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  1. If you want the best out of Byrne play him in front of the defence
  2. Massive opportunity missed today. These are the games we can’t lose. 4 defeats in a row and Celtic next week. We are lacking someone in midfield to put their foot on the ball and control the tempo. Looked shaky today after playing so well against rangers. Dykes obviously a miss but we need other players to step up
  3. What’s going on with Byrne at Dundee? He was easily one of our best players last season and every Livi fan was gutted to see him leave. Why is he playing on the left and also some of the other games I’ve seen him play he’s been playing in a more attacking position? He’s a sitting midfielder who is very neat and tidy on the ball and does a power of work off the ball. He’s very good at reading danger and breaking up play. It seems like you guys aren’t playing to his strengths. I would take him back at Livi in a heartbeat. Byrne Pittman and Jacobs were exceptional together all working their socks off for each other. You have some excellent players but it doesn’t seem to be clicking at the moment.
  4. I would play Jacobs. He was poor at st Johnstone but everyone has a bad game. Lamie back in at cb. Mcmillan shouldn’t have been dropped at weekend
  5. Hardie was still one of our top scorers. Surely you have to replace that?
  6. Even Hardie hasn’t been replaced. You can say Dykes but he doesn’t look a natural finisher
  7. Strange comment? He was up there with our best players. Him Pittman Kelly Halkett Gallacher Keags were outstanding first half of the season and he was easily good enough. Do you not remember the unbeaten run at start of season? Lawson was very good second half of season but cost us a lot goals first half of season. I would love to know what’s going on with Lawson as everyone seems to be guessing.
  8. If we didn’t get drawn against rangers or Celtic we had a very good chance of reaching semi final. On the players what’s going on with tiffoney? He looked sharp last season now he’s hardly had a chance. Dont know what’s going on with Lawson would be good to get an update on the situation? We have lost Menga and not really replaced him. Need another striker 100%. Maybe a loan move?
  9. After watching your game last night. Byrne needs to be playing where he played in second half. He can dominate the game from deep instead of playing higher up the park. I don’t feel like you will get the best out of him playing higher up. You can see second half how much better he was playing deep and getting the ball. I thought your defence really struggled with nisbet all night. He was holding the ball up every time
  10. Byrne looks a really good player for you boys. So classy on ball next to the young player. His pass was really good for Dundee goal. Gutted he’s away from livi
  11. Lawson travelled to game but left out squad by looks of it. What’s going on with Menga has he been confirmed?
  12. Who knows but he’s hardly kicked a ball in pre season and has been left out last 2 squads
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