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  1. Really been enjoying Sean Clare as of late, looks like he'll be an important player for us next season.
  2. Dundee vs. Hearts

    He celerated in front of the camera didn’t he not?
  3. Dundee vs. Hearts

    f**k knows mate
  4. Celtic vs Hibs

    Not much topic for you lot this season though!
  5. Dundee United 2018/2019

    Sow will come good, he just needs time as it's been a while since he last played. He's a goalscorer and will definitely contribute to United's promotion push.
  6. Hearts v Livi

    No changes aside from maybe seeing Godinho in the lineup. Smith hasn't done anything wrong to be out of the team but neither had Godinho and he has been dropped after scoring his first goal for the club against St. Johnstone. It's a weird cycle.
  7. Dundee v Killie - Wed 6th Feb

    Hopefully we get the Hat-rick
  8. Dundee v Killie - Wed 6th Feb

    I didn't deny I wasn't, I LOVE watching Killie.
  9. Official worst town in Scotland

    Carntyne West and Haghill
  10. Hearts v Livi

    Announce Halkett after this game please.
  11. Dundee v Killie - Wed 6th Feb

    I am envious of their amazing style of football!
  12. Hearts v Livi

    Really want to thrash these fuckers due to the pumping we recieved at Almondvale, will be a tough game but a win is very much needed for both teams.