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  1. Aye, I think I've seen enough from McPake. This team's capacity to simply not show up and get absolutely gubbed every 3 weeks or so is both frightening and unsustainable. The result didn't flatter County, who were good value for the scoreline.
  2. Cheers to everyone in White's. Absolute scenes. We should kick of at 6 o'clock every week.
  3. Perhaps it's just the national team not breaking my heart for a full 180+ consecutive minutes, but I feel a mysterious sense of optimism. In recent years, Dundee has really cemented its reputation as "the thinking man's Aberdeen", and I expect us to outwit these callow farmhands accordingly; then send them scampering off, back up to Graniteville, with a ruffle of the hair and a cuff round the ear. That, or we'll lose 0-2.
  4. Thanks for that, mate. Much appreciated.
  5. I was grinning ear to ear for about a month starting from the morning after. It's the morning after again, I'm hungover after a 5am start and I couldn't be happier. I'm not one of these miserable c***s who likes to bring Scotland down, but their antics over the last 20 years mean that they give me the fear like nothing else in football. Might as well enjoy the next month or so now though. It feels great to be in contention again.
  6. I'll be in Edinburgh for this one meeting a mate from overseas who's flying in for the Denmark game. Can anyone suggest a decent pub or sports bar in Edinburgh city centre to watch this one? Preferably somewhere with a bit of atmosphere where folk will be watching it properly, rather than casually glancing at it every now and again.
  7. I'll be delighted tomorrow, my man, but by God it's terrible being put through the wringer like that. I'm sure you may have felt the same when that last minute equaliser went in in Belgrade and yet...
  8. f**k's sake. I can't really write full sentences after that, so, thoughts: 1) a massive get out fo jail, not so much from the point of view of getting to the play-offs, which we still probably would've, but for being seeded and actually making the fucking tournament. 2) Fair play to the the Faroes, they were tremendous and so we're their fans. Deserved a draw and I feel a bit guilty. 3) this reminds me of the Serbia play off in that I should be relived and happy, but the levels of stress and cortisol are still so high in my body that I feel depressed and unhappy. 4) the second half was bog standard but the first was an utter farce. That puts to bed any arguments about resting players or clever rotation or what have you. 5) I first heard tetris as a tune in a random Tuesday night with nothing-better-to-do game between QPR and Derby about 20 years ago. Haven't heard it much since. I like it and we should steal it.
  9. Lord, Mcpake looked absolutely broken in his Sportscene interview. I do feel a bit sorry for him, as by all accounts he's a good guy, but for me he's got until the end of the opening round of fixtures, i.e. three games culminating in Ross County at home. By the end of that round we need to: 1) be above Ross fucking County 2) be there because of an actual win, none of this "by default" shite.
  10. Just seen McPake's interview on Sportscene and he looked absolutely haggard. Had a thousand yard stare worse than mine after the third St Johnstone goal. Yesterday's atrocity had a sort of watershed moment feel to it, and he knows he a needs a huge reaction from the players against Aberdeen. It'll be really interesting to see if he can achieve it. They ought to be really hurting after yesterday, and I'd love to see us come out and make a proper, high octane, in-your-face start to try and get the crowd back onside. What will actually happen, of course, is that we'll pass the ball around the back a few times and then repeatedly belt it over Paul McGowan's baldy pate.
  11. DDB - West Midlands / West Country Grey Area Chapter - YB
  12. That was an absolutely wild first half, plus first minute of the second half from Dundee. I've no idea about the rest, as I left after the third, which I'd normally feel embarrassed about but really what was the fucking point in staying? I'm assuming it wasn't radically better, although I was genuinely surprised to see that we'd nicked a goal. I won't call it a consolation. The Aberdeen game is fucking massive for McPake now, no two ways about it. I want him to succeed, but the team looks utterly devoid of belief and a tactical mess to boot. The way we got cut apart 3 times by the same fucking pass in the first half, resulting in 2 goals after one missed warning-sitter was proper pub football.
  13. Christ, that was quite exceptionally bad. Memorably so as well, in a way that will probably defy alcohol. It was like watching the Perth WI getting stuck into an Anne Summers at times, so much so that I left early, which I rarely do. After having that nonsense completely f**k my Saturday afternoon though, there was clearly no point in letting it ruin the evening as well.
  14. I take none of this back, it was wall-to-wall hell - particularly when we started doing well, because that's always a particular fucker - but I couldn't be much happier right now. Only *checks notes* seven more of these fingernail pullers till glory. Great backs to the wall performance, mind. I'm sure some people will find a reason to slag this SOD or that Dykes or whatever, but I thought that was a great team performance.
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