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  1. Where is the game surely not on grass?
  2. Aye is it, they’ve got a lot to answer for at times but some like to effect the game more than others. U never know mate but it defo would have been interesting.
  3. f**k sake canny defend thst statement then mate. You’ve got a good wee side thigh, 2-3 decent lads and can see how you’ve been getting results.
  4. Aye I seen it, the ref wasn’t great but I wouldn’t blame the ref for the result. Even when drongan had 9 men They worked their socks off and still created chances.
  5. Who takes he select side now, is it still the guy Robinson and the fella from kilbride thistle?
  6. Looks a strong squad from who I know anyway. Who’s they’re nxt fixture against, do they still play in the inter-divisional tournament?
  7. The joys of amateur football and trying to get some consistency to what ur doing. Defo a sticky patch for them but I’m sure they’ve got the quality to see it out.
  8. Hey it’s a hard job when things aren’t going ur way and your doing all you can to hold things together, u need 10 arms to hold onto everything so all the best to largs hiy!!
  9. Awryt sorry mate haha. What are they like coz we have still to play both??
  10. Na ur thinking of someone else mate. I’m nothing to do with either.
  11. Looking forward to seeing Drongan and west kilbride.
  12. We drew Colville in the west so will obviously get a bye now, sad to see it happen it has for various reasons all of which have been mentioned on here. Would have liked to have played the tie though.
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