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  1. Livi vs Hibs

    Halkett is outstanding
  2. Livi vs Hibs

    Great game yesterday and fantastic 3 points for Livingston. First half hibs had a lot of the ball but never created that much. 2nd half I thought we more than deserved our win. This team has a never die attitude and never give in. We have some top players who don’t get enough credit imo. Halkett gallagher and Lithgow are solid at the back. Lamie had a tough first half but excellent second half. Lawless never got into game that much. Keags had a good game working really hard all over pitch. For me byrne just shades Pittman for motm and they were best 2 players on park. Without these 2 players I think we would really struggle. If that was a top English player that had scored the goal byrne did they would be going on about it for months. I think we may struggle to hold onto him if he keeps up his level of performance. Was really impressed with Dolly Menga a real handful and very quick. Robinson was busy and works so hard for team great player.
  3. Fantastic result today and well deserved. I thought the back 3 were solid today , Halkett was like a rock , Dec won everything and some good runs forward. Well done to big al who has stepped in after few games out team. Lawson looked ok he will get better im positive. Pitts was really good today great energy and some lovely touches. How good has shaun Byrne been this season? He has been tremendous. Crazy to think some players haven’t played in top flight of Scottish football and they have took it in there stride. Lawless looks a really tidy little player. Lamie was very good today also very strong and defended well. Hamilton and Robinson gave st Mirren defenders nightmares. Not a bad performance today and great win.
  4. If Halkett leaves who would you want to see as captain?
  5. I think it’s massive that he is staying at the club. He’s been a massive part of last 2 seasons. Him and Pittman Are a joy to watch. I’m sure he would have had other options but shows how much he’s committed. lets get Halkett and Hardie signed and that will be fantastic
  6. Sibbald isn’t a swap for Byrne is it?
  7. No thanks to Houston
  8. Read that Dundee want Halkett
  9. This could be the start of players leaving us. Josh was good player for livi on his day but not one of our main players. I’m worried we are going to lose Byrne and Halkett now and that will be a massive blow for us. Hopefully this all gets sorted out sooner rather than later
  10. I know it’s been spoke about but with Hoppy uncertainty we are running the risk of losing our main player imo. Halkett will have had offers. Byrne will have had offers , Mullin hasn’t signed I don’t think. Longridge hasn’t signed. If Hoppy goes and Halkett and Byrne that will be a massive loss for the club. Hopefully things get sorted asap
  11. He’s been incredible this year for livi my player of the season along with Halkett. He’s had so much to deal with but hasn’t let it affect him at all. Very well done to him great credit
  12. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/2676306/shaun-byrne-livingston-heartbreak-stronger-parents-play-off-win-premiership/
  13. What a day yesterday was? Who still hasn’t signed?