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  1. Be a proper Glasgow Derby next season. Well done Queens Park.
  2. I am going to make sure i do both home and away games, going to make the most of it. Want to avoid Norway I aint paying 15 quid for a pint...
  3. Wer could end up playing Man Utd the way things are going with them being 7th
  4. Only 2 teams as yet confirmed in our round: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2022–23_UEFA_Europa_Conference_League Braga and Twente
  5. Feel dirty having to cheer on the ugly sisters this weekend.
  6. Could we see loan players next season from Fulham when they start to slash the cash?
  7. Looks like Louis appere could be playing against Fuchs next season in Div 1. Peterborough are going down, but he is in 1st team. Northampton 2 points off promotion at min.
  8. Louis Appere scored today for Northampton: Maybe it was seeing Utd fan in crowd?
  9. This is from 2018 about Pentagon biolabs all over Ukraine and Georgia: Here is link, it is in English despite Arabic title:
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