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  1. You may not think that was any kind of statement. But you have no idea what a boost your perspective is to many of us whose heads go down every so often. You've been through circumstances that nobody would wish on any human being - sharing your experience on here is clearly important to you, and I hope you understand that doing so gives us all a sense of balance and empathy. Thanks for posting and please continue to do so - we are always here for you, and we bloody well appreciate that you post. We certainly benefit and learn from your experience.
  2. Good analysis, thanks. However, it begs an obvious question - why hasn't Aidan Fitzpatrick taken advantage of the opportunity to cement a starting place?
  3. Sadly we did - 0-0 in December 1987 (Euro 88 qualifier). https://eu-football.info/_match.php?id=8753
  4. Matterface is an insufferable English c**t. If you require further verification, head to his commentary in the Euro 2021 final.
  5. You know it's gone to shit when listening to Rod Stewart's Every Picture Tells a Story is better than watching the telly.
  6. Correct jagfox, there was an Old Firm game scheduled at Celtic Park on Monday 1st September. It was postponed and eventually played on 19th November.
  7. You are misinterpreting or not understanding what I posted. Of course the SG will pay it from day 1 (would seem an obvious solution but who knows) but the settlement in lieu of contributions already made to the UKG will be go towards the funding of it. No one is saying the UKG will fully fund it or pay it for years. There will be a settlement figure the terms of which (one off or ongoing instalments from UKG) will be decided during the negotiations. Exactly this. In much the same way that the pensions of ex-UK MEPs and ex-UK employees of the European Institutions were ring-fenced as part of the Brexit negotiation.
  8. O'Riley and Jota are a class above. Neither will be at Celtic next season, especially if Celtic don't embarrass themselves in CL. Barisic turned the clock back two years today but unfortunately was surrounded by dross. Ryan Kent is a fraud of a player. Goldson is Colin Jackson v2022. I'll leave it at that.
  9. Shit is an understatement when you consider that even Neil Lennon scored that day.
  10. Another faulty assertion from you. It's because of your repeated inability to substantiate your opinions in the face of incontrovertible facts.
  11. Discovered yesterday that The Bothy restaurant in Glasgow now adds 12.5% to the bill as a 'discretionary service charge'. Get that sordid practice fired right into the sea. It's the West End of Glasgow, not central Manhattan.
  12. Oaksoft - do the entire board a favour and f**k off. You really are a waste of a keyboard.
  13. Lighten up - it was intended as humour following my previous post. My apologies if you didn't take it that way. Absolutely no offence was intended.
  14. It astonishes me the number of bars and restaurants I have gone into during daylight hours this summer that still have banks of lights on when there is no necessity.
  15. He was responsible for calling the needless referendum. Therefore he's the root cause of Scotland's departure from the EU. You obtuse c**t.
  16. In my lifetime: Harold McMillan - Tory c**t, but we never had it so good. Alec Douglas-Home - Tory c**t who is generally forgotten about. Harold Wilson - Interesting c**t, but still a c**t. Edward Heath - Tory c**t. Harold Wilson - c**t that didn't get the message first time round. James Callaghan - c**t that had no clue what he was doing. Margaret Thatcher - c**t. That is all. John Major - c**t. But the peas were lovely. Tony Blair - How did we all manage to miss that he was a c**t?? Gordon Brown - Hadn't a clue c**t. David Cameron - The c**t that took us out of the EU. Theresa May - Useless c**t. Boris Johnson - The cuntiest c**t of them all.
  17. It is what happened though KVB. Otherwise how can you explain that performance compared to every other away European performance in 2022 beforehand?
  18. Sevco showed up tonight and thought - we've never heard of Union St. Gilloise. Who the f**k are they? Serious case of GVB's team not doing enough due diligence on the opposition.
  19. Nathan Patterson will be a fixture at right back for Scotland in years to come. However, he's not arrived yet at club level - either at Rangers or Everton. He's a more regular pick for Scotland than ever he is at club level. Sadly that is the fact of the matter.
  20. An independent Scotland would be fast-tracked into the EU provided the economic criteria were met. Scotland met all other criteria as part of the UK. It's an open goal that the EU would welcome an independent Scotland - should we apply - to stick one up Westminster.
  21. Your premise assumes that the kids are at school though. How do you factor in those families with a couple of infants below school age?
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