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  1. Our kick off was 3pm yesterday because thorn athletic was playing Cambria at beith Astro! They usually use garnock academy coz their park is too small. Asif pitches aren’t hard enough to come by!
  2. Was a good day for us yesterday against a hard working catrine side. We just take it one game at a time and give each side the respect they deserve then go and earn the right to win each game.
  3. The standard in amateur football has slowly been on the slide for years. In my opinion this is due to different generations coming through and amateur football not being at the top of their to do list so folk can take it or leave it therefor there has to be a carrot to attract the top players from whatever team wants to dangle it. The game has changed over the years at all levels and being in the transition period as a coach, seeing how it effects clubs, boys and coaches/managers has let me believe that without some serious commitment and forward planning in years to come then the whole amateur game will struggle to get off the ground. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying I know x amount of really good lads playing Sunday football that used to play sat and don’t now for whatever reason, don’t have to train, easier for family reasons etc etc. Whatever way u spin it it’s gonna be tougher and tougher to keep lads keen and interested in sat afternoon football with more and more pull coming from their mates playing Sunday etc.
  4. Who from drongan signed for hurlford? We’ve played them this season and although they’re a good side with decent boys no one stuck right out to the degree of signing with hulford? Although I’ve not seen hulford this season yet so don’t know the standard of player they’re looking for.
  5. I think it’s a disgrace the league have arranged fixtures for this weekend. With work nights out, and other commitments that need attention after work finishes the last thing the majority need is another fixture 4 or so days before Xmas day! They have put pressure on clubs to try and field a side at this time of year so close to Xmas and if clubs don’t do so then they will forfeit points and get fined. Common sense prevails again... NOT!!!!!
  6. Where is the game surely not on grass?
  7. Aye is it, they’ve got a lot to answer for at times but some like to effect the game more than others. U never know mate but it defo would have been interesting.
  8. f**k sake canny defend thst statement then mate. You’ve got a good wee side thigh, 2-3 decent lads and can see how you’ve been getting results.
  9. Aye I seen it, the ref wasn’t great but I wouldn’t blame the ref for the result. Even when drongan had 9 men They worked their socks off and still created chances.
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