12. Binos

    Golfers Thread

    How many times will McGinley say 'high tarrif' during commentary
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